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Home Biz Opps! Post HERE Only!

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Please post your Home Biz Opps & Work-At-Home Opps here and here

Please be as detailed as possible, listing if your opportunity is a work-at-home opp, a referral program or membership of some sort.  Please list the prices to join as well. 

"Ads" will remain for 3 months and then be deleted.

If you post a new "Ad", you MUST delete your old "Ad"




by on Apr. 8, 2008 at 6:43 PM
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by on Aug. 17, 2009 at 9:05 PM

Premier Designs for everyone!

No matter what your style preference or your budget, Premier has something for everyone!  Elegant, romantic, contemporary or simple, high-fashion jewelry at affordable prices!

Premier Designs' Objectives:

*  God demands fairness in every business deal.  He sets the standard, and we desire to honor Him.
*  To grow wisely and profitably.
*  To enrich every life we touch.
*  To provide excellent service.

Services I offer:

*  home shows
*  catalog shows
*  office/lunch hour shows
*  fundraisers
*  gift certificates
*  wish lists

and more!

Premier Designs jewelry is high-quality and comes with a wonderful guarantee.  Shows are short, so no sitting and waiting for the show to be over and losing interest (which we know often happens at long parties), or you can even do an "open house" type of show!

We offer more hostess rewards than any other business in the industry!

Full time, part time, or just as something on the side, Premier could be right for YOU!

*  no stocking inventory
*  no sales quotas
*  supports ministries in America and around the world
*  50% commission, no matter if you're just starting out or a career jeweler
*  no repackaging and reshipping orders
*  zillions of opportunities to receive free jewelry, cash, trips and other prizes

by New Member on Aug. 29, 2009 at 9:43 AM

Start your own Avon business today. Sell to family, friends, businesses, even sell online anywhere in the USA with your own personal website. View mine:

Earn up to 50% at the start, with no inventory to stock, no quotas, no order minimums.

click for more information:

Join online for only $20 at:

with Reference Code: pamburger

If you are looking for Avon Products read on.

Click the link to see the current brochure and purchase your own fantastic Butler Bag:

 See page 97 in the brochure.  It's only $19.99 with any $15 beauty purchase (no fashion, jewelry etc.) 

Feel free to contact me with any questions, and shop through my website: and get Free Direct Shipping to your door with code: FSANY

It's easy to sell because it's Avon! 

Change your life with the world’s largest direct seller!  
Use reference code: pamburger

by New Member on Sep. 7, 2009 at 4:43 PM


My name is Sonia. I'm an Independent Sales Representative for AVON. If you're interested in joining this incredible company and work for yourself but not by yourself at an affordable price of just $10.00 ($20.00 if you apply online) please visit:

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you and have a great day :-)

by New Member on Sep. 12, 2009 at 11:34 AM

(formerly Home Interiors & Gifts and Home and Gardens Party)

September Hostess/Customer Promotions

"Cash in " on Extra rewards when you party with me!

Host a in September, and select an additional $100 in merchandise for $24.95.

This exclusive  EXTRA Hostess reward offer is addition to the 20%

Childrens items upto 70% off 

Fall Festival Offer!

                                                                             50% Off Savings Offer!

Spend $55 on anything and receive a 50% discount on any one item you CHOOSE on pages 2-3 of our Fall?Christmas Catalog!

Please feel free to visit my website at:



by on Sep. 13, 2009 at 2:57 PM


Earn $15.00 Per Hour and Be in Profit Within 24 hours!

This is really something to get excited about!

Here is a way that you can make $15.00 per HOUR
by simply clicking on ads.  This is not your standard
fly by night, run of the mill, surf site where your money
gets tied up for weeks or even months so please hear me
out and read this carefully.

It is Easy & Fun to do!

The name of this company is AdFlasher and they
started in August.

We buy "View Packs" and Advertisters buy
"Ad Packs".  The money we get paid comes
from the Advertisters buying "Ad Packs".

You may buy more View Packs with your balance.

The payment processors they use are Alertpay,
Google Checkout (use your Debit/Credit card)
and Liberty Reserve.  At this time, they are
not accepting credit card payments from Alertpay.

With this program, you not only have the chance to get your
 money back the same day, but you also stand the chance to
earn 100% clear profit!!  I encourage you to check this out. 

If you make a $15.00 purchase today, surf your required views,
which is 100 per $15 Ad View purchase, you will earn $30.00.
You should receive that within 24 hours, probably less (theirs
took about 6 hours).  Once you have done this, you will have
your original $15.00 back, and now you can just continue to
re-purchase with your $15.00 profit back into the program which
will continue to earn you $30.00 over and over again.

You can join FREE and check it out first:

If you do this for just 1 hour a day, you can make $105.00 per week
or $420.00 per month.

If you do this for just 2 hours a day, you can make $210.00 per week
or $840.00 per month.

If you do this for 4 hours a day, you can make 420.00 per week or
$1680.00 per month.

How much free time do you have?

Do the math, and see if this program might be something you are
looking for.

What really interested me is how fast you can get your original
money back, plus make a nice profit.  I was in profit within 24 hours!
Now I'm just growing my profits, which is what  we try to do with any
program we are in.  This just lets you do it much faster.

After just your first withdrawal, you could easily receive that within
24 hrs, you now have your original money back and are only
re-purchasing with profits going forward.  You have no chance to lose
money after just that first withdrawal.

Are you excited yet?

If you can click more, then you can make more!

Again, you do  not have to wait a week to get paid or a month like
other programs you might be in.   They pay daily as you finish your
View Pack Campaigns.  This can and will pay you daily if you finish
your campaigns daily.

In a nutshell here's how it works:

* 1.  You register on the site. You can register for free to take a
* 2.  Login and complete your profile.

* 3.  Surf the first round of ads.  They give you 75 cents to try it
        out, and you will earn $1.50 when completed.  This is to help
        you get the hang of how it get paid.

* 4.  Purchase a minimum of $15 worth of "View Packs" using
        one of the above processors (from CONSUMERS AREA, not
        advertisers).  Each "View Pack" is 100 views that you need
        to complete before you will get paid.  1 view consists of 27 ads
        being highlighted on your screen (more info below), and
         occasionally looking at an actual website for about 5 seconds.
         Each view will take you  approximately 30  seconds to complete.

* 5.  Once you purchase your "View Pack", then click on the "Ad
* 6.  A full page screen will come up with 54 boxes on it that
        looks like 54 classified ads

* 7.  A yellow highlight will randomly light up various boxes as
        it flashes all over the page.  No need to click on Yellow

* 8. Once you see a 4 second timer appear in one of the boxes,
       click on that box and a full page ad will appear.  You must
       click on the timer before the 4 second timer ends or you
       have to start over.  You would just start that 1 view over.

* 9.  Let the ad fully load and stay on that page/ad for about 5
        seconds or so.  If you leave too early, again you have to
        start over.

*10.  Once the page has loaded, click on the "close" link in the
        upper right hand corner.  The process will repeat
        again...highlight will bounce around the page.  Once you
        see the 4 second timer, click on that box, and let the
        page/ad load up for about 5 seconds, and then close the

*11.  Each time you complete this process, usually around 2-4
         times, you will receive $.30 cents.  It takes about 30
         seconds to finish each view.  When you finish all 100, you
         have earned $30...100 x $.30.

The minimum that you can withdraw is 30.00.  Each View Pack
(100 views) is $15.00, and once you complete the full 100 views,
you will have earned $30.00.  At that point, your $30.00 will be in
a "pending status".  It took about 6 hrs for my funds to be moved
over to his Available Balance.  Once they were in there, my
withdrawal was processed instantly after my request.

With AdFlasher, you can be 100% in profit within 24 hrs.  From then
on, you have nothing to gain but pure profits with no chance of losing
any money.   You can grow those profits as big as you want if you
have the time to view the Ads.

Just an hour a day could easily earn you a car payment for the month,
or give you the funds to pay down your credit card bill.  Perhaps you have
something you would like to purchase for yourself or perhaps you are one
of the unfortunate people who have lost their means of an income and are
looking for something to replace that in order to pay the mortgage, utility
bills and to put food on the table. This could replace your weekly income
until you are able to find suitable work. If that's the case you may treat it
like a job and simply work at your computer all day instead of going out
of the house to work.  If you do you could be earning between $80 and $120
per day depending on your commitment but the good news is that it is possible
if you have the need and discipline to do the work.  And the absolute best part
of this is being able to be in profit within 24 hours!

It just takes one day to be in profit, not many programs can offer you that.

Take a FREE position and have a look around.

I would recommend just buying 1 View Pack at a time.

Please note that there is no advantage to purchasing more than 1 at a time.
For example, if you purchase 4 View Packs, you will have to view all 400 Ads
before you will earn.  So I just purhcase 1 Ad View from my earnings at a time.
For more info or to join for free, please visit here:

My referral id is:  oursuccess
Please let me know if you have any questions.

I Wish You Every Success!

1.347.920.2579 (EST)

by on Sep. 16, 2009 at 4:03 PM

GoFreeGoGreen is an amazing company! With amazing people! I have looked into many and tried a few over the years. Some of them I really liked alot and are good companies...but based around in-home presentations, or auto ship, kinda hard for a single mother of three to do.

This ones different. It is multi-level, which means residual income. We love that! do not mistake mlm's with those pyramid schemes many years back. This is a real company with real products. I am encouraging you to join, if EACH mommy that signed up signs up just 5 others, just 5, well... do the math on the commision calculator and you'll see what I'm talking about!

And the products! I'm saving money vs grocerystore brands and they're all NATURAL, I love that too! The support emails, people calls, tools, everyone is so helpful, friendly and supportive. This can be done all on-line, and/or telling people in person. Of all the people online, and all you run into, in a say...a years time, or months time even, just 5 can make a huge difference. It's all about families helping families, helping the environment. Please visit my site ~ for 39.99 you get your own just like it and the start up kit! This could change the mommysphere for good!

by on Sep. 16, 2009 at 4:09 PM

Do you like to travel? 

Do you know people who travel?

If you could travel at a whole sale price would you?

Did you know that 43% of online spending is travel????  :)

Did you know the travel industry is expected to be a 13 trillion dollar industry within the next 5 years??

I am looking for people who want to join my team and start a business in the travel industry.

To view more information please check out

or to book all your travel needs go to    Where you can expect the prices to be cheaper then travelocity and expedia!  :) 

Feel free to contact me:

April Flanigan


by New Member on Sep. 17, 2009 at 7:25 AM

Hi All

My name is Renee and I am proud to be a rep for Cello in a Box. If you are interested in having fun while working from home then join us.

With our awardwinning cello bags and accessories, we make gift giving easy, creative and memorable, we also help our customers create eye catching business presentations so they can make more sales. As a business opportunity, you receive lots of support, encouragement, training, advice and much much more. You earn 20% on orders and a 20% discount on personal orders, SIGN UP FEE ONLY US$12.99. No minimum orders...

I cannot tell you everything here but if you are serious and want to join with me then either email me at or just sign up by visiting

You will receive continuous support from me as we work as a team, planning ahead to realise our goals yet enjoying the time and effort on our business. I cannot promise you that the journey will not be hard but I can say that you will not go it alone. The Cello in a Box  family which includes me will be there with you every step of the way!

Thanks for your interest and may you have a blessed day!

Reneehow are you

by New Member on Oct. 4, 2009 at 2:43 PM

Are you  POOR?

Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly!

Are you living in lack?

Do you desire to feel confident?

Do you want to make an impact on women and earn extra income at the same time?

Well here is one opportunity that is exciting, started by women for women.

Compass is a personal development company looking for representatives to share the power of coaching because we believe every women deserves  a coach to help her reach her destination.  No  experience all training provided. We need you to have fun. Its like a group of girlfriends getting together to connect, inspire and empower each other and you can get paid to do it. website email:

Seeing is Believing. Compass Rocks! Now watch the October video!

by New Member on Oct. 4, 2009 at 4:49 PM


Hi my name is Katie Griffith and I am a distributor for Slumber Parties!!

Slumber Parties is a home based party planning company.  

This business opportunity:  You will be able to make your own schedule. Stay home with the kids! Meet fun loving ladies that want to help you!!  Make $50-$100 an hour while laughing all night!!!  

Hostess will enjoy: A FREE shopping spree!!!! And other discounted items as well as a free gift from me!!!  

Your guests will enjoy: A private ordering room!! They get to leave with there goodies that night!!!  It is a great excuse to get rid of the men and children for the night.  

The Products: Slumber Parties products are designed to empower women in the bedroom and spice up there relationships even if it is a relationship of one!!!  I will show you lotions, lingerie, and things that go buzz in the night!  

At the party: Your guests will have the best girl's night out with Slumber Parties.  They will have a night full of fun, laughter, and get educated. You will get to see, taste, smell, and sample an array of products.

 Girls just want to have FUN!  Book your Ladies Night Out today!
Slumber Parties By Katie Griffith
home- 610-419-3438    cell- 484-347-6888
Ask me how and get paid to PARTY!




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