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How has your c-section(s) affected your life?

For the better or the worse, feel free to discuss your thoughts and emotions here. 


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by on Sep. 24, 2010 at 1:17 AM
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by New Member on Jun. 7, 2013 at 10:49 AM

*knocks on wood* so far I haven't had many issues after my c-sec i had in october... my baby girl will be 8 months old tomorrow and things have been good.

besides a few sharp pains at random times (spread out over months, so they aren't something that i could expect everyday, week or even month) around my scar... which has healed up nicely.. the only issue i've noticed is that my periods wwhich used to be 4 days and light to say the least, have turned exact opposite... i swear with every new period that comes i feel like i'm losing a gallon of blood the entire duration! they now last about 5 days or more, sometimes less.... which isn't bad... i also get really bad migraines and cramps now which i never did before the csec.

either way, it was well worth it and i wish i would have had a csec with my first born after the experience i had with my second :) so much better, no stress and everything went smoothly, but i think a lot of that has too do with the doctor i had that delivered her. he was amazing. also - my sister inlaw had a csec with both her boys and the last one she had she has had pretty bad issues with her scar at first it bled for about a month after and then pussed... signs of infection... and she's had some serious problems since as well, but she relates those to having her tubes tied after giving birth to her youngest.  she didn't have the same doc as i did, her doc actually glued her incision shut then put the butterfly tape on top. my doctor used staples and from what i understand he is the only one around this area that still does that. i feel like even though having the staples in that first week were a pain, they helped me heal faster.... and also helped keep infection away.

by Member on Jun. 9, 2013 at 10:57 PM

 Better because it made me step outside of myself and consider some of my beliefs in a different light. It also made me consider things full circle. In all of the reading I did no one every mentioned that it might be damage from my juvenile arthritis that caused a problem with my pelvis plus that I found out that my congenital anamalies were more then just my knees.

 I used to be one of those judgey people when I would hear that someone had a c-section or didn't breastfeed. That birth and what you do during it is only a very small part of the picture on how it turns out.  It's not black and white but many many shades of gray.

I also found out that "The Business of Being Born" and all those other books and movies I watched were a big steamy pile of crap that I feel honestly feel embaressed for believing. 

by New Member on Jul. 5, 2013 at 7:40 AM

C-section has it's ups and downs. I am thankful for a precedure that is quick (so to speak) and saves my baby the stress and exhaustion of labor and pushing but in the long run it's heartbreaking that I will never know what it feels like to bare a child naturally. I will never know what that push feels like. I will never feel the rush and emotion of holding my child immediately after birth. With both my c-sections so far my babies were immediately rushed off for cleaning and tending to after surgary. I didn't get to hold or interact with them till nearly an hour later. I know in the end all that matter is that my children are safe and healthy but you can't help but feel that little sting of sadness that all you will ever know is epidurals and scars. 

simple frown

by New Member on Jul. 11, 2013 at 5:48 PM

While I was not thrilled with finding out after my daughter was born via emergency C-section that ALL my kids would need to be born that way (classical cut due to her LARGE belly--birth defect) I was happy to have been able to survive her birth (I would have died had I tried natural) & seen her live all 10 wks of her life.

My twin sons (now 15) & their little brother (now 12) came into the world that way & I am proud that they are all happy & healthy.  I consider my scar my badge of honor & they know mom loves them regardless of HOW they came into the world.

by on Jul. 11, 2013 at 5:53 PM

Both my son and I would be dead without the c section. So... Yeah! 

Do I have a scar? Sure. Do i have a bit of pain in my sides? Sure.  Both of those are completely worth it to me. 

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