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newbie here........this getting to know you test covers it all for me.

Posted by on Nov. 30, 2011 at 3:50 PM
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1. Let's start with your name, or just a nickname if you're shy: Debra

2. A run down of your kids? Names and ages? 11 yr old, nicole and to be born in april 2012....a girl we are calling zooey

3. What are your favorite activities or hobbies? cooking , baking, reading, learning how to sew.....some crafting......

4. What did you enjoy learning when you were in school?--if you went to school! history 5. A brief story of your wedding? What year? simple put together with mom affair on july 1, 1997

6. Tell me about your home. How do you like to decorate? Any 'themes"? it is a small apartment . i love apples (kitchen), lighthouses (bathroom) and my daughter room is under the sea with spongebob (ugh!)

7. Do you have collections or what's your most favorite personal item or treasure? I collect Barbies, old cookbooks, pictures of waterfalls...oh, and cookie cutters.

8. Do you enjoy cooking and what are your favorite meals? i love to cook...i don't have favorite that i cook yet but i love to go out for Chinese. I love making new foods to try. all new recipes welcome...

9. Do your kids like their veggies or do you struggle to get them to eat them? depends on the veggie and how it is cooked or not cooked.

10. What sort of vacation do you enjoy most? the beach, or we go horsebacking and camping in the mountains.....

11. Do you work outside the home? What do you do? Do you like what you do? no i am a homemaker and i love it.

12. Do you have pets? What are their names? just a cat...she only answers to silly kitty.

13. How about siblings? A brief little run down on them? one older brother, Shawn (10 months older) typical pain but i love younger sister, amy, 8 yrs younger... and the brat of the family....but i love her.

14. Are your parents still living? yes.....but not in the same state bc they would kill each other.....

15. Do you enjoy wearing jewelry? What's your favorite, besides your wedding ring, of course? i like necklaces and bracelets....some rings though not alot at one time.

16. What's your favorite perfume, soap, shampoo, make-up? perfume: Lady stetson and white diamonds, soap: irishspring body wash,.shampoo..don't have a favorite on that,....make-up: really don't wear it except special occasions

17. Do you like candles and air-fresheners in your home? What are your favorite smells? yes love them.......Hawaiian or apple/cinnamon..or beach scented ones

18. Do you enjoy shopping and what are your favorite stores? not alot but a craft store or book store or yardsale and i am

19. When you shop, what do you like to buy? for my house, kids, hubby, or father-in-law.

20. What kind of car(s) do you have and what is your dream car? to both a restored chevy impala 66

21. Some may not want to share, and that's okay, but do you attend church, and what denomination do you consider yourself? i grew up catholic (irish here) but i go to the local community church with my family

Also, were you raised in church and did you stay with the same denomination your parents brought you up?

22. Do you follow politics at all and try to get out to vote at each election? that is something i don't get into....leave that to hubby.... (Again, some may not wish to discuss religion and politics..that's okay!)

23. Lighter you a baker? Enjoy making desserts and cookies and pies? yes.....and yes, yes, and yes.....hubby's waistline (lack there of ) shows

24. Do you garden or enjoy having flowers around? i want to learn and to can my own flowers of all kinds (but i am seriously allergic to bees)...roses and cala lilies are my favorites

25. What was your childhood like? Born in the city, country, oceanside, mountains? i was a navy brat....all over....

26. What area of the country do you live in now? What is your town/city like? Have we heard of it!? lol upstate ny.......norwich (no probably not) lol small town - blink you missed

27. Do you like to swim? Ride a bike? Do you purposely set out to exercise? yes, yes and no but i should.

28. Have any of your good friends been your friend for longer than 15 years? no navy brat remember (never stayed long enough to make friends)

29. Why is your best friend your best friend? What makes a friendship last? my bff is my older brother, Shawn.....we are just alike and think the same...i would do anything for him and he would do the same for me and my kids.

30. Do you get along with your family? What about your in-laws? Are you happy with his entire family? no don't ask....only have the one in-law , the father-in -law and i love him like he was my dad....he is awesome.....(not in the best health but awesome). my hubby's mother threw him out as a kid and he refuses to speak to her. so no problem there.

31. I thought this was a cute question I've seen: Reach out your arm to your left. What is closest at hand? my cat on the arm of my sofa

And to your right? my nosey

32. Do you like photos of your beloved's around the house or mostly an album person? i have both and pics on my computer that rotate for screen savers and background

33. Scrapbooking has become so big. Have you created a scrapbook yet for anyone? Does it interest you? no but i would love to learn.

34. Do you have any special talents, do you sing, play an instrument, paint/draw, craft? i sing solos for church.........make alot of crafts to decorate with.

35. Do you have an Avon lady and enjoy shopping at home in that way?no

36. Do you shop online or enjoy sites like Ebay and what do you like to buy? ebay...barbies, cookbooks, books to for my daughter

37. Are you a reader? What are some of your favorite books and authors? favorite author is RHYS Bowen....the gaslight series...

38. Do you enjoy movies? What are your all time favorites?yes...i like a lil bit of everything including old movies..really depends on my mood

39. Are you a neat -nick, or prefer a more relaxed atmosphere at home? neat daughter and hubby crazy as FIL laughs...

. 40. If you have an hour all to yourself, what do you want to do? read, soakin the tub, or go for a walk..

41. How long have you been online, what led you to CafeMom, and what are some other sites you visit online? new to the online thing except ebay....a lady at the store was talking about this site and i thought i would see if i like it... i like bc you can find how to's on there..

42. What's your favorite time of year and Holiday? Christmas....

43. Name me one thing you own that is SO neat and probably no one else has one it's so cool: my FIL made me a cabinet with a car tape player in it so i can listen to my cassettes without having to stop and turn them over to the other side. its auto play my old cassette tapes yeah, i am

44. Do you prefer sleeping alone, or hate being away from your husband at night? i can't sleep without hubby..

45. Does he snore? Do you? Do you allow pets in the bed? YES!!!!! our cat sleeps on our feet.

46. What troubles you the most? Lack of finances, poor communication with hubby, difficult children...? money, money and money

47. Are you really happy, or are there a lot of difficulites and struggles righ now for you? i am the happiest i have ever been...

48. What is your dream for retirement? Where do you see yourself at 65? traveling, dragging hubby or planes and cruiseships....

by on Nov. 30, 2011 at 3:50 PM
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by New Member on Dec. 1, 2011 at 9:41 AM

too funny.. my mom is Debra and my name is Nicole

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