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Azariah Elijah is going to be a big brother!

Posted by on Jan. 28, 2013 at 9:31 PM
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We found out December 4th that we are expecting #5 in August! We are so excited!! We plan to tell the family on Christmas day after we tell the kids. The kids will have t-shirts like Az has on above in a box full of balloons. I will video tape their reaction. Then they will wear the shirts to visit family Christmas day. Azariah is now 14 months old. He is so s mart, he already follows one step commands. Some two steps. He is starting to talk a lot. And he is so sweet. I am really excited he is still nursing and I am planning to  tandem nurse him once his brother or sister is born!! God is good!

Azariah is 1 yrs old!!!! 

I can't believe how time flies when your having fun!!! He is still nursing like a pro with no inclination that he plans to stop. He is walking...well running! He is saying words, he is pointing, clapping, blowing kisses. He loves to color. He has the best personalty, but is still SOOO moody. He has a little attitude at times LOL He is such a blessing to our family, I am sooo glad God blessed us with him. Here are some of the pics just taken :)

Azariah Elijah Brogginbaby giftOur Homebirth Story!!!stork

ITS A BOY!!!!!

LOTS of PICS to come tomorrow!

Azariah was born at 6:12pm weighing 10lbs 2oz and 22inches long!

They got me in the tub just in time to deliver THANK GOD!

Hubby was so supportive!! He kept telling me its almost over. And then once Azariah came out and wasn't breathing he kept talking to me calming me down!

Malachi checking in on me. He said he almost cried but didn't because he knew it was ok!

Us enjoying Azariah and Daddy cutting the cord!

He was such a proud Daddy!

Showing Laylah the baby! She wasn't at all impressed, not sure if she was dead set on a girl and was disappointed or what. But she said the baby is supposed to be in Mommy's tummy. Like she didn't really think he would ever come out!! 24 hrs she has warmed up to him and loves on him!

Xavier after getting a peak at Azariah. He is crazy about him!!

Malachi so excited!

Mommy nursing

Holding little bumblebee for the first time (as Xavier calls him)

Malachi's turn

This is a cute story. Malachi got this bear the night before Azariah arrived. He was crazy over it even slept with it. When my friend started taking the photos of Azariah just hours old Malachi came in and asked my friend if she could take pictures of the bear with the baby. Then he told Azariah he wanted him to have the bear because it was just his size!

When the midwife did the feet print it was so precious what showed up!! Do you see whats in Azariah's foot print??

5am- got up to go pee (thankfully turning on the light) and when I wiped I had blood. Enough it alarmed me! Enough I would expect to be in labor, but am not YET!! After noticing small movement from my little one, and picking up a heartbeat on my doppler of 141, I called my midwife to voice my concern. She believes baby has moved down helping to efface my cervix and possibly dilate me further. But she has told me to watch the bleeding carefully, and to lay down and do a kick count! So after drinking some caffine and eating a bowel of oatmeal I am gonna see if I can get 10 movements out of this little one! Please be praying that this is a fast onset of labor and not a complication due to my playing kind rough with the kids last night! I will keep everyone posted!

Based on previous experiences this should be the beginning of my labor unless its a complication. I have never had this much blood and not either gone into labor within a matter of hours or been in active labor already!

6:55am- Got 10 movements in 58 min, and have had a few nice movements since I got up! Also have had a few good contractions with some pressure. Not regular however! Bleeding has lightened up to a light pink discharge with red/brown streaks of mucus here and there.

8am- contractions are coming 6 min apart. Not noticing a change in intensity, lenth, or frequency at this point. But hopefully this doesn't peter out. I am so ready to meet my little one! Contractions are more uncomfortable then past days. So I am hopeful :( I am gonna lay down and rest, see if I can catch a nap and wake up in active labor! I will keep everyone posted!

11am- Did get to rest but still having contractions. Still uncomfy, but not active yet! Slightly discouraged this will stop like past days!

12pm- Contractions are lasting a little longer, lot more pelvic pressure, not any closer together! Emailed midwife, right now I am hopeful, but still doubtful this is it! Have friends coming for dinner, my BFF who has been staying with me off and on and plans to attend the birth, and her family! Hopeing either their company will help take my mind off things so it progresses, or goes away.

2:30pm- Called Midwife and Doula

3:30pm- Rinsed with my hibiclens so I am covered for the next 6 hrs! Contractions are 2-3 min apart lasting 60 sec still not very painful, still not 100% sure this is it!

4:00ish- Midwife and Doula arrive, I am hanging out laughing it up and rocking through contractions. I was so stressed they were gonna be there for awhile I was no where close to delivering.

Chatting it up and listening to my Christian music :)

5:15pm- I had been on my hands and knees just to change positions since not much was happening. Midwife suggested to go take a walk with Hubby.

Having a good contraction!

5:30pm- we came back in. Midwife had me lie on the bed so she could listen to the baby! I then decided I would lay and rest for awhile (hoping things would pick up more after a rest)I had a couple of contractions.

5:55pm my water broke with intensity and I instantly went from a person who was laughing and singing through contractions to screaming out because the pressure was immediate. They got me into the tub and I began to push!Once I got the baby's head out my contractions stopped. He started struggling so I had to push and my midwife had to pull him out. Worst pain I have ever felt in my life.

6:12pmThe cord was wrapped tightly around his neck causing him to struggle breathing a little. But once they got him crying all was well. It was so fast I am still in complete shock! And its amazing how I went from having complete control and feeling like I was in early labor to instantly losing all control and push baby out!

by on Jan. 28, 2013 at 9:31 PM
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by Ruby Member on Jan. 28, 2013 at 9:31 PM
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  Our Journal from the Beginning 

Well ladies I have had a LOT of you mention my keeping you updated with pics, u/s, etc. So I figured I will make a post, just like I did while TTC (Which you can view HERE) and it will be a nice way to keep in touch!!! So here goes :)

Background- Af started January 3, 2013. We believe ovulation occured

January 16, 2013.

Original EDD-Oct 10, 2013  New EDD- Oct 5, 2013  Goal DD- Oct 1, 2013

Our first positive tests 9dpo,10dpo, and 11dpo but I doubted because of past experienced with wondfo!

Retest 11dpo PM

Retests 12dpo FMU

Confirmation 12dpo Blood Test HCG of 32

My 1st Trimester

Week 1-2

Obviously I was not preggo yet, but I started spending a lot more time in prayer and reading my devotions asking for God's peace and blessing!

Week 3

I was in complete denial that ovulation even occurred much less that I would be able to conceive. I had some typical progresterone symptoms early on however that kept me hopeful!

Week 4

(1/30)Well this has been a great week. Earlier this week I started to "feel" pregnant. I still doubted myself BIG time, for lack of disappointment I think. But I felt very different. I was moody and emotional. I began having severe cramping which I remembered from being in my 2ww with my daughter. I had what I can best describe as round ligament pains (or pains that shot through my lower abdomen when moving to quickly) I also had cervical pains. I had an increase sex drive along with extreme sensitivity and multiple orgasms during sex. This truly made me think...maybe this is it? Even Hubby brought it up. I also had a soft dry cervix! Other then that just typical slight nausea, slight breast pain, slight dizziness, etc.I was completely shocked to find out we were expecting baby #4. I feel so absolutely blessed to be in this position and I am so excited about what is to come. I can't wait to hear my baby's heartbeat on my home doppler, and feel him or her move. And I loved getting fat HAHA I can't wait to get a big bump. Thank the Lord for this blessing again!! And I look forward in continueing to share it with you all!

I set up my first apt with my Midwife on Feb 14. She will meet me here in my home to go over everything! I can't wait!!!

Our girl and boy name!

Aubrie-Grace Emelia and Azariah Elijah

(1/31)WE are 4 wks pregnant!!!!

4 wk FMU Wonfo test. I was very excited to see how dark it was!

Week 5

your baby's the size of an appleseed!
Your embryo is now measurable -- though at week five, it's a wee .13 inches -- and she's gearing up for much more growth. In fact, in the next week, she'll almost double in size. Grow baby grow!

(2/1)I am feeling really good. I have lost about 5 lbs in about a week. Which is always lovely!! I am never very Hungary, no cravings or anything!! Dizzy spells still come and go along with breast pains. And I am always ready for bed early, AND SLEEP GREAT!! So thus far its really great!!!! It almost makes me nervous!! Strong symptoms always made me feel like it was a good pregnancy. But hopefully it will continue to progress well!

I got to run and grab my pregnancy journal from Barnes & Nobles, which I am so excited to start!

And I also went ahead and got my first baby item. I know its way to early, and something could happen to us still so early, but I have to have faith in this pregnancy. And enjoy every minute :) So I will post a picture!!

(2/4) Still feeling really good.  Absolutely loving feeling great and I think its starting to finally set in I'M PREGNANT :) I found another little out fit on sale the other day

My final progression. No more testing here..Its been fun, and its kinda sad it may (or may not) be the last time I ever get to have a positive pregnancy test. But its time to relax and move on. Here are the last of the progressions!

by Ruby Member on Jan. 28, 2013 at 9:31 PM
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(2/5) We told everyone today our great news. Everyone was so excited. Especially our children!!! We told them when we purchased our first family van and brought it home with an infant seat inside it. Now the baby is all they can talk about! I feel so completely blessed!!!

(2/7) We are 5 Weeks Today!!!!

And I feel so extremely blessed to even of made it this far!!! We got our results today for our second blood draw. My numbers went in 9 days from 32 to 1,262!! So they are doubling every 40.5 hrs.

So far I am still feeling really great. I am tired, and my boobs have been bothering more today. I also still have this cold, but it only effects me when I am laying down really!! So so far so good. We meet with my Midwife next Thursday and 6 wks. I am very excited. I will keep everyone posted!

Week 6


your baby's the size of a sweet pea!
The average embryo at week 6 is about .25 inches and will double in size again next week. Wow!

(2/10)5 wks 3 days and feeling icky :( Lots of burping, and I just feel full, and blah. Not able to eat too much today!! I had a short spell of it yesterday and the day before too. So I guess its a slight case of pregnancy sickness...although knock on wood I haven't actually thrown up yet! We took the kids yesterday to the movie theater and went by Toys R Us and got some more baby items. I told Hubby we actually have absolutely everything we need for the first few weeks for baby. Very excited. Only a four more days until we meet with my Midwife. Can't wait, I will update then!!
Happy VALENTINE'S Ladies!!
bunch of roses
(2/14) We are 6 wks today and I am so blessed to of made it this far. I still worry "Is this a viable pregnancy?" But I am enjoying every minute and am thankful for each day God gives us with this little blueberry. And I pray for it to end months from now with a happy, healthy baby in our arms after a home delivery.
We got to meet with our Midwife today. It went so well. She gave me pregnancy tea to start, and she is just absolutely everything we want. I am so excited. We scheduled our first apt to see her March 18. We should be able to hear baby's heart beat at that apt (although I am sure I will find it before that apt at home :) I am so excited about this home birth, and planning our first water birth.

Just wanted to share...Last week Hubby got me flower's and cookies, he said just because he wanted to show how much he loved me. Then we planned to go eat at Red Lobster and go bowling this Friday night. So I said DO NOT buy anything for me for Valentines Day. Well the kids and I get home from our homeschool v-day party and what is waiting on the table....A HUGE box of chocolates (WHICH I DO NOT NEED), a big bear which had a beautiful necklace on it, and a few little things like a new hair brush, and nail polish, etc. And then he had a little box of chocolates for all the kids. It was soooooo sweet. THEN I yelled and said I TOLD YOU NOT TO. And he laughed and said you told me not to last week. I got this stuff a couple weeks back and hid them. UGhhhh I could kill him LOL, but he is the sweetes man alive!!! I am so blessed!!!

Week 7

your baby's the size of a blueberry!
Your .51-inch embryo doesn't exactly tip the scales just yet but she's developing like crazy. She's already doubled in size since last week.
(2/16)-     The past week I definately feel more pregnant. I have had slight nausea, but its more like a constant full feeling. And if I don't eat small meals often I will get pretty nausous. But no sickness :) Needless to say I just want nothing to eat. Its exciting though, it makes me feel like the pregnancy is continueing to progress. Maybe I will lose the 2-3 lbs I gained HAHA!! My uterus is definately feeling fuller and swollen. I can feel its heavier feeling as well! So everything seems to be moving along!!
Here is a unplanned belly pic. I took this at 6 wks 1 day preggo. Hubby and I were going out (the first real time I had gotten dressed in a week or so) and I really noticed a differece in how much clothes looked and fit on me. I call it the frumpy stage, where I just look fatter, not really preggo!!!! GROW BABY GROW, I want a bump not a frump!!!
(2/17)-        Made a BAD decision today. I noticed I had gained a few lbs (not normal for me but I think its due to the Metformin) So I decided I would just eat less often today. So I had a yogurt before heading out to play with the kids in the snow. We came back in at lunch time for lunch and I was gonna come up with some healthy small meal for lunch. Instead nausea hit rediculously bad. And I started heaving. As I threw up my daughter ran in the bathroom. So we talked about how the baby was just growing which is why Mommy was sick. So then the boys come in and we sit in there and have a long conversation about which of them I was sick with and which I wasn't. It was pretty funny!! After I got off the bathroom floor I ate some fruit and got some crackers in me. About an hour later I start feeling sick again. So I ate again and felt better. Needless to say I found I feel fine if I eat constantly. But if I try to cut back I feel sick :( So I guess I just have to be ok with gaining weight for once this pregnancy. And I can just work it off after the baby comes!

(2/21)-         We are 7 wks today!!! Its amazing how fast this pregnancy is already progressing. It seems like just yesterday we found out we were expecting. And we are already over half way through the 1st trimester. Such a blessing!!! Been feeling absolutely amazing the last few days!!! I am continueing to get frumpy. But its well worth it!! On to week 8 :)

Week 8

your baby's the size of a raspberry!
Now she weighs in (yay!) at about .04 ounces and measures about .63 inches. This week, she's growing about a milimeter each day.
(2/21)Got this off ebay. It cost me $8 including shipping. I couldn't pass it down. Its 0-6 months, and says "I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus" It comes with two onsies, a hat, and booties. I thought it was super cute!!!

(2/22)- ER visit today after I took a bad fall yesterday horseback riding. I had some cramping so we decided to go in. Baby measured 7 wks, EDD Oct11th. Baby's heart rate was 146bpm and crown-to-rump length was .89cm. I have two subchorionic bleeds. Both outside of the gestational sac. On is anterior nad measured 1.3x1.5cm the other was lower in position and measured 1cm. I am on pelvic rest for a week. They also found follicular cysts on my right ovar and a cyst measuring 1.5x1.4x1.6 on the left.

(2/26) Going into have another u/s Monday at 9am. Praying for good news. Meanwhile still on bedrest, although I am getting up and doing more, laying around isn't me. Can't wait to get back into my exercise routine. Its killing me just sitting around all day!!

(2/28)8 weeks today! Kids came down with a cold two days ago, after repeatedly asking Laylah to stop coughing in my face, I of coarse ended up with it. I felt it coming on yesterday, today its full force. I feel like death. Hubby is getting me some pregnancy friendly cold meds. Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow.
Official 8 wk pic!

Week 9

Start of Month 3


your baby's the size of a green olive!
She's gaining steam! At 9 weeks, your fetus measures around .9 inches and weighs about .07 ounces.

(2/29) This weeks pic
(3/3) Today has been a rough one. I decided enough was enough this house had to get cleaned. My poor kids were running out of clothes. I had to do something. So I got some stuff cleaned, got some laundry done, went through and found 4 trash bags of giveaways. But man am I struggling with round ligament pains. I am praying its a good thing, and the baby (and my uterus) are having a growth spurt. Every time I cough, move, pee, laugh, or walk, I get sharp round ligament pains. But atleast no cramping today!! I have taken a lot of breaks inbetween work. Even fell asleep on the sofa for about an hour while waiting on the clothes in the dryer to finish. On top of getting work done, I feel emotionally drained. I am so stressed about these bleeds. WHAT IF they haven't gone away and I have to continue on bed rest. Some women may be able, but with three kids, bed rest is gonna be impossible for me. This week has worked out because Hubby has been home taking care of me, but he goes back Wed night. I have to be back up and being a Mommy. And I keep having trouble sleeping! I keep having nightmares about losing this baby. Its awful, and I can't make the bad thoughts stop. So I am just a mess today. I am praying so hard for great news tomorrow. I will update when we get home!!
(3/3)PM: 8 Wks 3 days, and I just found our little olive's heartbeat on my monitor. I am so extremely excited. I pulled it out not expecting much, got over to the left side of my tummy and found it TWICE (it ran after a few seconds and I had to find it again HAHA) 160bpm.

8 wks 4 day U/S
(3/4) Baby looked beautiful on u/s. Measured 1 day ahead (8 wks 5 days) Heartrate 174bpm. Bleeds were unviewable. So my Midwife believes either they have gotten smaller or are gone completely. Praise God!!! She wants me to take it easy getting back into things. But I am so stinking excited!!!! Hubby is totally getting raped tonight HAHA!! Thanks ladies for the prayers!! Now I can relax and enjoy the rest of the pregnancy!!

(3/7) 9 wks today!!! Feeling really good, had a boost of energy today and spent most the day on the farm goofing with the kids! Felt flutters for the first time today. I know people think its impossible, but I know what I am feeling, and its exciting :) So excited to be 9 wks, one more week and I will be 1/4 the way through. Four more and I will make it to the 2nd trimester. Can't wait!!
by Ruby Member on Jan. 28, 2013 at 9:31 PM
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Week 10


your baby's the size of a prune!
Now, she's about 1.2 inches long and weighs about .14 ounces. Her body length will almost double in the next three weeks.
(3/8) 9 wks 1 day and I am feeling really good. So glad to be off bedrest and able to do things. I have been pretty active lately! Spent a lot of time working on the farm! Just glad to be feeling better
(3/11) Woke up this morning with some VERY strong menstraul like cramping. It pushed out a lot of CM.  I kinda delt with it during homeschooling. After we got finished I took some tylenol and laid down. I grabbed my doppler and decided to see if I could find the baby to ease my mind. (I had only found it once since finding it at 8 wks 3 days and that was for a split second and then I couldn't find it again) this morning baby sat still long enough for me to listen for a few minutes. Heartbeat was between 150-165! It was a huge relief.
(3/14) 10 wks!! Last two days have been a bit rough. I constantly feel full, just a bite or two and I feel like I just over ate a Thanksgiving dinner. So food is not a friend right now. And I have been extremely tired and lazy. But I know it wont last forever :) 10 wks today, and I can't believe how fast just this last 10 wks have gone by. I have been through AF, waiting to ovulate, the horrific 2ww, the testing phase (is that a line, is it not, am I pregnant, am I not) and I have been through the 1st trimester stress. Only a few more week and we are in a bit more relaxing spot. Very exciting!!! This week has been full of LOTS of growing, stretching, cramping, round ligament pains, but best of all flutters. I have felt baby about 4 times now, normally when lay down, once when trying to find the heartbeat, and once when I worse something a little to tight on the belly HAHA. I am really excited for the movements to get big and strong enough for the kids to see and feel. I think that will really prove to them there IS a baby in Mommy's belly. Laylah tells me all the time she can see the baby through my belly button HAHA. Anyway, so blessed to be 10 wks. Here is to the next 10 wks :)
Week 11

your baby's the size of a lime!
Your fetus is about 1.6 inches long, and she's got about a 1:1 head to body ratio. She now weighs in at about .25 ounces.
(3/18)- 11 week appointment! Oh man was it amazing!! My Midwife sent me a message before I came saying this is gonna be a very different experience for you, and BOY WAS SHE RIGHT!!! We spent 2 whole hrs, TWO! With her, it was amazing, super comfy!! She measured my uterus which is about 2-3 inches above my pubic bone. And the baby's heart rate was great around 140. My blood pressure was 118/68! I had lost a lb which is great compared to my normal. We talked about previous births, and stuff. It was just amazing!! When we left my Hubby said "Wow they are gonna make this an awesome experince!" I was so excited to hear him say that. He really likes them, and he can feel the difference in their presence then with an OB. They are so relaxing, and coming, and honest, and just real! I am super excited about this pregnancy and birthing experience, and super excited to be delivering again at home!! I go back in 4 wks on April 16 at 10am. I will be 14 wks 5 days!! (WOW) So very pleased, excited, and just relaxed about my experince this time around!

(3/21) We are 11 wks today!! Eeeek!! I am very excited! Baby has been moving often, feeling lots of flutters, and a bunch of little thumps! I noticed today the growth of my belly is causing me to bump it often. Leaving it bruised. So I have to try to remember I am growing, and can't slide into places like I used to!! But this has been one amazing pregnancy thus far. The 2 wk scare sucked, but I just have a feeling the rest of the pregnancy is going to go great, Lord Willing. By this time with Malachi and Laylah I was having horrific round ligament pain (its not nearly as severe this time) and I had braxton hicks starting at 8 wks (knock on wood not a one yet) So I am hopeful!! 3 wks until my next Midwife apt!
Week 12

your baby's the size of a plum! The average fetus at 12 weeks is about 2.1 inches long and .49 ounces. Now that she's got pretty much all her parts, her main job is to keep on growing.

Grow Baby Grow!!!

We used a tangerine, it was similar in size, and we couldn't get our hands on a plum LOL!

3/28 Feeling pretty good!! Only another week and we finally enter the 2nd trimester. Very exciting!!!!!

Week 13

your baby's the size of a peach!
She's about 2.9 inches long and weighs about .81 ounces, and -- proportion-wise -- her head's now about 1/3 the size of her body (remember? It used to be bigger!).

4/1 Happy April Fools Day!! Not one of my Fav days, but today has been pretty good. Past few have been extremely hectic. Been doing pretty well. Dealing with pubic and hip discomfort more often. And more cervical pains here an there. But I feel like I have more energy. But I still pass out by 10 LOL. Baby is really moving around these days! And I have experienced a HUGE growth spurt this week. Measuring about 20 wks. Certain things have become more difficult, like wearing certain jeans, laying on my belly, bending over, etc. But I am REALLY enjoying every second, and its amazing to see my body do this again! Its just really exciting, and beautiful, and I still can't help but think of it as a miracle!! May not be on too much the next few weeks or so as we pack to move. And then I am not sure how long it will take to get my internet hooked up. But I will check in and update as often as I can!

4/3 Last night Hubby and I had the best time "playing" with the baby. I had a few peices of the kids candy and I swear I had my baby on a sugar high, poor thing. I laid down around 10ish after working hard all day (and frankly not eating much) and I could just feel my baby bean bouncing around like crazy. I swear it was noticable enough to feel from the outside but not quite. So I got my doppler out and instantly I could hear the kicks, and moves, and pops. Even more so then what I was feeling. It was hysterical. And he or she was bouncing around in there. First I found her/him down low around my pelvis on the right, then as fast as he/she was there he/she was gone. So I searched and this time I found her up by my belly button. He/she stayed there long enough for me to get a reading before we heard (and I felt) a big movenment and he/she was gone again. Hubby and I were laughing hysterically. So I found him/her again on the left side about half way between my pubic bone and belly button, but only for a split second and gone again. So then I started pushing back where I felt him/her push. And I would feel baby jump/kick/whatever, and then I would feel him/her somewhere else. I told Hubby no more candy for me LOL. It was just the absolute best!! And so precious! And so much fun LOL Can't wait for baby to be big enough Hubby can feel him/her from the outside. Hubby always enjoyed poking and playing with them at that stage, he would push and they would push back LOL.
4/4- 13 wks and we have started the 2nd trimester! So excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Week 14

your baby's the size of a lemon!
At week 14, your baby is 3.4 inches and 1.5 ounces, he's almost doubled in weight since last week and keeps on growing.

4/7- 13 wks 3 days today and very ill. My kiddos have had a stomach bug the last two days, and of coarse Mommy got it next. Been suffering pretty badly!! Daddy stayed home today to take care of me! Blood Pressure has been running very low! Earlier it was 99/57. This evening its better at 112/60. Midwife ordered me to take Emergen-C to help! I was getting dehydrated.
Kinda funny, she suggested I take a warm bath. She said that my skin would absorb some fluids too. OMG it felt so good!! But baby B didn't like it much LOL. He/She got to flopping around for like 5 min. It was so funny!! And it was not flutters, it was very pronounced movements. The first of its kind LOL. Hubby says baby is like Daddy and doesn't like water LOL It was very cute.
4/11 14 wks today! Been doing ok. Its been a rough week. Started off with the stomach bug, and then I think the heat caused an issue. And maybe I have a touch of pregnancy sickness now because I have thrown up off and on the last few days. But other then that I feel fine. I have a lot of energy. Gotten a lot done outside (over did it a lot) but been good. I am measuring 23 wks today. CRAZY! Baby is very active. I feel him/her everyday now! I am just loving being pregnant. Its so amazing to be doing this again! I was slow to get excited but now I am just in love!!! Next prenatal visit is Tuesday the 16th. Can't wait!
Week 15

your baby's the size of a navel orange!
The average fetus at 15 weeks weighs 2.5 ounces and measures 4 inches -- and his proportions are becoming even more normal, since his legs now outmeasure his arms
4/16- 15 wks today :) We had our Prenatal Apt!
Everything went well. We visited for about an hour and 15 min. The kids had a ball playing. Urine was clear, blood pressure was 90/50, no weight gain, baby's heartrate was 153. It was hilarious (although I kinda felt bad for her) she started listening for the baby and the baby instantly started flipping around. I told her this kiddo is active and I could see her concern when after about 10 min she couldn't find the heartbeat. She said "I know your feeling movement but I NEED to hear this baby!" So she searched about another 10-15 min and there the little booger was for all of 3 seconds before doing another barrel roll big enough I jumped, she could feel, and the doppler made an awful noise HAHA! I just laughed but I could see she was relieved she finally got to hear baby!!! I don't know what it is about this kid but I swear he never sleeps!! So anyway all was well, she was shocked how much I have grown and how far ahead I am measuring. She asked me again "ARE YOU SURE of your due date?" I said yeap, pretty positive. I couldn't be more then maybe a day or two off. So she said ok, and we chalked it up to an over achieving uterus (AGAIN) LOL! So my next apt is scheduled for May 16th (at 10am)at exactly 19 wks pregnant. Then we will have an u/s (at 1:30) at the hospital . We discussed my concerns about not seeing the sex, and she assured me these techs are really good but that she could just show me still photos, and or specific areas like head etc. So I am more at ease. We just aren't gonna watch the screen and instead ask for cute still shots. I can't wait to see my baby!!!! Only 4 wks :)
by Ruby Member on Jan. 28, 2013 at 9:32 PM
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Week 16



4/19- So I ordered my first maternity swimsuit ever!!! And I LOVE it. So excited. Can't wait to be 36 wks FAT and on the beach LOL! Here are some photos!

Video of Baby's heartbeat, and as usual I caught him/her active so you can hear some movements!

Week 17

your baby's the size of an onion!
Baby continues to beef up. Now she's about 5.1 inches long and weighs about 5.9 ounces.
Not a very good photo of me LOL, but hey can't win them all :)
4/25- Baby is head down and pushing into my cervix. Feet are positioned to my back so movement has been less the past week. I am struggling a lot with hip and pubic pain. So I have a Chiropracter apt scheduled May 2nd. Can't wait! Hope it gives me some relief!! Here is the my beginning of week 17 pic. Based on the uterine and ligament pain I am having I expect that baby and uterus are undergoing a growth spurt! I will be interested to see how much I grow between now and the end of the week!
Getting big, but I am always WAY rounder at the end of the day then when I first wake up in the morning. I also think with baby being positioned differently my belly isn't protruding as far out. baby definately feels high but inward as opposed to low and outward two weeks ago!
4/28- I am soooooo exhausted!! AND GRUMPY! I feel like I haven't slept in a week. I am extremely emotional and moody. My hips feel out of joint, and the baby feels like he/she is about to fall out. He/she has been very active today which is a relief. But OMG at the growing pains. My uterus feels like its gone through a growth spurt the past 3 days, so badly my uterus and abdomen ache. As big as I already am, I am like REALLY??? So today is just one of those exhausting, hormonal, pregnancy days. Today is the first day I really truely feel completely preggo!!!
4/30- Feeling much better the last few days! Extremely anxious to see the Chiropracter Thursday! Baby has been extremely active today. Which is always fun! 16 more days until our u/s :)
5/1- Some more photos to share! Whoohoo we are 17 wks!
Can't get over the difference. Its pretty huge :) I still feel like I just look frumpy, but I think its begging to be more bumpy :)
Week 18

your baby's the size of a sweet potato!
She's about 5.6 inches long and about 6.7 ounces now and she keeps on growing rapidly. (That's why you're probably feeling so hungry.)

5/2- Didn't go to the Chiropracter like planned. Hubby is really annoyed with me. I just can't make myself spend the money, and on me. I mean I just can't do it! We have so much going on right now, I dont even really have the time to go to the apt. So I canceled. I can deal with the pain a little longer. When I can't walk I will go in! I will probably make an apt around 20 wks, hopefully by then we will be settled into the house, soccer will be over, and I will have more time on my hands!

On a better note tonight our 4th blessing is very active. (Has been all day) Well he/she is kicking hard enough I am feeling a few on the outside. I am so thrilled!! Baby feels nice and strong, and active. And getting so big :) Daddy is working :( He is gonna be so sad he missed it! The first real good kick I have felt from the outside. Eeek! Can't wait until he gets a feel, and the kids! They are gonna flip. Loving life! God is so good!

5/5- Going through my baby items, packing them for the move! So far this is what I got with some pics. Preemie, NB, and 0-3 mns clothing for both boy and girl. Also some unisex clothing! Playpen, Carseat, Swing! Still have to find a crib set, but Hubby said he would rather wait until we know what we are having. So that will probably be in Oct or Nov. I found a nice ring sling, hoping to get another one or two of those. Here are some pics

This is the Graco Pack n Play with cuddle cove rocking seat!

Flex Lock Infant Seat from Baby Trend

Fisher-Price Craddle 'N Swing

(Our color schemes will be light blues, greens, yellows, and pinks)

Here are some of the new items I bought! As unisex as stores sell these days!

The sling on the right is the one I purchased off ebay. But it is black and white (pic on the left)I LOVE it. Its perfect for nursing etc!

5/8- WE HAVE STARTED OUR 5TH MONTH! WHoohoo Approximately 145 days, or 20 wks left :) Felt baby having hiccups for the first time today. Love it HAHA! Lasted about 8 min. Poor baby LOL

Week 19

Week 19 Belly and U/S pic coming soon!!!
Here are some pictures of our new house! Move in day is May 18th Lord willing. Her are pics of my two absolutely favorite rooms in the house :) Many more pics to come when we get moved I am sure :)
My beautiful Kicthen and Master bathroom. These pics really do no justice, they are BEAUTIFUL! The kitchen has surrounding cabinets. Black side by side fridge, Blk stove, dishwasher, and overhead microwave. Huge walk in pantry! The Master Bath has a garden tub, HUGE walk in shower, and a nice size linen closet

5/9-Wow what an active booger I am carrying!! Its amazing how much this little one is moving, and how strong the movements are. Its great!!!! I get all giggly when I feel those movements, like its the very first time. There is something so amazing about feeling your child moving inside of you!! God is sooo good!!!! The last two days I think I have been having BH, I am gonna start Cal/Mag today to see if it helps. I swear with each pregnancy I feel something knew, and different that leaves me guessing. This time its this constant pulling sensation in my lower abdomen. It feels kinda like my belly is tightening like with a BH but kinda like I am having a constant round ligament pain. It will last for 10 min or so at a time, ease off and then I will have it again! If the Cal/Mag doesn't seem to help I will mention it to my Midwife when I go in. Otherwise I feel great. My hips have only been giving me slight pain and discomfort. Nothing I can't handle. And I have a lot of energy! LOVE this part of pregnancy :) Only gonna get better from here on out :)

5/11- Very emotional and moody since yesterday! Not sure whats up, just really trying to control it so that I am not being a bitch to everyone!! Hubby heads back to work the next 5 days. Then he is off, we go see our baby on the big screen, and we get to move into our new place. Lots coming soon so really hoping my mood improves. Keep trying to remind myself I am to blessed to be stressed, and certainly to blessed to be moody!!
by Ruby Member on Jan. 28, 2013 at 9:32 PM
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5/12 Happy Mothers Day!!!!!!!!!
I wish you all a wonderful Mother's Day!! Today I reflected on my life quite a bit. And the blessings God has given me! This time last year I had lost almost all hope of us ever having another child. Of coarse extremely thankful for the children God had given me, I felt as if a peice of myself was missing. And I was coming to the conclusion that I may never fill that void. After 7 more months of trying, and the ups and downs that came along, we finally were blessed with another child. Another baby for me to carry, and love! God is amazing! He knew that Mother's Day last year just wasn't the "Mother's Day" I would carry my next child. Instead it was this Mother's Day! And I know now that this is the time that God had planned all along! God new best! And I am so thankful for all of my struggles, but I am thankful most that he did know best! This Mother's day was spent helping family members, and spending time with my 3 amazing children! And here and there during the day I was reminded of my newest blessing growing in my womb, with every nudge, and kick! Children are such blessings! And I am thankful that this Mother's Day I am celebrated because I have them!! I hope all of you had an amazing Mother's Day. God Bless!!!!
5/15- Had the kiddos game today! Took these pics before I left! So figured I would share. I was feeling extra LARGE LOL
LOTS of pics to come tomorrow!

5/16- 19 wks!!! Prenatal Visit at 10am and U/S at 1:00! Update coming soon!
I ask respectfully that any gender guesses based on theories not be shared! Thank you
Baby's profile, and face. You can also see a hand :)
Very adorable pic of foot,leg, body, umbilical cord, arm and hand! No potty shot :) Baby gender is still unknown :)
Daddy snuck this, hospital has a no camera policy!
So the Midwife apt went pretty well. I did get mildly scolded by my Midwife because I had signs in my urine that I am not eating enough often enough, nor am I getting enough water intake. So she made me promise to do better! My blood pressure was 118/58, baby's heartrate was 140, still measuring ahead (although she didn't mention how far) I dont think I grown much upwards mostly outward! Everything else seems great!! Next Midwife apt is Thursday June 13 at 23 wks!
After the apt, we went to our u/s. I explained to the tech my nerves. That we didn't want to find out the sex, and that I was worried because baby is so active that I would see something on accident. She assured me, "OH it will be no problem. You can watch until I get down low and  I will tell you to look away!" BOY was she in for a surprise. Baby was so active she could barely keep up. It became pretty obvious it was just not safe to look because of baby's activity. So I looked away for the most part. Baby flipped and flopped and kicked around. I told her I had never had such an active baby. And she laughed and said this was one of the most active she had ever seen. She said as soon as she got where she wanted to be to see a particular spot baby would move on her LOL. We did get to see a couple of safe shots, and we got the adorable pics above! Baby is measuring 5 days ahead. I can't imagine my duedate is wrong, so I expect baby has either gone through a growth spurt or this one may surprise us an actually be an 8 lber. Either way we will plan on him/her arriving a few days ahead of schedule just incase. Over all baby looked great. My cervix is funneling so to speak from the outer side of the vagina, but the inside is closed, and my cervix is 3.7cm. So not concerning! But I will get the full report from my Midwife probably by tomorrow! So everything thus far seems to be great!! Very thankful for that!!
Week 20

your baby's the size of a banana!
Baby weighs about 10.2 ounces and measures about 6.5 inches. She's still got a lot of growing to do though. Can you believe you're halfway done?

5/17- Got the official results for my U/S. I have a low lying placenta so my midwife plans to start me on homeopathic cinnamonium to encourage the placenta to move upwards. Baby is measuring 5 days ahead. Baby is just over 11 oz! And everything else looks great!!

5/18-Eating is soooo difficult! Had dinner tonight and OH MY GOODNESS, do I feel awful! Why is eating so hard for me! Other then that things are good!! Baby is moving like crazy!! He/She has hiccups almost every day which make me laugh! And he/she is still rolling around like crazy! Movement is rediculous with this kiddo!! Been trying to catch my belly jumping on video, but no luck yet! Everytime I try either baby stops, or the video is to dark to see. Hoping next time Hubby is off to catch the little booger moving :) My belly is really growing too! Its starting to get in the way of things LOL, I keep running it into stuff. And TMI sex is getting a bit more awkward LOL. I have a HUGE drive, but certain positions have to be tweaked these days! Overall, I am really enjoying this pregnancy!! And excited that Hubby and I have decided to have one more after this baby!! So we are going for #5 :) Although I wont be stressing the next time around. We are just not gonna prevent and see how long it takes us! Very very excited! And relieved that this isnt the last time I get to experience all of these feelings!! I will continue to say it, God is good!!!
5/21- Been experiencing large globs of what I can only describe as mucus plug. My Midwife believes its just what my cervix is producing at the outer O and that because I am already dilated at that end it is just slipping out. She is not concerned. But told me I may experience it the entire pregnancy. I have had no cervical pains, very few BH contractions etc. Still continuing the cal/mag. I am not overly concerned.
5/22- Been trying to catch my little booger on video jumping around and moving. You can see some here, sorry my belly is not very pretty (I need a tan and something to fix my stretch marks) but I will share anyway! Baby's HB was 144.

Week 21(5/23)

your baby's the size of a pomegranate!
At 10.5 inches and about 12.7 ounces, she's big enough now that you've probably been feeling her movements.

5/23- Since we found out my placenta is slightly low lying, and baby is transverse I have been doing research on position to help move baby into a more accomidating birthing position. I think I have a game plan. At 30 wks I will have my first chiropracter appointment unless pains cause me to be seen sooner (but my cal/mag has seemed to really help in that department) and I will do the following exercises:

The forward-leaning inversion is a classic here at Spinning Babies.   The goal is to increase room in the lower uterine segment by releasing a tight or even spasming ligament. Every healthy pregnant woman (not at risk of a stroke) might benefit from 30 seconds of this particularly steep inversion. But the real benefits are apparent for some babies lying sideways (transverse lie), breech, oblique (diagonal lie) or posterior. With more room in the lower uterus, the baby will often reposition themselves.

Daily inversions in pregnancy may promote optimal fetal positioning. Done correctly, the ligaments will respond!

Breech Tilt

Breech tilt drawingThe Breech Tilt is a widely known inversion technique to help a breech baby flip to a head-down position. 

Use this technique 1-3 times a day if you are told your baby is breech. You can start as early as 30-32 weeks and continue through to the time that you know that your baby is head down. Some doctors suggest starting later because most babies flip on their own. The Breech Tilt is not invasive. Ask your doctor if there is any medical reason not to do a Breech Tilt for your breech baby starting after 30 weeks. Alternatively, the Forward-leaning Inversion is recommended at any weeks gestation for any fetal position.

5/25- Had a very busy day! End result.....I am extremely sore!! But it was a good day! Trying to relax now, to heal, and rest! Baby is extremely active....AS ALWAYS. Still switching position often from head down to breech mostly. The few times that she/he has been transverse I have felt lots of pain in my ribs. So I am hoping she/he is running out of room and unable into get into that position to much more! The kiddos got to feel baby for the first time today! Which they loved! Hope everyone has a great day!

A pic taken at my last Midwife apt! They have this booklet that gives the baby's size in realife (placenta etc) Hubby LOVES it. So he told me to hole it up so he could snap a pic :) As you can see I was talking LOL!

5/27- Baby changed positions today. I think she/he is head down. I am having a lot of stretching pains, the top of my belly is extremely tight, I feel like I am running out of room already. I honestly feel already, the way I did 9 months with my daughter!! So hoping a nice soak in my new tub daily will help!!! Here are some pics for this week!

My belly just looks and feels HUGE today!

I was trying to get a Mommy view and Layah stuck her hand in last minute. She loves to rub my belly!! I thought it was cute so its really just for fun :)

by Ruby Member on Jan. 28, 2013 at 9:32 PM

Week 22


5/30- Can't believe I am starting week 22 already. This pregnancy really is flying by!! Baby is doing fantastic, still extremely active! Still not picking a position to stay in, which is so weird, and something I am really not used too! The only thing I can figure is that its because my uterus is measuring so much farther ahead so baby still has plenty of room! But thats ok, the time will come when he or she runs out :) The kiddos love feeling him/her move. And they talk about the new baby constantly! Been working on getting a birth list together. What I will need for myself, baby, the kids, and the birth team. Will post some pics later on in the week! Overall I am just really enjoying this pregnancy. I talked to Hubby a few times about how each pregnancy I am a little order and its a little harder, but right now I really feel great! I can't complain at all. I am really loving this :)

5/31- Been a long day, went shopping for some new items for the house. Kiddos got all new bedsets, and we got a new bed set. And we got bath sets for both bathrooms!! Spent a lot of time not drinking enough water, and walking. BOY AM I PAYING FOR IT NOW. Been having steady contractions for a few hours. Lots of pressure, uncomfy, but nothing to really worry about. Just a pain! Otherwise feeling ok. Just really tired. Think I am gonna make it an early night! 

6/2- Still been having contractions, YUCK! I think I have just gotten to that point where this will be a normal thing. Also lost what appeared to be another chunk of plug! No change in cervix though, so again still not very concerned. And the contractions aren't changing in intensity, or frequency! Here is a pic from tonight :)

Week 23(6/6)
6/7- Been exhausted this week. Not sure why, haven't gotten a thing done! But just absolutely exhausted. I woke up at 9:00 yesterday morning, got up hung out with Hubby and the kids! By 1 I was exhausted. Hubby told me to take a nap. I laid down and slept until 4:30 then was back in bed by 10:30 and slept great. I assume baby is going through a growth spurt or something. Otherwise I feel great. Baby is very active, and very breech. Kicks are getting a bit painful on my pelvis, but atleast I know our precious little one is getting stronger :) My uterus has moved upward enough that baby's head is pushing up into my rib cage. I got another few weeks and I will start working on getting baby to turn, so he or she better enjoy her/his position while he/she is in it LOL!! Other then that I am absolutely LOVING this pregnancy!! I feel so blessed things are going so well, and I feel so great!!

6/9- Started a few of the spinningbaby techniques, purely out of impatience. Got excited when baby moved from what felt like a transverse feet down position to a transverse feet up position. Then baby appeared to be completely head down. And in a matter of a few hours baby was back to breech, and then transverse again! My little one reminded me quickly just how much space he/she still has in there to flip or flop as she/he pleases. So I am gonna relax, and let baby enjoy this time before the quarters get too squished. Did catch baby head down for a split second on the monitor before flipping back to transverse :)

23 wk belly pic :)

6/11- ER VISIT/Chiropractor Visit

Well we had quite a change in plans. 5:30 yesterday evening my entire left arm started to throb and ache extremely bad. After awhile it began to tingle, and my fingers went numb. It then moved up to the left side of my face. After awhile we decided to head into the ER. By the time we arrived I had begun having contractions. Contractions continued but monitoring wasn't available. We ended up making it home at 3am with no answers. The Drs had no clue and weren't comfortable running tests. Once I got home I downed some water and some cal/mag and after about an hour my conrtactions eased enough to go to sleep. Woke up after noon and talked with my Midwife who believes it is all because of baby's position. So I found a chiropractor who adjusted me. I go back Friday for another adjustment! Just praying contractions stay away and we get baby to move off of whatever he/she is laying on that is making Mommy very uncomfy!

Week 24

6/14- 10am Chiropractor apt. Gonna discuss adjusting my hips! Then I am getting a 30 min massage :) Afterwards going shopping for Hubby's 30th birthday! So excited, and can't believe I have been with the man since he was 17 yrs old and now am celebrating his 30th birthday with him! I am so absolutely blessed!!

UPDATE: Well the massage was AMAZING!!! He could really feel where my muscles were tense around my hip area!! Once I got into see the Chiropractor I wasn't nearly as impressed. He wouldn't touch my hips because I was pregnant. I wanted to say WTH but I just said forget it and I am gonna head back to my original Chiro next week!!

**6/15- Pics to come after Hubby's 30th Birthday party!**

Hubby being goofy!!!!

Hubby shooting

Blowing out his candles with the kids!

***6/17- Prenatal Apt with Midwife 9am***

UPDATE: Baby's heart-rate- 140, Blood Pressure- 114/60, Fundal Height- 33cm, Gained-2 lbs (3lbs total), Trace of protein (she believes is from lack of eating before our visits)

We discussed my Rubella immunity! Blood work shows I am not immune but that has been the case every pregnancy, and she suspects I have been given the booster after each child as well (For sure after two) So I have to look into that further after this pregnancy is done!

She gave me the Cinnamonmum to start. I have to take 3 pills under the tongue every 12 hrs for 3 doses to help my placenta move up. She also wants me to do hand and knee back arches to help! We will have another u/s at 32 wks to check on placenta positioning!

And I also am to start checking my blood sugar come morning which I will track below:

Day/Time      Fasting(<95)   One Hr (<130)   Two Hrs (<120)

                6-18/ 10:30                                    89

                  6-18/ Breakfast 11:00                                                  128                         103

                  6-18  Lunch 1:00                                                         120                         102

                  6-18 Dinner 5:30                                                         113                          110

                  6-19/ 9:30                                       91

                  6-19 Breakfast 10:00                                                                                  119

                  6-19 Lunch 1:00                                                                                         102

                  6-19 Dinner 5:30                                                                                        113

6/18- Suffering from horrible indegestion!! Nothing seems to help!! And my nipples have started leaking :/

by Ruby Member on Jan. 28, 2013 at 9:32 PM
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6/21- Excited to start week 25, but started it off an the wrong foot. We almost wrecked my van yesterday when it cut out. Mechanic thinks its the wireing harness, which can be extremely expensive. May mean we end up buying a new car :/ So needless to say I am stressed about that! I am stressed about the house as we are still waiting to close. I am stressed that we now have to pay all of our medical costs because insurance wont cover my homebirth. I am just stressed PERIOD!! Hubby is off starting tomorrow, and Bible School starts Monday. So hopefully I can relax and stop thinking about it all :(
On a side note I am having a lot of pressure and uterine cramping. And now have started with a bad headache! My blood pressure was really elevated for me 125/68. Praying its just stress related! Continueing to drink water, and rest as much as I can with three kiddos running around!! 

6/23- Emailed my Midwife about the baby dropping so early. She doesn't believe its anything to worry about but gave me some warning signs to watch for. Am struggling with vaginal swelling and driness. The area is so swollen I keep getting large splits. So I am trying to use sitz bath etc to help!
I feel fantastic otherwise!
99 Days to go!
Can't believe I have less the 100 days until my goal due date. Maybe I get lucky and even go a bit longer! Very exciting!!! Hopefully baby stays put, and I get to continue enjoying the pregnancy!!!
Here is a new pic!

6/24- 3:00 Chiropractor adjustment and Massage

UPDATE: OMG was it AMAZING!! Got my adjustment and then a 30 min massage! Scheduled my next August 1st at 10:30. Gonna go once a month until baby arrives :) It feels so good to get down to the end and feel like I am making the appropriate preperations!! Gonna order my Birthing kit this week EEEkkk so then all their is left to do is buy the odds and ends and get the house unpacked and organized!!! Can't wait!!!!
Week 26

6/27- Feeling good! Baby is very very low and my pelvis is beginning to react to it! Having more pain and swelling, and the vaginal swelling is still extreme. But he/she is still very active which is a blast!! Here is my 26th week pic, baby is still low enough I dont have my big round high belly back :( but when I lay down its nice and round!
7/2- Purchased a few baby items :) Its sooo hard to find unisex stuff!! I will be so happy when baby arrives and we can do some real shopping :) Thankful I have so much boy and girl stuff left over from my kiddos too LOL. Here are some pics!!

Week 27
97 days until EDD 88 days until Goal Date!
FYI (MY) goal date is not an induction date, or in anyway a date I want baby to come before he/she is ready. Due to my delivering early I have picked a date about 5 days past my normal delivery day to work towards. I want baby to stay in and grow as long as possible!
7/5- Feeling really good! I am getting a little depressed that the pregnancy is coming to an end, although I am very very excited about meeting this little one!!! On another exciting note we are moving into the house Tuesday! I am so beyond thrilled. So I wont be on nearly as often as we have to get moved, unpacked, get baby stuff ready, and start homeschooling before our vacation starts in Sept! Busy Busy Busy!
Here is my newest belly pic and stats :)
FH: 29 1/2 cm FP: LOA & Floating HB: 148bpm
Week 28

7/10- MOVE IN DAY :) We finally got to move in!! But I over did it and started spotting so I am back to light duty! Otherwise feeling great! Here is a pics of the kiddos on Xavier's bed chillin :)

Adding more pics in replies on pg 32 :)
7/12- Meant with my Doula! It was awesome seeing her again!! She did discuss my and Hubby's being prepared to deliver just incase she and the midwife dont arrive in time. Which I explained I was more then willing and prepared to do. She felt baby's position and determined baby is head down, she expects baby should stay that way from this point on (I hope so) She believes baby is on the small side, which I am thinking the same! She also absolutely agrees with Hubby and I doing it all alone and just having the Midwife kinda standing by. So I am very excited!! 6 wks until our in home visit with our birthing team!

7/17-Hubby ended up being admitted to the hospital for a leg infection, so things have been hectic, emotion, etc around here lately!! But I did manage to go through baby stuff and organize some. Here is a pic of baby's closet (Half or my walk-in closet) and a few baby items!
Week 29

Your baby's the size of an acorn squash!
Baby already measures about 15.2 to 16.7 inches long. Right now, we weighs about 2.5 to 3.8 pounds but he's still got a ways to go -- can you believe he'll triple in weight before birth? 
7/23- 29 wks apt! We had our 29 wks apt today! I measured 33 wks, and baby sounded great! Everything looked good! I lost 2 lbs which has to be from all the running I have been doing! Things have been very hectic around here, Hubby is still struggling with his infection, I have been getting the house organized, and doing all of my chores and am really getting worn out. I am ready for things to get settled down!

by Ruby Member on Jan. 28, 2013 at 9:32 PM
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Week  30

Your baby's the size of a cucumber!
Your 15.2- to 16.7-inch, 2.5- to 3.8-pound baby continues to grow.
7/28- Things are begging to settle down! Homeschooling is getting off to a great start, we have joined the YMCA so I take the kids swimming every or everyother day. Hubby is doing better, he has started exercising to help get himself healthier! Things are begging to look up! I am up every morning by 7:30 to start working with the kids, and keeping the house organized, and I am in bed normally by 9 every night! Feeling exhausted but good!
These are a few pics I attempted to take of myself at the park the other day with the kiddos. I have learned its difficult to take maternity shots of myself HAHA, I have also learned my shadow looks HUGE :) But it was fun

Week 31

Your baby's the size of a pineapple!
He's about 15.2 to 16.7 inches long and weighs about 2.5 to 3.8 pounds this month. He's getting so big, he's probably crowding your lungs.

8/3- Been nesting like crazy lately!!! Hadn't planned to get anything set up until 34 wks. But I failed LOL Playpen is set up and covered over to protect it from dust, and I started putting items baby needs for birth in there (baby blankets, NB diapers, old recieving blankets, etc) I also have half of my birthing kit in a cabinet all ready. The other half of the kit and items to go in the play pen for baby's birth is in the mail on its way. I will post pics once it arrives. I am getting so excited and I know the next few weeks are gonna fly by!
 MY BIRTHING KIT ARRIVED!!! I am so excited! And man does it make all of this so real :) I organized my birthing cabinet with all essentials and snacks. And I put all the after birth essentials for baby in the playpen! Now all I need is baby! Only a few more weeks to go :) So excited! Here are a couple pics...more in bump reply!

Week 32

Your baby's the size of a squash!
Still growing, your baby weighs in at about 2.5 to 3.8 pounds and measures about 15.2 to 16.7 inches.
8/8- My 27th Birthday!!! It always amazes me to experience a birthday while pregnant! This is my second pregnancy in which I have gotten to celebrate turning another year older! Its such a blessing to feel life inside me, life that Lord willing will also one day celebrate a 27th birthday! Its just awesome!! I am feeling wonderful! Absolutely no complaints! Baby is getting stronger, my belly is often times lopsided, or a foot will be obvious even under my shirt! He/she is definitely happy in Mommy's tummy!! He/she doesn't like when Daddy messes with my tummy, or with me. Which is too funny! And anytime we are close he/she will kick Daddy away! He/She also very much dislikes the contractions I am having occasionally now! But he/she does very much like are daily trips to the pool! And I think I have noticed a change in position which I am sure due to exercising and swimming!! This pregnancy has been such a blessing, I still feel so amazing! I am so anxious for pur u/s. And then we get to schedule our in home visit. And then its a nice relaxing vacation right before baby decides to arrive, or maybe that will be when baby arrives LOL. Who knows! After we return it will be all preparations and count downs. I will use my birthing ball regularly, and we will start daily mile walks! Along with continueing our daily swims, etc! All the preparations to help baby's poisitioning for delivery! Still hoping to hold out until Oct 1st. I feel like its doable, but relastically I know I am asking a lot! So we shall see :)
Lost a lot of my plug today, pretty nasty stuff!

8/10 Had about 2 hrs of horrifically strong contractions and cramps!! It was much worse then I have ever experienced and not been in labor! Pretty nerve wracking for a time. After lots of water, Emergen-C, and a couple doses of calcium magnesium we got them to ease up enough for me to rest!!
Week 33

Your baby's the size of a durian!
He weighs about 4.2 to 5.8 pounds and measures about 17.2 to 18.7 inches. And he may grow up to a full inch this week -- amazing.

8/13- Well I must admit I have been pretty uncomfy the last few days!! I am so anxious for my U/S to varifiy everything I have been feeling!!! Baby has engaged further into my pelvis (-1 sation) and is LOA! Feet are under my right ribs, butt is at the top of my uterus! Head is down! Since yesterday my pubic mound and pelvic bone feel extremely bruised! My cervix is starting to thin, and shorten although I can't check dilation as just with my daughter my cervix has moved up behind baby's head facing back. Very unreachable for me! My belly shape has popped out more and I feel like baby has gone through quite the growth spurt! My belly feels like it weighs a ton and getting up from any position is quite the trial. And I have to be extra careful because of my back! Baby is also super strong!! Kicks and movements actually hurt these days! And he/she is ALWAYS active!! I am getting super confused on my guess about gender! I keep going back and forth, honestly I don't know what I am having LOL. I say boy, lean towards girl!! Only about 6 more weeks give or take and I should find out :) Getting super excited!! We are still unsettled on a boys name, so I am kinda hoping its a girl LOL. Hubby really likes the name Azariah...which is biblical. I kinda like it better if spelled Ezariah but then again I dont want to change a biblical names spelling! I like Elijah, so we were gonna do Azariah Elijah, but I am not 100% about it! So now I am praying its a girl j ust to make it simpler LOL. But I still think boy....I think LOL!!
Anyway other then that things are going well, we have definately settled into the house! Everything is ready for the baby, I have started making some cloth diapers which has been fun (I will post a pic of my first try) I am getting more tired, and the nesting urge has left some since hurting my back and getting oober uncomfy! We leave in just a few wks for the beach, which I am looking forward to. And we are homeschooling which takes most of my time up! Along with going to the YMCA and Library all the time! We are staing busy!
First try at a cloth diaper :)
Remember I have never actually sewed anything a day in my life LOL
And another :)

8/15- 10am 33 wk U/S 1pm Prenatal Apt- Heading to our U/s! I have gotten so so so much more sleep the last few nights, my back is MUCH better, and I am just overall feeling much better mood wise!! Not nearly as rough!! Very excited about today!!! Can't wait to get back and post all the info!!! Should be back around 3:00 ET :)
Well things took an unexpected twist! Only made it to the U/s, rescheduled the prenatal for Monday at 11:00! U/s was a little unexpected as well! They only checked my placenta and my cervix. They didn't do a growth scan! I don't have much details (I will get the report in the am) but essentially baby looked well, already running out of room! Tech said I had an AFI of 13cm and a CL of 3cm! They did a vaginal scan to check cervix but baby was so low and my cervix was behind baby's head it made the scan difficult and VERY painful! And it was hard to get views of baby's head and face because baby was so far into my pubic bone! When I talked to Midwife on the phone she discussed my taking it easy and focusing on making it atleast 3 more wks, so I think they are suspecting early delivery!! So I am supposed to take it easy, and they are going to start me on some natural remedies to help prevent contractions! The kids loved seeing their baby on the screen!! And we got to see baby practice breathing which was very neat!! Over-all I am pleased!!
Here is a pic of baby :)

Comparison Belly Pic from each pregnancy! #1 Boy #2 Boy #3 Girl #4?
Late night 8/15- In horrific pain!!! Baby's head is pushing down into my cervix fairly badly. Per midwife orders I am reclined with me feet up attempting to get baby to easy off my cervix. Also been having some pretty severe pains at the top of my belly!! I started having them 12 days before delivering my daughter, so they are a bit concerning for me, and yet another sign of how huge I am. I am trying anything to ease the discomfort. A heating pad helps! The top of my belly is literally discolored and bruised, my stretch marks have deepened and I have dark redish brown bruises popping up. Attempted to take a few pics. I have a feeling that the next 5-6 wks are gonna be tough!! Worth it, but tough! Just praying to keep this little one in as long as possible!!!!

Week 34

At 34 weeks, you might breathe a little easier, since baby may descend lower into your pelvis and give your lungs some space. (Ahh!) The pitfall of this descent, of course, is even more pressure on your bladder, so be prepared to make even more trips to the ladies room over the coming weeks.

8/18 Midwife has officially changed my due date from Oct 10th to the 5th. I was supposed to email her my chart and just finally did it. She emailed me back with the official change. Her words were "Not that I think you will come close to delivering in Oct, but we are changing your EDD to Oct 5th based on u/s and charts!" So today I am officially 33 wks 1 day based on the change! Now I just feel like delivery is even closer, and I am pretty sure we wont make it to Oct like we planned...but my goal is still Oct 1st (Stay baby stay!)

8/19- Midwife apt 11am- Everything went well!!! Blood Pressure was 108/68, I gained 1 lb, Baby's heartrate was great, I measured 35 wks. She palpated and believes this baby is large! I dont know how to feel about that, considering I have heard that with all my kiddos and none were. But this time I think I agree, baby just feels a LOT bigger. If I deliver an 8 lber I would be shocked, but I swear this kid feels like he/she will easily be 9lbs. Guess we shall see. Next apt is Sept 6 for our in home visit and to go over birth plan! I will also have a strep B test done then!! Meanwhile I have to find a Dr who will do circumcision and get that scheduled incase this is a boy :) Absolutely exhausted, doesn't take much these days!! And the top of my belly hurts so badly!!! Gonna go lay down, have a glass of wine, and put a heating pad on my belly!!

by Ruby Member on Jan. 28, 2013 at 9:32 PM

Week 35

8/24- Spent the day on the farm walking around. MAN am I out of shape!! Can't wait to get back from the beach and really get back into exercising!!! Overall I am feeling very pregnant. The top of my belly still is super stretched, and with each BH, or FM I have horrible pains!! Bending over doing household chores or walking can cause it too. Did find a natural cream to use on it that is safe during pregnancy. It helps along with a heating pad and a nice glass of wine. I am definately ready for this baby to arrive!!! I am getting grumpier by the day, and the kids wear me down!! I am taking it very easy prior to leaving for beach vacation. Attempting not to progress me any farther. And on vacation my orders are not to stroll the beaches on romantic walks and absolutely no sex. But the moment we come back its on LOL My thoughts are baby wont hold out until Oct 1st like I had hoped, but honestly I dont know if I can hold out until then LOL so I am happy for baby to arrive any time in Sept!! If I do make it to Oct it will be a pleasant surprise!!!!

I have noticed things are beginning to change. My breasts are full of milk, and the light leaking has become more of a steady poor throughout the day. I told my Aunt I feel like a cow. We know when they are close to delivery when they bag up. WELP I am bagging up baby LOL And baby is slowling moving downward in my pelvis. I also have noticed baby is trying to find a better position head down and quite frequently rotates! All in all I am excited, but also trying to enjoy the last few weeks or what is quite possibly my last pregnancy!!!!!!

8/26- Been whinning lately, very miserable, horrible mood, just feeling done. Horrible pains in my upper stomach from stretching so much, constant contractions, pelvic and cervix pressure and pains, etc. My hormones were awful, I was being an awful mom. Today I recieved a cd that Spirit FM sent  for me to play during my birth. Its nothing but upbeat praise and worship music. Today has been like the last few, painful, TONS of BH contractions. But I popped in the cd and this afternoon I feel so awesome!! The kids have danced and sang, Hubby has cooked dinner while singing, I have folded laundry while rocking and singing!! I feel blessed!!!!!! God is so amazing!! The end of this pregnancy has been difficult especially with 3 kiddos and Hubby working nights!! But we worked so hard for this baby, and I dont want to forgot one minute how blessed we are to be here!!! And to have a sexy Husband who worships and loves God as much as I do, and to have children who know nothing but praise music, I am so blessed!!! So blessed!! No matter what the next few wks are like I know that I will be able to overcome it. God created me to be who I am, a mother of these 4 children! And I wont let pain, contractions, or anything else hold me back!!!! Praise GOD!!!!!

8/30- Today we were running errands. I got out of the truck and felt a pop (best I can describe it) down near my cervix. And then had what felt like a small gush of fluid. (Not enough to feel soaked but enough to feel icky. So I went to the bathroom and I had like a half dollar sized wet spot in my undies. And after peeing I wiped and had a ton of mucusy discharge on the paper. I had to wipe a bunch to get myself cleaned up. I went on about my business, went to lunch etc. And then when we got home again I found a big chunk of clumpy mucus on my undies. No blood. I assume I am dilating more, and losing more plug I haven't had any contractions (knock on wood) today. The past few days I have had a ton of them. No pain, just tightning. And the last few days I have had dizzy spells. Today I have felt fine other then lots of sharp cervical pain (I assume from the baby pushing on my cervix)

UPDATE- So I emailed my Midwife and she wants my off my feet, she doesn't believe it was my water but wanted me to let her know if I notice any more trickles of water. She does seem to agree that the mucus is more likely plug, but she doesn't like the fact that I have had contractions the last few days, along with an increase in lots of cervical pains today from the baby's pressure on my cervix. So she told me to keep my feet up as much as possible so baby falls back off my cervix, increase my water (continue with the Emergen-C) And she wants me to start a herb to help calm my uterus. Neither of us want a baby for atleast another 2-3 wks (a baby before full term is no joke and I would prefer to even make it closer to 38 or 39 wks)

Week 36

My diaper stash thus far!! 38 inserts , pk disposable inserts, 2 NB size pockets, 23 OS pockets, 1 homemade AIO, 2 NB homemade pockets, 6 med homemade pockets, and 3 swimming OS pocket dipes! 

I got about 12 more pockets on the way, and plan to make a lot more homemade pockets. Just need to get my hands on some covers now :) I have lots of Momma's to thank for helping me get a stash together!!! I feel very blessed to have gotten to know so many awesome women!!!  And now I am looking forward to giving back between making diapers FFS, and giving away the girlie ones if I have a boy :)

SOrry my belly was in the way, hard to take a pic of stuff without getting the belly in the way LOL!

9/1- Had an unexpected visit from the Midwife after having more dampness and cervical pain!! Midwife said I am still dilated 1cm, but that my cervix is extremely soft and baby is low. So I am to continue on pelvic rest (no sex, long walks on the beach, strenuous exercise,  etc) until we hit 37 wks. And she gave me False Unicorn to take as need at the beach. It will stop contractions and has even been known to reverse dilation of the cervix we are doing all we can to keep baby in. As far as the fluid goes she said that it doesn't appear to be my water leaking. Instead she said she believes its just a thin watery discharge perhaps because I lost all of my plug (which she said she could feel) So she feels certain that if we take precautions we can keep baby in another 2 wks!

Oh she also did the strep B test while I had my legs spread LOL. I will get that back in 3 days. I totally expect that will be positive as I had it with #1 and #2

9/3- HOSPITALS SUCK!!! Well I ended up in the hospital because after having diarrhea, pelvic pain, and contractions all day I had another gush of fluid while talking to my Mother on the phone. This time it was enough to LITERALLY run down both of my legs. So Hubby came home and we went to the nearest Hospital. The Dr immediately started talking about inducing which I DID not like. It made me so nervous. But thankfully all test cam back negative that my water broke. Dr said that the fluid is coming from my vagina but that its just a watery discharge and nothing to worry about. Baby looked great on monitor, I was having contractions every 8 minutes, and I was dilated to 2cm now. So our goal is to ignore whatever this leaking is and just concentrate on stopping contractions. As long as we can do that baby should stay put, but obviously with contractions I am progressing quickly...which isn't a good thing!! So all in all I am relieved it wasn't my water, glad to have a more concrete answer, and just ready to relax and get a good night sleep!!!!

9/4- Prodromal labor has officially started. Day four of contractions every night. Anywhere from 5-10 min apart (depending on the day) and starting around 7ish and going until Midnight or after. Uncomfy, annoying, but not very painful YET. Day four of little to no appetite and diarrhea! Tomorrow we will spend packing for the beach. Friday is Midwife apt. I know they aren't thrilled I am still planning to go! Saturday we are staying on the farm, and we head out Sunday morning for NC. I am so ready!!

9/6 1:00pm In Home Midwife Apt

The apt was fantastic! It was funny to have so many cars in the driveway LOL, and so many people in the house! I am a little worried if it will feel like a bit much during the labor or if I wont care by then LOL. But everything went well. We discussed that I wanted my labor hands off! And that I wanted to be left alone as much as possibl! We discussed what they will do and wont do. I got to meet the assistant who was an absolute sweetheart. She made her way around the house as she is the go to girl for everything :) All in all it just was great, and very exciting!! We discussed my NOT holding off on my phone call to them. That I needed to call AS SOON as my contractions start so that they hopefully will arrive before I deliver! We also discussed my being strep B positive! I am just super excited about delivery now and very ready :)

Week 37

9/8 (36 wks 1 day)- Leaving on Beach vacation!

The beach was amazing!! The trip was very rough!!! We left around 8:00 and didnt make it to the house until 5ish. By the time we did arrive I was contracting and just miserable!! We decided to stay there and take it easy that night and head out to the beach the following day!! Most of the week was beautiful! Riding was rough, and I did end up very very swollen (which isn't my norm) but I only had a couple days of contractions, and I was very relaxed most of the time! I did do more then I think was expected as the fishing was AWESOME!! My Daddy bought me a pink light up fishing pole. SOOOOO girlie HAHA, but I loved it, and enjoyed out fishing the men 9 months pregnant! I ended up catching and landing a 19 inch red drum which was a heck of a fight, and one I really shouldn't of done so pregnant. But what a blast!! Hubby and I really enjoyed the time down there and even broke the sex rule HAHA towards the end of the week! But it all worked out, no baby :) I did end up gaining 10 lbs in fluid, which is INSANE!!

Here are some pics of me VERY preggo on the beach, my fish, my belly, and my family :)

Week 38

9/15 (37 wks 1 day)- Returning from beach Vacation!

My feet from the trip home and my normal ankles LOL

9/17- Midwife apt- Everything went well! HB-146, BP- 100/70, FH-38 still. Baby was palpated at 7 1/2 lbs. I was 4 lbs up, which meant I lost 6 lbs of fluid since we got back. Midwife said I had fluid on my belly too, so she expects I will have lost 4-5 lbs by next apt! We discussed delivering baby on our own if no one was able to arrive in time. And things like that! Very exciting!! Next apt is the 26th (if we make it that far:)

9/18- Hubby and I celebrated our 9th anniversary today! 13 yrs together! We didn't do much as I didn't sleep well the night before due to contractions and pelvic pains! But we did take the kids to the chinese place for lunch before he laid down for work. I have been contracting all day. So I added lots of pineapple to my plate and some curry :) Then came home and caught a nap! Hubby is betting I deliver Friday, Malachi says the 28th (His Birthday), I am still hoping for Oct 1st :) Guess we shall see! Gonna try to get a belly pic taken today been so exhausted, and busy I haven't had much time. But I want to get one before I run out of time :)

Working through contractions on my birthing ball. I look horrible, and exhausted LOL

Looking a little better with a smile on my face HAHA

9/20- Its been a rough day!! Woke up around 8 having contractions. They continued throughout the day at 2 min apart. A friend came over and walked with me a bit trying to get them to progress but she left at 2 and there was not much of a change. Hubby and I had sex at 4:30 and by 5 my contractions were much more intense. Around 6 I called my friend back over to stay the night with me. I called the midwife at 7:30 and she asked me to get into the tub for an hour and see how it went and to call back. The water eased the pressure big time but I was still contracting every 2 min. I called her back with the update and explained I really felt like either this was just strong BH or early labor but I didnt think she should come. She told me to have a glass of wine and rest as much as I can, she thinks they are the real deal simply because nothing gets them to completely go away. But as of right now I am exhausted, contractions are still here, and about every 2 min. But laid on my left side they aren't intense at all. Hoping to get some rest and either wake up in the am in labor, or wake up not having contractions at all! I am all for this baby coming now, but if its not actually time I am really hoping the contractions stop until baby's birthday!!!!

Week 39

Some fun belly views :)
9/22- The last two days have been amazing! After 16 hrs of laboring contractions they finally eased in intensity because of my tension. Although I have continued to have them about every 8-10 min they are just uterine contracting without pain! I truly believe that due to my fears I pushed labor to stop. And I am very upset with myself. After 3 kids I know exactly how relaxed I should be right now. So I have completely reevaluated myself, my situation, and what kind of labor and delivery I am wanting! And I am ready, open, and welcoming labor when it comes even if it happens while Hubby is working and I am home with the kids (which is where my mind went Friday) I am excited and this is a peaceful, quiet, time for my family and me. Hubby is off the next 5 days starting in the am and we are gonna enjoy this time together, this time as just a family of 5. And I plan to enjoy moments with my Husband, I have begun to have a very calming sensual sexual response to him. His touch feels like it runs through my whole body, and I just want to feel his hands on my body!I want to feel his tender touch, I want to make love, I want to enjoy walks with him! I am feeling an overwhelming since of peace with the blessing we created together, and now I am excited about bringing this baby into the world! And I am picturing, imagining, and dreaming that our labor will be very hands on, special, and sexual between me and him as we bring this baby into this world together as we created this baby together! I feel empowered and blessed! 

The kids and I have cleaned house while dancing and singing to inspiring christian music!! Feeling anything covering my belly is uncomfortable and restricting. So I am enjoying my birthing top!

I checked my cervix this morning and I am 3cm dilated 50% effaced and baby is at a -1 station! Midwife will evaluate if we make it to Thursday!

by Ruby Member on Jan. 28, 2013 at 9:32 PM
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9/22- My BFF, I, and Xavier went on a 4 mile walk yesterday on high bridge trail! It felt awesome to do. I did get some good contractions while out and about. And it was such a beautiful day! Some pics from the day :)

9/26- Midwife apt- Well midwife apt went well! She scheduled my next apt for Oct 3rd and has it down as my post-partum visit :) I am not so sure that baby will have arrived by then. But I guess we shall see :) My BP was 108/70, Pulse 92 (I was contracting), Baby's HB was 154. I am measuring 40 wks.  Midwife suggested LOTS of sex :) and Hubby shockingly is completely up for it LOL He is ready to meet our little one as much as I am! She mentioned stripping my membranes at 40 wks but plan to decline! 

The kids are anxious to meet their baby brother or sister :)

9/28- Happy Birthday Malachi :)

Can't believe that my little man is 5 yrs old :) The last week has gone really great. I am anxious for baby, but I feel amazing! And things just are really easy for being the very end of the pregnancy :) Today I mowed the yard hoping to help progress me a bit LOL. I think I may need to ride the mower every day :) I came in from mowing and went potty and lost my entire chunk of plug. FYI I forgot how gross that is LOL It was a big ball of.....Jello! ICK! Having some contractions but nothing thats a big deal!! Just enjoying the last few days I have left :)

Week 40

Your baby's the size of a jackfruit!
9/29- Unbelievable!!! As of today I have carried this baby longer then I carried all three of my other kiddos. I am absolutely SHOCKED!!! Excited, but shocked!! Sept 30th is standing out to me. But goal is still Oct 1st! Maybe I will go into labor on the 30th and deliver on the 1st! Only God knows!! Very exciting! But I am getting anxious, and impatient!! Although not enough so I would ever consider induction, it blows my mind hearing how many women are getting unnessesary inductions! Its crazy! This baby will come when ready, until then I will continue to go stir crazy and dream about our little one!!
10:20 PM- Feeling a bit crampy, having some back pain, slightly nausous. Been talking to baby, rubbing my belly. I feel very peaceful. Baby is healthy, I can feel he/she is happy! Labor is approaching soon! And I am mentally and physically prepared!! Thankful and ready to labor and deliver my little baby b when the time comes.

9/30- Contraction started around 4:00pm. Started about 10 min apart. Around 7:30pm they started to be about 7 min apart! Long way to go but hopefully they continuee to progress! 10:30pm drank some red raspberry tea, and pumping 15 min on each breast! Went to bed around midnight and contractions subsided completely!

October 1st!!!!! We did it, we made it to Oct 1st!! We will get our October baby!!!! I am so excited!!! Now for baby to decide on the day!!!

7:00pm cramping and contractions started. Cramping more intense then night before. 10:15pm cramps wrapping around to my back. Coming and going but not with stomach tightning contractions. So its kinda odd. Gonna head to bed and see what comes of it! Maybe baby??
Not a great pic, but I was uncomfy
10/2- Still cramping w/ back pain. Occasional BH. Slept great again! BFF has to leave tonight (she has spent the last two nights here since Hubby has been working) so tonight I will be alone home with the kids. Then starting tomorrow Hubby has next 5 days off. Praying baby shows in the next 5 days. But not convinced. Guess we shall see!
3:00pm still cramping pretty badly! Having BH about 5 min apart. Checked my cervix and I am 3-4cm dilated, 50% effaced. Baby is still -1 station. Mucus plug is entirely gone. Bag of water is bulging!

Maybe blood show?
10:00pm contractions 5 min part! Gonna lay down and see if they will go away! Really hoping baby either rushes out in the next 2 hrs (DOUBTFUL) or waits to come until Friday!

10/3- Slept great again!! I mean seriously what is up with feeling so great LOL I should be miserable by now. WHAT GIVES!! HAHA I guess this kid feels bad its cooking longer so its being nice :) awwww! Plan for the day we are heading to the farm, I am gonna  mow (whoohoo for a bouncy ride :) and we shall see if it helps like it did last week LOL! Still losing what appears to be my bloody show. Guess we will see, according to my Midwife I am literally following step by step the stages I did with Laylah. So she thinks baby will come in the next day or two (as I delivered her 3 days after a blood show) and she believes things are linning up to be fast again. Unless baby is remarkably bigger, and then she said it could slow it down a hair, but she isn't so sure she will make it in time. So I really hope baby comes during the next 4 days, before Hubby heads back to work!

10/4- Didn't sleep last as well last night. My belly is so large and tender that when Hubby is home I have to kinda be on guard so he doesn't bump me. And last night he just kept hitting the tender spot on the top of my belly :( And I kept having contractions kinda painful!! This am I woke up feeling kinda icky. After eating breakfast I decided to lay back down, I went to the bathroom before doing so and a large nasty peice of something (I guess more plug) was sitting in the edge of the toilet. No blood in it though. So I don't think its actually my bloody show I had the last two days. If it were I would of gone in to labor I think! So still waiting to see just what this little one has planned :)

Midwife Apt- Midwife called and was in the neighborhood so she stopped by to check on me. All is well! BP was 130/76  P 89  FH 42cm she did an at home stress test since I have carried so much longer then my norm. Baby's range was between 130-150 after some poking and prodding! She thinks he/she is just a laid back baby like Daddy! Baby did change positions and baby is lower! Baby's estimated size is 8-9 lbs (my largest was 7 lbs 9oz so that is remarkably larger) Just a waiting game at this point!!
Interestingly Midwife called me after I sent her notes from my last apt and said she noticed that Laylah moved to the left side days prior to delivery. This baby too has done so. Maybe a sign :) Maybe not LOL

10/5- Hubby and I had sex last night! (It is so hard to have an orgasm to bring on contractions when you can barely manuever around this massive belly!! I literally am dreaming about the day we can have sex minus the belly! Oh man that will be so awesome LOL! )
4am woke up, slightly crampy but figured as much as I have slept the last 36 hrs I am just done sleeping!
4:30 am watched this past thursday's episode of Gray's Anatomy and noticed I am having fairly regular contractions.
5:30am wow one actually hurt a little LOL not expecting much, but dreaming how awesome it would be to have a Saturday baby :) Went into labor with both boys and had them on a Sunday. Labor and delivered Laylah on a Friday. So a Saturday baby would :)
7:30am laid back down
10:00am back up with some more contractions. Gonna go walking with my 8 yr old. See what happens not expecting much
11:00-4:00pm we went to some different stores walking around. Bought a couple baby items! Etc. Had a couple mild contractions, absolutely nothing regular!
4:00-7:00pm the family and I played out side. My FB status read
WHEW!! Remind me when I can't walk tomorrow and am crying in pain that there is a reason why fat out of shape pregnant women should NOT try running around!! Yea...imagine (no really you shouldn' wont pretty) me attempting to play 1-2-3 get off my tree with my kiddos which involves running from base to base. Or in my case involves hunching over, wobbling , upper half swiftly swaying side to side, lower half moving in slow motion, holding my belly like a football! I imagine it looked more like the Hunchback of Notre Dame attempting to run, in leg casts up to his hips, resembling more of a lineman's football stance! Except 10 times worse! On a good note, the kids had a great time playing, and there are NO pictures for evidence, thank goodness as I am pretty sure I scared enough of my neighbors as they drove by without sharing it with my facebook family and friends! But hey, it was fun, Hubby got a good laugh, and the kids got to play the game with Mommy! Thinking I may need to soak in a warm bath tonight to ease the coming pain of tomorrow!
Then my father had know WHATS, to call me and say "Hey your mom bought another horse, guess what I am gonna call him.....#4!!" I said "Why #4" He said, "Well you can't have #4 so we got tired of waiting and got our own!" I am like FRIGGIN thanks!! BIG BUTTHEAD!! Yea that is the kinda support I get LOL. My Grandmother called me the other day to point out I am the ONLY one she knows (out of LOTS) who hasn't delivered yet!! Yeppers, that kinds stuff helps soo much LOL Got to love family!!

Homebirth plan:
  • Ideally, if all goes smoothly, I hope that the midwife who attends me in labour will remain in the background, taking observations to check on the baby's and my safety, but otherwise not getting involved in my labour, unless I request otherwise. I believe that I know how to give birth on my own, but appreciate the security of having a midwife there to help with the unexpected or emergency situations.

-During labor:

  • I would like to minimize internal examinations / avoid internal examinations if possible / I am happy to have one internal examination to check presentation, but would like to avoid them otherwise, unless there is a particular reason why you think one is necessary.
  • If the baby appears to be poorly positioned or labour is not progressing well for some reason, I would appreciate it if you could suggest changes of position or movements which might help.
  • I would like to have Christian music playing during the labour

-The Birth:

  • I want my children to be allowed around me as I deliver and don't want any adults hushing them or shewing them away
  • I intend to 'catch' my own baby (with the help of my Hubby), and would prefer the midwife not to touch at all unless there is a problem. I would like the midwife to observe and to be on hand in case of emergency, but otherwise I want to be left to give birth entirely under my own guidance.
  • Please do not announce the baby's sex as I would like my Hubby to be the one to check baby's sex and announce to our family

-Third Stage:

  • I plan to have a fully natural (physiological) third stage, and to cut the cord only after the placenta is delivered. I want to allow the placenta to turn up in its own time. It is important that the cord is not clamped or cut until the placenta is delivered. Please do not administer any drugs unless you feel there is a real need. I would appreciate your advice to help me deliver the placenta naturally. **Please do not pull on the cord or use fundal pressure unless there is a specific indication to do so, as I have read that this is contra-indicated in drug-free third stages**.
  • If I give birth in the pool, I would like to stay in the water for the third stage.
  • Please allow my husband the opportunity to cut the cord.
  • We do wish to keep the placenta!
  • After the placenta is delivered and the cord is cut, I want Daddy to take the baby while I take a shower and get cleaned up. At that time Midwives may look over our little one!
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