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I need help... *vent*

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Ok so most of you know me and know i am a teen and am almost 6 weeks pregnant. I am excited and ill have to say my parents arent as harsh as they were over a week ago. Ok so what i need your help with is a letter. My father is a head pastor of our church so he is making me create this letter that includes me talking about the sin i have commited and also a repentence and apology. this letter will be read infront of the church to the whole congregation. I am feeling the pressure and cant put it off because i also cant see the father of this baby and my BF till this letter is done. I need ideas on what to say. The only part of the letter that i understand is the apology. I understand im changing so many peoples life and perspective of the "perfect" me. The confession and repentence is the major hard part because i honestly dont regret what i have done and yes it was a bad choice but im ready to make the best of it for my child and for me. Thank you for reading and plz help me out cause im dying here all alone.

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by on May. 8, 2012 at 8:06 PM
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by on May. 8, 2012 at 9:56 PM
Yeah but look at it this way.. 18 years from now imagine your baby ever hears about this and your speech to apologize for having him or her.... Wouldnt you much rather your baby know you were happy enough to tell the truth. I mean i dont know how old you are but if youre old enough to have sex and decide to keep a child (not only because abortion is against your religion) you should be old enough to tell your parents how you feel. And if you are happy dont make it seem like this baby is a tragedy that has just happened to you. Im sure it must be hard because hes the pastor and you are making him look bad but in the long run how bad you make him look doesnt matter as long as you are happy thats all that mattets... How old are you by the way?

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thats the point my parents want

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The letter makes it sound like you arent happy to be having a child..

Quoting Kaylahk:

** heres the letter**

To my friends and those of the church,

                I write this letter to all of you to confess something I have done wrong and I see it as a sin. I think first I need to explain what is going on for all of you. I found out recently that I am pregnant. This was not my plan but it also does not change it. I still plan on completing school and I write this letter to apologize and ask for your forgiveness. I realize what I have done has and will affect a lot of you and that's what I would like to apologize for. I apologize for any way that I affect you or your family or even your walk with God under the leadership of my father. Id would like to say that what I have done in no way is my father's fault and in no way should you blame him for this. This was my choice, given a bad one with many consequences, and with that I take all the blame. This is my burden and my blame, not my families and especially not my father's. None of us are perfect and that is why we are humans and because of this we all make bad choices. I also know and hope you find it in your hearts not to judge me because we all know God is our judge and to him I know I am forgiven. I have repented of my bad choice and I do plan on making the most of the situation. With that I will raise this child with all the love I can offer and I pray that you will not condemn the child for what I have done. I would also like to ask for your support and help as a church and as my friends. I am going to need a lot of support emotionally and I will need a lot of help from those who I care about. I am not telling you that you have to help me it is just me extending my hand to receive any help you feel you can give. This time is going to be very hard on me and my family so id like to ask for you as a church to come together and at least extend to my family. I know it will be hard on me but I would rather have you help out my family before you help out me. Thank you for listening to me today and I hope you take this letter to heart and accept my apology to the fullest extent. I have gone before God and repented so I know I am forgiven ultimately and I hope you will help my family and I through this difficult time. I cannot say I am sorry too much and I will always remember this and how I affected your lives. I am truly sorry. Thank you for listening

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by on May. 8, 2012 at 10:04 PM
And as for the people youre apologizing to... Those people ARE NOT affected by your pregnancy. To have to go up infront of a group of people who WILL judge you and apologize that isnt right im sure they sin every day of their lives and they dont go up and apologize publicly... I was 18 when i got pregnant i told my mom and she talked about people nd what theyd say nd for me to apologize to be honest excuse my language fuck that im 19 now with my gorgeous daughter by my side and not once did i fake apologize for having her better yet for WANTING her. Dont make it seem like youre bummed about your baby when you arent. Theyre gonna look at you as if your some sad young mother whos child ruined them
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by on May. 8, 2012 at 10:07 PM

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honestly, i wouldnt do it. i wouldnt apologize for my child... and honestly, i'd hate to know that i'm being looked at, as an example. no one is perfect and if your dad made you look like a perfect daughter in front of the congregation- thats HIS problem, IMO.

hmm.... other than the sin of having pre-martial sex, i wouldnt apologize for anything else. i'd state how exicted i am to have my son, that i am HAPPY that God (i'm not religious- let me add that! lol) gave me this precious gift and that i'm HONORED to have been picked for a responsibility as great as this... that while 'i' may have strayed, i dont believe that God's will is wrong when he put this path for me.


as for your parents denying their grandchild the father of that kid- they are wrong. its not their child or their decision- its yours.

This ^ I agree. You shouldn't have to apologize for your child and I wouldn't in your shoes. Things happen, you deal with them, and move on. You have more important things to worry about then that. I am sorry you are being made to go through that.

by on May. 8, 2012 at 10:37 PM
It should not matter on what your parents have to say its not there body they are not carrying your child and they most certainly should not hold you from the babys father that could if not already have start huge problems with his family! You should write exactly what you think and feel is best and the honest truth on how you think of the situation! I am not a mother yet but for ttc for a year and a half now I'd be very blessed to have a child at almost 20yrs old! There are millions of people whod want a child and would do anything! You should not be ashamed god has given you a blessing and he most certainly would not have given it to you if he felt you were not ready and couldn't take it on!! I believe he would be very disappointed knowing your father is keeping you from the babys father god didn't put adam and eve and caveman and the rest of human beings on this earth for us to be ashamed of creating life and for the fathers to be kept from the child!! Best of luck to you I hope it all works out love! My wishes and prayers are sent out to you
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by on May. 8, 2012 at 10:44 PM
Even tho this is ur dad as a Christian I think its wrong he's forceing you to repent when its suppose to come from the heart and its suppose to be your will but if I did have to say something I would be honest and say how good of a parent you know your gonna be and your going to love your child no matter how hard it is also say how it was a mistake unless it was planned good luck
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by on May. 8, 2012 at 10:47 PM
The only thing you can do is pray. Its ok for you to not feel bad for your choices. Babies are blessings from god himself if god did not feel it was the right time for you to be a mother you wuld not be pregnat I'm sure you'll do fine just pray vand write what is in your heart.
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by on May. 8, 2012 at 11:05 PM

I have a feeling you are going to regret writing that letter in the future. Your child is not a mistake but a blessing and should be treated that way. Also I would wait until you are atleast in your 2nd trimester to announce somthing like that to such a large crowd of people. Good luck

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