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just a few questions post-natural delivery

Posted by on Jul. 2, 2013 at 1:30 AM
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I just had my son 2 days ago and got home from the hospital today and I didn't think of these questions untill just now of course.

Number one, when will it stop hurting so bad to sit/stand up from sitting. I have a few stitches, not a lot.
Is it normal for my ankles to be swollen? They didn't swell my whole pregnancy.
I cannot stop having lose bm and gas, normal? I was given stool softener in the hospital.
And am I going to want to keep taking stool softeners?

That's all I remember for now. I know all you mommies will help. :)
by on Jul. 2, 2013 at 1:30 AM
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by on Jul. 2, 2013 at 2:15 AM
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Hey :-) oh the fun of recovery! Sadly the parts like the get left out of the baby excitement. The stool softener (unless ur doc says different) aren't going to hurt you, kind of an err on the side of caution. If you get stopped up or feel unusually uncomfortable when #2'ing,take it to prevent problems. Basically if doc okayed the meds, it's better to take it and not need it, than not take it and pop the stitches. The soreness is different for everyone. Did you have an episiotomy? That's a factor that will affect recovery time. After both of my kids, my doc had me by dermaset (I think that's right. It's a spray that is a pain reliever and it's cooling, and antibacterial. That coupled with witch hazel pads (tucks) after you clean yourself when using the bathroom. Another helper, the doc gave me a squeeze bottle. Fill it with warm water and use it to rinse your lady parts, pat somewhat dry, use the tucks pads very gently, then the spray. It really helped me. You just want to make sure the incision site isn't soaking wet.

A litte word of caution (and nothing you mentioned indicated this, but I didn't know this could happen, so FYI) pay very close attention to your "areas" when cleaning up. To put it delicately, sometimes your "plumbing" gets messed up. In my case, my last son was 11 lbs. he was 3 weeks early (I'm a diabetic so they induced) but they weren't expecting him to be quite so big. The baby got stuck, cord around his neck, and both of us almost died. The doc did a peri-rectal episiotomy...which is doc talk for he opened up the ENTIRE area large enough to put two hands in and pull the baby out. (You don't have to have had that experience for the issue I'm talking about) but sometimes they cut too much and your poo will invade your vaginal opening. I know, it's gross. If you feel an unusual amount of burning, too much redness, or if you clean your front and find stool, go to the doc ASAP. It's not gonna explode or anything, but if allowed to stay that way, some serious complications can arise. (And there are times when you have tummy trouble, that stool may just get on that part, you just want to make sure there's none inside the wrong opening. Your swelling could be normal. You are sitting down more the last few days, so try to elevate them and as you can, walk around the house a bit. If that causes more pain, call the doc. Sometimes an episiotomy site will have damaged your nerves, and if you feel bad burning where there is no wounds, that could be it.

The most important things to keep in mind. Fever. If you come down with flu like symptoms and/or fever, go to the doc immediately (don't wait, it could be serious.
Redness-if anywhere gets more red at any point and looks irritated, or has any drainage or swelling, go to the doc immediately.
Keep in mind that your recovery should take time. You'll be sore, but as the days pass, you should get less sore each day. If pain gets worse at all, doc!
Don't over do it, even if you feel better all of a sudden. Slowly introduce activity as your doctor suggests.
Finally, you need to move. Not too much. Exercising (walking, not jumping jacks) will hurt some at first. Don't do too much, but increase your activity in small increments. If pain gets worse (and I don't mean if your stiff and walking hurts at first) if you walk, have severe pain that lasts too long after you sit down, doc.
Above all, I ow your limits, be proactive but not reckless, and use this couch time for baby snuggles :-) sorry for the length of my reply. I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have. Good luck and enjoy that sweet baby!
by on Jul. 2, 2013 at 9:40 AM
I was still hurting from my stitches a month later. Even now, when having sex, the area hurts; DD is 19 mos now. I got a can of some medicated spray to apply. It was cold and tingly and I knew I needed another application when it started to hurt more. You can also try putting some pads in the freezer, never tried but I heard it works. I also had Tucks wipes and a spray bottle of warm water to relieve the pain.

My legs swelled up way more after DD was born than when I was pregnant. Just make sure to drink plenty of water and elevate your legs.

As for the pooping, I didn't go until almost a week after DD was born, so I can't really help you there. I didn't take stool softeners.

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