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Big Crumbs, Jerky Direct, Scriptures (Keep It Super Simple) 3 Business anyone can do - From free to under $40

Posted by on Aug. 31, 2010 at 10:06 AM
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Hi there,

I am a stay at home woman trying to utilize the Internet as a business and
help others see some of the great deals that other people may not be aware
of to save you money in this economy or help you make a little bit more as

Here is a website called Big Crumbs

I have noticed that many people who have joined Big Crumbs under me have not
used their membership to its full capacity  - maybe because you did not
understand the potential and the savings you can receive from Cash Back from
your own spending and also from referrals 5 levels deep that also shop and
paid into your Paypal account (which is also free to open) on the 15th of each month.

How often have you packed up your children, and driven down to the Mall
to do your shopping and come away stressed and annoyed because you have
forgotten something.  Couldn't find a park close by.. Your children have wanted to
run around the shop in different directions than you are wanting to go, touching
and asking 'can I have this'?  I want that??

Yep I reckon you get the picture, as Mothers we know how stressful and tiring shopping can be. - It always looks so easy with the TV families but reality is so different.

Here is the solution:

You can also shop online from over 1,000 retailers and more added each month.  All your favourite shops are right at your fingertips through Big Crumbs and you will receive Cash Back from doing your shopping. Even when there are sales, discounts, coupons etc offered from these different merchants, you still get Cash Back on top which can be very nice savings that you would not get had you gone to the shop in person, as the gas price would have eaten up your discounts.

Do you sell through eBay?

The next time you get the impulse to sell Jesus in the Potato chip - Your Great,
great, grandfathers toothbrush from 1896   *grin* .. Out grown/surplus toys, clothes
of your children...
.. Quilting, sewing crafts etc
Remember you can do this through Big Crumbs which is 100% free.

If you own an eBay Store you receive free advertising. Other Big crumb members
will more often look through your store first to buy before they look over outside
store owners.

Do you buy through eBay?
Are you looking for something in particular? - An out of date book that you cannot get  from a store.  or Another piece to that collection? For your children,  Scrap-booking...etc
On eBay you can find just about everything you can think of  - some of the most
fascinating and weirdest items are listed so whatever you are looking for to
buy you can find it on eBay AND receive Cash Back AND from your referrals 5
levels down who also shop through eBay.

Remember you can do all this THROUGH Big Crumbs which is 100% free.

Big Crumbs is open to UK, Ireland, Australia, Canada and USA                                                                                                        

Big Crumbs

As a Distributor you will receive your own Free Website, Account Manager, marketing tools,  training, free toll call to friendly customer service.                                                               

Commitment: monthly Auto-shipment of 2,  1/2 pound packets of hormone free delicious meat jerky, buffalo, beef or turkey or fruit sticks of your choice for  $13.97 shipped to your door in the USA only.    Great for children to take to school for a nutritious snack.

Preferred Customers are also welcome, as these same low prices without the commitment of being a store owner.

New product:  Check out the Buffalo Steaks! 

6 oz Buffalo Tenderloin (4 Steaks)
Retail: $42.99
YOUR COST: $35.99

8 oz Buffalo New York Strip Loin (4 Steaks)
Retail: $39.99
YOUR COST: $32.99

8 oz Buffalo Rib-eye (4 Steaks)
Retail: $48.99
YOUR COST: $39.99

8 oz Buffalo Top Sirloin (4 Steaks)
Retail: $30.99
YOUR COST: $25.99

High in Protein
Low Calorie
Low Fat
Low in Carbohydrates
Naturally Flavorful and Tender
No Added Hormones or Antibiotics
More Meat + Less Fat = More Pure Protein for your Dollar!

Jerky Direct

100% Christian Owned and Operated Company  that has developed a complete Product Line and Marketing  Plan that is uniting hundreds of thousands of Christians  throughout the USA in a common goal of achieving. - FINANCIAL FREEDOM!!!                                              

$12.00 monthly auto-ship, receive a free full sized product.

Recommended: Sign up for Co-op advertising package for fast start $25.00 (optional)      

One-of-a-Kind:               FREE Products    Co-op Advertising                                                                 Nutritional Products    FREE Join              Product Specials
Hair Care Products      FREE Info Packs  Auto-Ship Program
Skin Care Products     FREE Website       Training/Help Line
Bath Products               FREE Conference Calls       Low Monthly minimums
Sales Aids                      FREE Help Line and Much More
                                                                                  Bible Lessons on CD

All of our products are natural, safe and are not tested on animals.   All of our hair, skin and nutritional products have been scientifically designed to give you the greatest benefits possible.  We use only the finest ingredients on planet earth and all our  products have been used and tested by hair, skin and health care professionals.                                                                     
Request Your FREE Info Pack and further simple instructions how to start.



by on Aug. 31, 2010 at 10:06 AM
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