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New to Cafemom and in Need of Support

Posted by on Mar. 2, 2011 at 1:07 PM
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Hi All!!!! I'm new to the website and need some convincing to stay involved with this website. I am really amazed to see how supportive you all are, and the advice and discussions there are on the site. 

I had a few questions if someone could please answer them:

What are some of the benefits of joining an online community, as opposed to a one-on-one interaction?

Are interactions on the site primarily online or are there also face to face interactions? 

It would be a great help if someone could answer these. THANKS!

by on Mar. 2, 2011 at 1:07 PM
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Replies (1-7):
by on Mar. 2, 2011 at 3:16 PM

Hi! I'm glad you joined and I think you should def stay involved! Most of us are here to bond and discuss parenting issues with each other (sometimes just rants and unrelated things also). I love the online community because you get opinions and views from SOOOOO many different people. I have a limited amount of friends who are mothers and sometimes they just aren't on the same wave length I am with the things I do with or for my child. With CafeMom there are plenty of groups made for support with whatever I may need with people who may have done it before or are currently going through it. I plan on exclusively pumping for as long as possible, but my one pregnant friend said she pumped for a couple weeks and that was it. She doesn't pump for as long as I'm trying to so the group for that here will I'm sure come in handy with advise and just knowing I'm not going through it alone. I'm also in a group that specifically for mothers due in June as well as a pregnancy group. While I enjoy the pregnancy group, its a lot better to have a group of mom's all due the same month as me! We are all going through the same excitements and problems together. We all have questions and most of the time after posting one you will either get well wishes because they don't know the answer or you get someone who has been through it with a previous pregnancy or just figured that same problem out. It's a great thing to have so many people to come to for advise and support when others might not understand or just have bad advise (like my prego friend who believes in ALL the old wives tails).

Some mom's do actually meet up if they live in the same area, but thats completely up to them. If you really want to you can look for a group by location and join. Usually mom's in the area groups are pretty open to getting together and having playdates and such things. I do think that getting out with other moms is important. I mean you can't just live your life inside on the computer right lol? Either way I hope you decide to stay because this is a great resource to have especially for young mothers who may not always have other outlets to get info from mothers.

by Wendy on Mar. 2, 2011 at 5:34 PM

The advantages to being a part of an online community are that there's more support, more people to talk with, and more/better advice than what'd you get with one-on-one interaction. There have been some face-to-face interactions, but that can be possible on almost any social networking site.

I hope you stay!
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by on Mar. 2, 2011 at 5:46 PM

Hi! Welcome! I think most interactions are on the site however I am sure if you met another mom who lived near you there very well could be a faceto face interaction :)! I like the online community because first you get multiple opinions, advice, support etc. I have seen amazing advice and support on this site and its something fun and interacting to do that you can do at home with kids still! Hope to see you around more often! oh and by the way my name is Bridget i am 22 married to my highschool sweetheart with 4 kids almost 5 , 3 1/2 and 22 months!

by on Mar. 2, 2011 at 6:20 PM

welcome to cafemom

One of the main benefits to an online community is you can get a lot of different opinions on one subject very quickly, instead of waiting until you see/talk to your friend.

A lot of the interaction is only over the internet. However, I have met quite a few CafeMoms in real life. It helps if there is a group for moms in your area.

by on Mar. 2, 2011 at 7:04 PM

Thanks a lot ladies!!! This really helps :))))

Do you guys understand this whole member ranking system? What's the point? motivation? 

by on Mar. 2, 2011 at 8:06 PM

Welcome to the site!!For me the site it great and I love it... it is helpful to get adivce and support from others that have gone through what I am going through but also helpful to know that I am not alone in somethings. I have made any interactions face to face but im sure if you find a mom that is in your area and your comfortable meeting people you could arrange a face to face meeting.

by on Mar. 2, 2011 at 8:20 PM
The ranking is really just telling you how many posts you've done. It has no real point I suppose. I do enjoy trying to get to the next jewel tho lol. I was kinda excited when I finally hit bronze and I want to upgrade to silver. Its just fun for me but it has no true meaning besides to recognize the members who participate. Don't feel pressured about it lol
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