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Yeast, fungal, viral, parasite symptoms and treatment

Posted by on Apr. 24, 2008 at 2:13 PM
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Yeast, fungal, viral, parasite symptoms and treatment

Yeast Symptoms
       Giggly, inappropriate laughing
       Foggy, spacey
       Change in bowel movements (foul/yeasty smelling stools), gas, and
       bloated belly
       Yeasty rash/diaper rash, white coating on tongue, red ring around
       the anus, ringworm, cradle cap
       Bedwetting or accidents
       Sleep disturbance or Night waking
       Hyperactivity, hand flapping, toe walking
       Sugar craving
Yeast signs and tests
       Stool mycology and sensitivities
       Urine OAT (organic acid test)
                 elevated arabinose
                    elevated tartaric acid
       Start a potent Probiotic
       Digestive Enzymes
       Clean up the diet
               Casein/Gluten free
               Limit sugar
               Consider SCD and/or Low oxalate
       Support the gut and reduce inflammation
Vitamins/supplements, herbs, medications
•       Nystatin, Ampho B
•       Fluconazole
•       Itraconazole
•       Ketoconazole
•       Berberine
•       Grapefruit Seed Extract
•       Oil of Oregano, Pau d'Arco
•       Garlic, Samento
Look out for 'die off'
       Loose stools, diarrhea
       Behavior, irritability
       Head aches, head bangingn
       Sleep disturbance

       Loose stools, diarrhea
       Behavior, irritability
       Head aches, head banging
       Sleep disturbance
Strep symptoms
       Recurrent Strep infections or bacterial infections
       OCD, rituals
       Verbal stimming, repetitive, echolalia
       Hyperactive, ADD/ADHD
       Irritability, mood changes, tantrums
       Motor tics or involuntary movements
Strep signs and tests
       Stool culture
       OAT, high hippuric acid indicates bacterial overgrowth
       Testing to rule out PANDAS
       Antistreptolysin titer (ASO titer), this rises 3-6 weeks after a
strep infection
       AntiDNase B Ab titer, this rises 6-8 weeks after a strep infection
       Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with
       Streptococcal Infections
Autoimmune theory
       When the child is exposed to strep, the immune system builds
        antibodies against strep.  These antibodies can cross react with areas
        in the brain, such as the basal ganglia, rather than the strep.
New clues: July 2006 NIMH (National Institute of Mental Health)
       Research suggests that an antibody against strep bacteria sometimes
       mistakenly acts on brain enzymes, disrupting communication between
       neurons and causing OCD and related tics disorders in children.
Other effects of Strep
           TNF  (Pro inflammatory)
       Strep antibodies induces activity of NMDA
Treatment options for Strep
       Antibacterial Herbs
•       Golden seal
•       Oregon grape root
•       Neem
       Antibacterial medications
       Immune modulators
•       Oral immunoglobins
•       Transfer factors
•       Colostrum
•       Glycan
Treatment for PANDAS
       Treatmentn for OCD and Tics disorders
       IVIG (IV immunogluobins)
       Plasma exchange or plasmapheresis
       Studies are inconclusive on whether these more aggressive treatment
       are beneficial
       This is a pathogenic anaerobic bacteria.
       Clostridia can be found associated with an elevated HPHPA/DHPPA on
        the urine OAT
        Clostridia produce toxins and enzymes  that create severe gut
        inflammation and produce watery diarrhea

Clostridia issues
•       Aggressive
•       Temper
•       Agitation
•       Irritable
•       Very foul stools
•       Mucus in stools
•       Severe diarrhea following  antibiotic use

•       Probiotics, High Potency single strain
•       Sacchyromyces Boulardii
•       Antibiotics
       Metronidazole (Flagyl)
•       Immune modulators
•       Homeopathics
•       HBOT

Viral symptoms
       Visual and Cognitive processing difficulties
       Poor eye contact
       Immune dysregulation: Never sick or frequently sick
       Poor muscle tone and fatigue
       Stereotypical Behavior
       Rashes, cold sores, warts
       History of regression after MMR vaccine or other live virus
Viral signs
       Elevated viral titers
       Elevated lymphocytes
       Low WBC
       Low natural killer cells
       Upregulation of TNF Alpha
Testing for viruses
       Quantitative AB titers: CMV, EBV, HHV6 Measles, Mumps, Rubella,
Polio, Varicella Zoster, HepB-surface antibody, Tetanus
       Titers are a guide
       Autism is a regulatory problem both internal and external
       Our practice and what we see
Treatment options for viruses
       Infra Red Sauna
       Natural Remedies
       Homeopathic Remedies
       Antiviral medications
       Essential Oils
Viral issues
Treatment Options
•       Antiviral Agents
       Olive Leaf Extract, Elderberry
       Caprylic Acid
       High Dose Vitamin A
•       Antiviral Drugs
      n Famvir
•       Immune Support
       Low Dosen Naltrexone
       Red. Glutathione
       Immune Modulators
Side effects of treatment
       Yeast flare up
       Viral "die off"
       Low grade fever
       Poor sleep
       Discomfort and bloating of stomach
       Itchy buttocks, night waking, fecal smearing
       Diarrhea and constipation
       Teeth grinding
       Mal absorption of nutrients, pica, insatiable appetite
       Behavior changes and/or aggression, worse at full moon
•       Picking
•       Biting
•       Restlessness
Types of parasites
       Protozoa: Amoebas, Giardia
       Nematodes: Round worms, Pinworms, Hookworms
       Cestodes: Tapeworms
       Trematodes: Flukes
Testing for parasites
       Comprehensive Stool and Parasitology
       Very Difficult to find on stool test
       Scotch tape test sometimes done in the early morning
       Review behaviors around various times of the month
       Moon cycles
Treatments for parasites
       Black walnut
       Pumpkin seeds
       Coconut oil
       Antiparasitic medications

They (yeast, bacteria, viral or parasites)don't go down without a fight!!

Potential reactions when eliminating these pathogens
•       Irritability, aggression, behavioral issues
•       Increased stimming, hyperactivity, sleeplessness
•       Skin rash, diaper rash, fever
       Possible Causes
•       Side effect of supplement or allergy to drug
•       Yeast or Bacterial Flare-up (Balancing act)
•       Detox Reaction = Too rapid of an effect leading to vitamin or
mineral deficiency, oxidative stress, liver or kidney stress
•       Die off = Rapid death of gut bugs, leading to excess release of
toxins and subsequent liver or kidney stress
Treatment approach
•       Rate severity, if severe stop supplement, notify physician
•       Treat with Activated charcoal/Bentonite clay and/or Alka Seltzer
Gold, homeopathic remedy, if helpful probably die off
•       Rule out dysbiosis, treat accordingly
•       Check ammonia level
•       Add Liver Support
       Milk thistle, artichoke extract, dandelion root
       Give at bedtime

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