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Good Timing! Update DPO journal for this cycle.

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Ordered injectables over a month ago (had to prepay of course)  but they have been out of stock for weeks so we had to go on a waiting list.  So we went ahead and did Femara again this cycle. 

Well I got the call earlier this week that they got the meds in and are shipping them today. I should get them sometime in the next 2 weeks.  Which is perfect timing for next cycle since  I am currently 2 dpo  and officially in the 2ww.

 We all  figure that If I'm going to get pregnant it will be this cycle since we just paid thousands for this damn medication that is on it's way...if I don't get a BFP  we have a very stressful cycle ahead of us...hubby HATES giving the shots,  it's not very romantic!   Praying  for a BFP in the next 2 weeks!!!

dpo 2-  mild face rash, a few ovary twinges and very thirsty!

dpo 3-  cm looks a tad snotty but is also watery,  mild cramping off and on starting in stomach area and moving around to right hip and lower back. Fatigue

dpo 4-  restless sleep, heat flashes, terrible heart burn all through the night. Today  I have been very burpy!  slightly nauseous  and extremely tired. Really bad  hip and lower back pain ( feels a little crampy)  hot flashes(feverish). headache.

dpo5- creamy cm, aching thighs started late last night (couldn't get up from toilet without help). Still hurts getting up from the seated position all day. A little burpy/gassy still but not as bad as yesterday.  a little nauseous when hungry, fatigue and thirsty. Lower right ovary pain. Afternoon hotflashes (feel feverish)

dpo6-  very creamy cm, sort sharp stabbing like pains it what feels to be my  cervix for a few hours now.  Very Gassy ,  heat flashes (feverish)

dpo7- cm feels dry, a few pains in cervix off and on all day, a few right ovary twinges this afternoon and a few cramps, a few stabbing pains in right boob 1 time,  Thirsty, frequent urination, feverish this evening, 

dpo 8-  nauseous off and on all day. Burpy, very tired,  Diarrhea, thirsty, frequent urination. A few cramps earlier in the day.  Feverish feeling after afternoon nap. 

dpo9- BFN, nauseous off and on all day, extremely tired, a few right ovary twinges and what feels like menstrual cramps, Boobs a little sore, frequent urination and a lil feverish this evening. mood is low/ Very emotional/depressed. a temp drop this morning

dpo10-  lots of creamy cm til afternoon then it turned to watery,  a little nauseous this afternoon, very thirsty, very tired but not as bad as yesterday,  Mood much better than yesterday as well.  Another temp drop.

dpo 11-   creamy/watery cm, increased sex drive, a little nauseous, a little burpy, fatigue, thirsty, frequent urination, small menstrual type cramps

dpo 12 -  2 blood noses, thirsty, frequent urination, a little nauseous off and on,  some lower back aches, small temp increase, diarrhea,  few sneezes,  left side (possible ovary) pain. Face rash this evening and burpy!

dpo 13-  BFP!!! dollar store test. Went in for blood confirmation.  Had dreams all night that I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. This makes 4 pregnancies in a row now where I had pregnancy and or testing dreams the night before getting a BFP.  Super burpy very nauseous, most stuff taste bad, decreased appetite, really thirsty, frequent urination, cramping hip and lower back.  HCG results- 58

dpo 14- started low dose aspirin, progesterone suppositories, and b Vit complex with xtra folic acid today. Will continue these til I reach 12 weeks.  Today I have had light cramping, lower back/hip/ ovary/uterus area.  a few waves of nausea. Just realized the burping has gone away today. Thirsty, frequent urination and needed a short nap this afternoon but energy seemed a little better today too.  A Lot of food don't taste right or good. I'm enjoying most veggies though and water!  face rash this evening.

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by on Sep. 14, 2012 at 7:27 PM
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Updating todays Chart!

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