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Need your prayers, a little long...

Posted by on Feb. 12, 2009 at 2:46 PM
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Our difficult journey through healing and this totally screwed up thing we call a justice system began Sept 2007. We found out on that day that my oldest DD had been molested by a family member. Against the families wishes, we decided to press charges. You see, this person was supposed to be going into the military, and they did not want us "screwing up his military career". I know, right? I felt nothing but pure anger. SO the family stopped speaking for almost a year, as much as we could considering we all live in a tiny little town with only 6 weeks. Things are a little better now with some of them. Others I dont care if I ever speak to again.

We went to juvenile court. Probable cause was found. A transfer hearing was scheduled. At the transfer hearing my daughter had to testify. The defense attorney was a complete ass. He yelled at my daughter, called her a liar repeatedly, twisted her words trying to confuse her. I was so PROUD though. She stuck through it, told the truth, and he became so mad he couldn't fluster her that he actually threw his papers across the desk from 5 feet away. What a bastard, trying to scare a little girl. Anyway, that was may of last year. The judge agreed to transfer to adult court.

We met with the prosecuting attorney for adult court in Sept of last year. She stated she would accept our case (wth? I thought with the case being transferred, that it was already "accepted" but that's not the case) and offer a plea deal. This plea deal would reduce his possible sentence from 15-30 for each count down to 1-5 and he would be required to register as a sex offender for life. We agreed, as we really weren't given any choice anyway. But that deal was OK with us. Well, I had not heard anything since then, so I called earlier this week, and was told there are no notes on the case since Sept and they have no idea why nothing has been done. I got a call Tues from the woman we met with, who was incredibly rude, and said the deal had been offered in Oct, and the defense attorney had requested and extension until January. They still have not accepted the offer. I need your prayers he accepts this plea deal. I know he will not receive the punishment he deserves with it, but it will keep my daughter from having to testify in an open court room in front of all of our family and strangers, and possibly news crews (who said they wont show her face, but still)

See the problem is when we agreed to press charges, all of this was to be closed proceedings, to protect my daughter. To protect her. Apparently we were lied to, and there is no turning back now. We have to go forward, she may have to testify if he does not accept the deal. Another problem is that he lives sooo close. He is currently on home confinement but before that he drove past our house EVERY day. I constantly called the cops, the lawyers, but they did nothing. Just told him not to do it again. This guy has serious mental issues. He really didnt stop until he was put on home confinement (for another crime) Moving is not an option. We are in the process of remodeling our house, so no one else would want to buy it. We cannot afford a house payment on a new house anyway. We just really need your prayers. please.

by on Feb. 12, 2009 at 2:46 PM
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by on Feb. 12, 2009 at 4:52 PM
You have mine and wish your daughter a wonderful valentines make sure she sees a counselor ive been threw something like that
by on Feb. 12, 2009 at 11:47 PM

Oh mama I am so sorry you and your precious daughter are having to deal with this.

You know what John Walsh, of Americas Most Wanted calls it: the criminal INjustice system.

and as far as your family etc. 

Yes unfortunately all to common.

But congratulate yourself on believing your daughter.  And taking every measure to protect her.

That is one of the biggest gifts you will ever give her.

My dd didn't disclose until she was 6, that she was molested multiple times at only three years old, by the 12 or 12 year old son of a family friend.  And also, once, by her cousin when she was four. 

The D.A. says it would be her word against his.  Because so much time had elapsed, among other reasons.  IDK.  I cooperated as fully as I could and the case is still open, as far as I know.  The D.A. has said that without a confession, if it went to trial, I would have to think about whether him being found not guilty might retraumatize my daughter in a big way.

So I know.  So do all the other mamas here.

I hope your daughter is doing better, and wish you and her well on the journey of healing.


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