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Back again....7 m/c in ONE YEAR (as of Nov 22) and still no luck. So frustrating...Update!

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Trying something different this month, taking a break from Clomid and was planning on skipping a month (most recent m/c or chemical pregnancy u might say was Sept 16 my youngest sons 9th birthday. Got a very dark positive that morning, and started bleeding a few hours later. WTH.)  So yeah...anyhow, we were gonna take a break.  Had sex a few times last week, last time on Thurs. took an ovulation predictor smiley face test cuz I was having twinges and it was positive and stayed that way 2 days then went negative. Had sex that night of happy face ovulation test.  Im taking dexamethazone 1mg in morning (cortisteroid because they think I may have immuneological problem) and also back on thyroid meds. And baby asprin. Going to dr asap to see if they can put me on syntroid because that off brand crap they give me makes me sick. :(  Thats why I stoped taking it in the first place.  Eating pinapple core. taking prenatals.  3000 mg of vitamin D a day.  And Im just gonna try and take it easy and eliminate unhealthy foods from my diet thats all I know to do.  This baby (if I get preggo) will be due 6 days after the 1st baby I miscarried on Nov 22 of last year.  If this doesn't work we are going to a RE at the beginning of the year and see what our other options are. I'll use donor eggs if I have to I don't care. I just want to give my husband a child.  I have three boys from a previous marriage, my new husband has no kids of his own.  Why is this so hard-it was never this hard with my ex. I just dont understand....anyway fingers crossed for me please I will need it. <3  Good luck and baby dust to all you ladies as well. I feel your pain. Believe me.  :(  

by on Nov. 4, 2012 at 10:07 PM
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by on Dec. 9, 2012 at 9:57 AM
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 Aetna does have FANTASTIC coverage. They are awesome :)

Quoting notgivinguphope:

Oh, just seen ur repky i also did ivf through aetna there coverage is great.!


by on Dec. 11, 2012 at 12:40 PM

That makes me feel so much better about Aetna!!!!  Thank you ladies.  I don't want to jinx anything but my friend gave me an ultrasound the other day (she works at a hospital and does that for a living so when I get curious about my body I just swing by when shes not busy and she checks out my insides. lol)  ANYHOW, I have a 3cm corpus luteum on my left overy (which is the same side I felt pop when I ovulated, which is wierd cuz I always ovulate on my right side. )  Up until a few days ago we've had trouble finding my left ovary cuz of its location but I showed her were I felt the pop (front center of the front of my hoo ha, mid ways and there it was.  It Sits up and in front of my uterus, My rt overy is where it should be.  ANYWAY. My right overy is no longer enlarged like it was last time, corpus leutum cyst on the left which is good because there is no scar tissue in my left tube, just my right and my endometrium lining is EXTREMELY thick (probably due to the progesterone suppositories but atleast they are working)  I tested today, 5 days early and I think I see a 2nd line starting to emerge.  Could have been an evap line but it happened while I was sitting there staring at it rigth after I tested.  Still too soon to be sure, could be my eyes playing tricks on me. I can't tell if its pink or not so I'll test again in a few days.  :)  I hope we are so we won't need IVF but if we aren't then thats ok Im feeling positive, especially knowing Aetna has coverage for it.  So thank you ladies. I'll update more in a few days. 

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