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The Welfare System compared to Disability Benefits

Posted by on Jun. 13, 2008 at 1:52 PM
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I was raised in the Air Force and married into the Army, so I feel like I have served for 39 years now!  I was always told that the military will always take care of us, so when Sean was hurt in his 20th year with the Army, I was glad he was home and alive and felt that they would start paying disability right away.

Wrong.  I always tell people that if they slipped on the stairs at their civilian jobs, or strained their back lifting something at their civilian jobs, they would get workman's comp benefits within weeks of their injury.  Not with us though!  What kills me the most is that we were always good at paying our bills on time and had excellant credit.  Then Sean was hurt and my tiny paycheck running a home daycare could barely cover us.  Our church helped with paying our mortgage so we did not loose the house, I paid for food and utilities, but told credit card companies that they would have to wait.  It was out of my hands.  So our credit was litterally ruined by the Army!

It just makes me so upset to know that all this is still happening, even though it's in the news now.  Nobody should have to worry about where their child's next meal is coming from or whether or not they have enough money for groceries!  Our men served our country to protect us.  We only want what we are due, not like the money grabbers who suck off of the government on purpose because they don't want to work.

I applied for food stamps and was mortified to go down to the office and fill out the forms.  I hung my head low, feeling like crap.  Other people were walking in and happy as could be, running into friends and family, like it was a social gathering!  I WAS DENIED!

I called my father in tears, thinking he would be so ashamed that I would go to fill out the forms for food stamps.  He is a staunch Republican.  Dad said, "Don't you DARE be upset!  Those programs are for exactly what you are going through now, a hard time.  It's the abusers of the system that make me upset."

It just makes no sense to me that we will tollerate people abusing the system on welfare and such but we won't pay our soldiers when they are hurt.  Something is VERY WRONG with that!

A little story here...When I was pregnant with Leah, I was working full time and so was Sean.  We both had crappy cars, but owned them, and we lived in an apartment building that we paid full rent for.  The apartment building also had women on the welfare system who received not only a free home, but food, money and also free daycare.  They made fun of ME going to work!  Used to laugh and say stuff like "Have fun at your JOB, idiot."  One day I was just hormonal as Hell and I told them it was a little thing called pride and wanting to better myself for my children to have a better life than what you are teaching YOUR kids.  So, you just lay out in the sun and get fat and happy, but always know that you will never be better than me because you chose to sit around and suck off taxpayers because you are too lazy to work.

They did not say anything to me after that.  Funny, when I ran my daycare, I had 2 families who used the free daycare system.  They did not work, went home after dropping their child off with me for a 10 hour day.  But they also complained more than any other clients I had!  They were impossible and demanding too.

So, our government allows all this to happen, but when it comes to paying veterans for being injured, they try and make it so difficult that most just give up fighting.  There is no justice in that.

Anyhow, thanks for reading.  What do you all think, is this screwed up or what?
     As Always, Speaking Her Mind!
by on Jun. 13, 2008 at 1:52 PM
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by on Jun. 14, 2008 at 3:33 PM
I know you are just venting, but the whole time we where in the Army we where on beinifits for the most part.  Actually they had a foodstamp office and wic office on base.  Also I was one of those who took foodstamps and stayed home with my kids, not because I layed around and got fat.  But because I was a young mom who who was staying home with the kids. 
Anyways I do know the people you are talking about also, I get irritated with the ones who do stay home and get benifits but half the time don't even have there kids because they are getting high.  Instead of using it to stay home with a newborn baby and trying to figure out how to get off of it.  Or to use it during a rut.  I always figure if you ahev enough money to do drugs you should be allowed on welfare. 
But you are wrong about workmans comp, we have a friend who feel at work shattered her arm,and tore up her shoulder she worked for a big company and it took 5 years before she saw a dime.  I have another friend who got shot with a nail gun in the lung workmans comp did not start until 3 weeks after he was shot and it took another year before he saw the money, he got a whole week of it.  And he was UNION.
And when they get hurt they get workmans comp for just a short period of time then they go on Social security, where as we also take for ever and then get disability adn then we get social security also.   And if you look at the social security checks sometime it is a joke. Majority of people can't survive on it at all.   But I would defintly go down to the family services and see what you qualify for while waiting for disability.  '
Scott was hurt in combat in an accident that was well documented and everything, and it still took almost a year.  And we have yet to ge social security.  but I did I went on food stamps wic and medicaid.  Now we are 100% but only 90% injury and 10% unemployablity meaning they pay us the same as 100% with out the benifits so you bet I will be keeping us all on
And I refused to feel guilty because food stamps, welfare, army disability all come from the same place taxes right?lol  and I always figured congress knew what they paid us so they expected us to use those benifits, if not they would have paid us a litte 
I am sorry it happened to you, that is awful.  I think the only thing that Saved us is we do not believe in credit, so we only had basic bills.  I don't know what would have happened if we did believe in credit.   WE would have been in real trouble.  Though we did some interesting things this winter to keep our bills 
by on Jul. 14, 2008 at 6:09 PM
Wow, I am sorry you went through that. I do not understand the system at all. Despite my frustrations with the VA i have had good luck dealing with medicaid and WIC. I know that although applying was easy because I work for the county, it still had to be approved by the government so I still had to meet the same standards. I can't imagine why you wouldn't get approved!
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