Gabourey Sidibe often shows off her flawless style on Instagram — everything from her outfit of the day to her red-carpet looks to new hairstyles.

But when Sidibe posted a photo last week of her new Biggie t-shirt, commenters were really more interested in something else: her weight.

Namely, the fact that she'd lost some. For example...

"Congrats on your weight loss."

Gabourey Sidibe instagram
Gabourey Sidibe instagram
Gabourey Sidibe instagram

"Take as much time as you need."

Gabourey Sidibe instagramGabourey Sidibe instagram

Sidibe posted a similar photo a couple of weeks before that got basically the exact same reaction.

Gabourey Sidibe instagram

"I am never NOT wearing a biggie shirt. And ain't never gon' not neither!" the caption of this photo reads.

The "Empire" actress and "Tale of Four" director tweeted about the photo later:

gabourey sidibe twitter

So, yeah, way to go internet-consumers-of-all-things-vanity. Way to reward someone for something entirely irrelevant to what they were trying to share in the first place.

Can she live??