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Last Surgery (piog)

Posted by on Jul. 17, 2008 at 5:58 PM
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Hello everyone

Today my 32 month old DD, Serenity, had a checkup with her pediatric orthopedic surgeon. Its been 14 months since her surgery last May to fix her left hip displaysia and almost 1 year (about 11 months) since her cast came off.

We got some sad news that her doctor is disbanding from Norton Health Care/Hospital and is probably looking at going to Atlanta or Dallas. He leaves August 22nd.  His waiting room was PACKED today, and one of his staff has told me hes been fitting in everyones surgery before he leaves. He does it before work, after work and sometimes on a lunch break. He does them at Kosair Childrens hospital which is right across the street from his office.

 So he scheduled Serenity to take the metal out of her hip/leg. The date is Thursday July 31st.  2 weeks from today. We have to be there at 6am EST (there time) which is 5am our time. So we are leaving the house at 3am. It is an out patient surgery and he expects her to move around and crawl soon/right after and walk again within the week, but she won't be allowed any strenuous activity for a while.

I know it needs to be done and I will be so happy to have this over and done with for good so she can be all healed and start preschool in November but I'm just so upset and nervous about my baby girl being cut open AGAIN! And shes older now, I mght have to explain a little bit to her. So I was wondering if anyone else has been thru this surgery to have metal remove to please share their stories and recovery with me so I know more of what to expect. Thank you so very much!!

Blessed Be - Joy & Serenity

by on Jul. 17, 2008 at 5:58 PM
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by Member on Aug. 1, 2008 at 9:25 AM

Well she had her surgery yesterday: July 31, 2008.  Heres what my journal says about what we went through.  And go to my page to check out photos, including a photo of the metal that came out of her hip/leg that we got to keep!

We started our day at 2am. DH and I running on 2-3 hrs of sleep and Serenity on about 6 hours of sleep. We hit the road at 3am exactly. The weather was horrible, especially the closer to home. It got better the farther away we went but the whole time it was very dark with torrents of rain, thunder and lightning.

We arrived at 5am our time, 6am there time and went straight to the 8th floor of Kosair Childrens hospital and started registering and doing paperwork. The Child Life Specialist (CLS), her name is Molly, met us in the waiting room and gave Serenity a doll. She showed her the funny hats, masks and slippers the doctors and nurse wears and put smaller versions on her dolly. Then we got interupted to go back into Pre-Op. They weighed her (27 lbs) measured her 38" and took her temperture --normal. Then I undressed her and put the little green gown on her. Then DH and Molly took Serenity to play in the playroom and finish up there thing while I stayed and talked to nurses, anethesiologist and did a lil more paperwork. Fun.

When I got done, I went to the playroom. Molly was just finishing up...... she said Serenity is very smart and just absorbs everything she was telling and showing her. She even touched the IV bag but wouldn't touch the plastic face mask that they give gas to the child with. We said thank you and she went on her way. We stayed and played in the playroom for 30-40 min maybe. I took some great pics of her there. Every once in a while somebody would come in to say Hi to Seren and talk to us. At about 7:15am there time they came in and gave her the "loopey" medicine and it took effect in about 5 min and we had to take her back to her lil preop room. She couldn't walk, so Daddy carried her. And then it was time to say goodbye and they wheeled her away. I was so surprised, I didn't cry at all this time.

We went back to the waiting room and caught up with my MIL, and we decided to go down to the first floor and get something to eat at the McDonalds they have there. Right when we came back up to the waiting room, they called on my cell and said she was asleep, IV in and Dr. Antekeier was just starting. About 40 min later he was done and we went into a conference room to speak with him. Of course he said everything went fine and Serenity was fine and there was no or minimumal bleeding. He even brought us the hardware to keep that he took out of her. Pics are posted on my page.

We went back in the waiting room to wait to be called for when she started waking up. That was about another 30-40 min. We finally got to go back into the pre-op/post-op room. Then they wheeled her in and it all started.............

They say 1-2 yr olds are just grumpy/fussy coming out of anethesia like Seren was last year for her last surgery. He said 2-3 yr olds go straight to mad and was she ever!! But she was saying "mama mama" so I held her and tried to comfort her as she was coming out from under and its just so hard.  Its like shes stuck asleep and doesn't want to be or maybe she wants to be but something keeps waking her up and sometimes I wasnt even sure she was awake or not or knew I was there and trying to comfort her or not. Every time a nurse would come in to take her vitals and touch her and mess with her, she would just scream and try to pull away so bad, I wanted to hurt those nurses for doing that to my kid when I was trying to keep her calm and soothed, but I guess they have to do their job. It seems like we were in there forever. Then our nurse went to lunch and the nurse that came to cover for her said right away that Serenity could go, she would go get her papers and her Rx for the Tylenol 3 (tylenol with codeine) So she did and then she needed to take all the wires off of Serenity. And this nurse had NO clue what she was doing, she was like bending the IV backwards and trying to pull it out of the back of Serenitys hand and shes just screaming and I'm trying to hold her still and my MIL just totally went off on her!! (My MIL is a paramedic) and she knew this was wrong. She said she should of put pressure on the point with the gauze pad FIRST and pulled it straight out. Serenity bled for way longer then neccassary out of her hand and my MIL kept trying to apply pressure to stop the bleeding and that just made Seren scream more. urgh.

Finally they got a wheelchair for me to sit in while holding Serenity to push us to the car. While Seren was wearing the same lil green robe because we weren't going to mess with her and change her, etc. And she got in the car and slept all the way home. And has been sleeping on and off most of today.

Its sad though, I think shes really bored and wants to play. She keeps asking for her shopping cart but she hasn't moved her leg at all so I dunno how she expects to stand up and walk, but obviously she wants to. We are giving her the pain meds every 4 hours. I'm hoping tomorrow is much much better and she starts moving around more. Visitors are welcome. :)

Thank you for all your thoughts, blessings, messages and phone calls.

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