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Get Paid to Have Pretty Nails

Posted by on Oct. 15, 2014 at 9:12 PM
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Yes, you read it right...I can help you get paid to have pretty nails. I am a Lead Consultant with Jamberry Nails, and currently I get paid to have pretty nails and love it!

Jamberry Nails is a relatively new direct sales company that specializes in designer nail wraps. These wraps take the place of polish with no drying time, no harsh chemicals, and no chipping! I swear you'll love them and so will your customers!

I found Jamberry at the perfect time in my life. I had just determined that I needed to start bringing in a little extra income if I wanted to continue to stay home with my boys (2 yrs & 5 mos). I got invited to an old friend's online party, and immediately fell in love with all of the designs. Then she mailed me a sample and I was sold! Only problem was that I couldn't decide on just one or two designs, and money was tight so I couldn't really buy more. I wanted to help her earn some rewards and show my support, so I placed a small order. But I immediately inquired about joining as a consultant. They have a saying, "Like it - Place an Order...Love it - Host a Party...Want it all - Join my Team" and it was totally true for me. I wanted all of the designs!!! So I joined. I paid the $99 for my start up kit and began planning to have my first party. My original goal was to make enough money to help out at home by covering my car payment. Well, I hit that goal and blew right by it in my first month. I was able to cover my car payment AND car insurance, plus I had a little left over!!! Oh...and I made my initial investment back too!!! I quickly realized that Jamberry could be a lot more than just some extra money.

I currently lead a team of bright and dedicated consultants that are quickly promoting. I promoted three times just last month!!! Because Jamberry is still such a young company, there is plenty of room for growth. Many people have never heard of it which makes sales, booking parties, and recruiting new consultants much easier. I mean, who wants to be a part of a company with five million consultants already? Jamberry only has 60,000!!!

So how much will you make? I don't know. That's up to you. If you choose to make Jamberry a serious commitment, then there is plenty of potential. You could be earning thousands in just a few months. Or maybe you're just looking for a little extra cash? Booking one party a month might be enough for you. That's the beauty of much you make is completely up to you. I won't lie, it's still work. You have to put in the time and effort, but it's not 9-5 or even eight hours a day. I devote approximately 4 hrs per day to my business, when the boys are napping, playing quietly, or have gone down for the night. The rest of the time I'm enjoying the precious moments that I get to have at home with them.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, please contact me. I would love for you to join my team and to be able to help you start earning and building a successful business. Or if you think you'd like to host a party, feel free to contact me. I do the majority of my parties through Facebook, so distance is not an issue. And finally, maybe you'd just like to try a Jamberry nail wrap? That's okay too. Contact me and I'd be happy to drop one in the mail.

Jill Ross

Jamberry Nails Lead Consultant

by on Oct. 15, 2014 at 9:12 PM
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