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TTC Journal Addict

Posted by on Mar. 12, 2014 at 2:28 AM
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Some of you are ovulation and pregnancy addicts......We'll meet a TTC and pregnancy journal Addict! I have ALL four pregnancies documented and even all their TTC journals.I type everything down, symptoms, BD, cervix position and CM.....EVERYTHING...I also have all their labor and birth journals.....

February 27th misscarry .

March 2ed Big hand size clot expelled. (pretty sure part of placenta)

March 4th Period Stopped. Sex once.

March 5th Sex Twice?

March 6th Started probiotics 2 daily 10 billion active cells each, prenatal vitamins, 100mgs of carbamazepine (For bipolar) 2 caps of b12 and folic asid.

March 6-8th Diarrhea.

March 7th Ovary slight dull ache both sides,boob sensitivity,CM very wet some stretchy CM. Sex two/three times?

March 8th Suspected Ovulation Right side pinching, Dull ache uterus area, CM Wet and stretchy, cervix low and very open. Sex twice.

March 9th Dull ache right side ovary VERY noticeable (also possible positive ovulation!?) and tube. CM watery. Uterus has a odd tinny constant dull cramp feeling.(prehaps just preparing itself for possible fertile egg?!) No sex, worried since I miss ovulation window.

March 11th. Pinching, dull ache on right side (very rare once in a while left side) mostly right ovaries/fallopian tube. (probably fallopian tube contractions to push egg down through the tubes to uterus) uterus has this dull odd feeling some crampyness. I'm a little constipated, pee very yellow (need to drink more water) I also am spotting on and off since misscarriage (it was once in a while when I whipped and red and sometimed a little brow in it, not pad worthy, also spotted sometimes after sex) I believe it was due to cervix irritatation due to sex and some left over tinny clots that still come out once in a while. Cervix low and closed and soft.
by on Mar. 12, 2014 at 2:28 AM
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