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Prometrium after Clomid

Posted by on Sep. 14, 2012 at 6:05 PM
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I took 100mg of Clomid this month on CD3-7 even though my doctor said 5-9, I got to the pharmacy as she was FINALLY calling it in and took it right away....LOL

I am now seeing an RE so at my first appt. I was CD16 and she could see two mature eggs about to drop, one from either side. I had been Oing on CD16 the last three months on Clomid. However, this month the home OPK turned positive on the evening of CD18 and morning of CD19. So when they did the blood test, today, on CD 23, it actually came back 8.2 compared to 4.7? the month before on the same dose. I have been TTC on Clomid and this is my 4th cycle...

They are putting me on Prometrium now, but not orally, vaginally for two weeks. After 13 days, they are doing the blood test for pregnancy, but my period is supposed to start on CD 31 and they want me to take the blood test on CD37. So...I have a gazillion questions and concerns...

Will this really work? Should they have waited until 7DPO to retest for progesterone levels? I've always been able to carry a pregnancy as far as progesterone, one a Clomid pregnancy, the other natural, never a miscarriage or anything. How long will I have to keep taking it? Will I have to keep taking it if the pregnancy test is positive? Will it hurt anything if my body suddenly decides to produce more progesterone? Are there any side effects? Can I overdose on progesterone? LOL 

Could I really have TWINS if both eggs dropped and are fertilized?????

I cannot even imagine waiting TWO MORE WEEKS to find out anything and will a HPT work or be confused? The nurse said that I shouldn't take it before CD35 so I may as well wait for the blood test on CD37... :(

I am too excited to wait! So addicted to the stick! :( LOL

Any advice you can give me or any questions you can answer would be great!

by on Sep. 14, 2012 at 6:05 PM
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by on Sep. 14, 2012 at 7:42 PM
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For starts,.. breathe!!! lol

You cannot overdose on progesterone. My doctor told me there is no such thing as "too much" so don't worry about that. i am sure your doctor will have you take it just as a prrecaution. They may take you off it early or may make you take it until 12 weeks. It cant hurt anything taking it though.

If both eggs dropped and are fertilized, it is possible to have twins.

An HPT will work. You can take it when you normally would, and the doctor can still do the blood test later. If you get a positive, you could always call and maybe they will get you in early. Maybe they have a reason to do it later?? Maybe just to be sure its a viable pregnancy? Im sure they have a reason though.

Hope this helped some! Good luck!!

by Cynthia on Sep. 14, 2012 at 7:54 PM
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I know with medicated cycles they like the progesterone level to be 10. With my ivf protocol you take the suppositories for two weeks and if the blood test is positive you then continue taking it until 9 weeks preggo. The only side effect I had was fatigue! Good luck!
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by Gwen on Sep. 14, 2012 at 11:10 PM
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8.2 sounds like a good progesterone # considering they tested it 3-4 days early (at 3-4 DPO instead of 7DPO).  I don't know how fast is usually goes up, but I wonder if it wouldn't have been well over 10 if they'd waited.  I do think the PP's doc is right, though, that you can't overdose on progesterone.

I don't see you mentioning a trigger shot or anything that would interfere with a hpt being accurate.

by Member on Sep. 14, 2012 at 11:36 PM

My first OB wanted it over 12 on Clomid....My RE wanted it over 20 because I am on Clomid, but was thrilled that it was over 4 showing ovulation. She said unless if it was over 20 that she would put me on Progesterone.

Overdose was my biggest concern, overdosing myself and thus losing the egg(s) if the level got too high, but...guess that can't happen :)

No trigger shots, sort of a crazy month because I started off with an OB/GYN and then switched to the RE mid cycle...I am in LOVE with what the RE is doing, she is so on top of things.

Can't wait to start testing next weekend!!!!

Thank you so much for the responses, makes me feel MUCH better about what I'm putting in my body.

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