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Ok so my boyfriend and i have been together for about 2 years now..we have a 5 month old babyboy together.  He has a daughter from a previous relationship.  The girls mother calls him to talk about the little girl and what not, but lastnight she called his cell at 12 something A.M!!! He didnt see the call cause his phone was charging in the kitchen..i saw the missed call this morning..i don't mind her calling him but just not at that time. He hates when i touch his phone but i think i have the right to lol..he checks mines all the time so whatever. She works nights so it couldn't be about the girl and if it was.. why can't she call during normal hours?! So i want to confront him but then we're going to get into it cause we can't talk about anything! what should i do?? what should i say!?
by on Jul. 31, 2007 at 11:16 AM
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by on Jul. 31, 2007 at 12:57 PM

Quoting mybabygirlz:

 But if he is touchy about you looking at his phone you should wonder why...just tell him how you feel and why it bugs you. and if he doesn't care...yoiu should think about things with him really hard.
If he doesn't want u looking through his phone he prob does have something there that he doesn't want u to see! Because if he was just one of those ppl that don't like their stuff touched by anyone then he would have the same respect for u and wouldn't mess with ur phone.

My friend went through a similar situation only to find out he was still sleeping with that girl that gave the 1am rings. She was calling at that time after she went out with her friends and was looking for some hook up time!
by on Jul. 31, 2007 at 1:36 PM

Quoting Sadie85:

Oh damn I know I'm gonna catch hell for this but here goes anyway. First of all, when you got with your boyfriend you knew that he had a daughter, and a baby momma. You have to deal with this. How do you KNOW that her calling at midnight wasn't about his daughter? And to call her "the girl"? What in the world is your issue? Why can't she call at normal hours? You tell me, if something was wrong with your 5 month old (103 fever, broken arm, etc) if you would wait until NORMAL HOURS to call him?! Oh boy. I'll stop now.... you shouldn't say anything because quite frankly it's none of your business. I know he's your bf and all but this girl and him have a daughter together (that you refer to as "the girl").. you have to respect that.

Hey I thought "Chanci" was telling her story so we could help her with some advice??
So why the critisism here towards her?? How do u even know if the lil girl's mother had her that nt? Who said anything about if it even was an emergency?  And if  something was seriously wrong w/my kid I would call 100 times and leave 100 v-mails to let him know he needs to get back to me and it was an emergency. If that wasn't the case then the calls would have to wait till 2mrw at a reasonable hour. There needs to b some respect from the lil girl's mommy to the now girlfriend as well!  When u start a relationship with some1 u r inviting them into ur world. There r no closed doors. If some1 was trying to steal ur man would u just let him walk? Yes there is another women that will most likely always be involved for the sake of their daughter but 12am non emergency calls, also known to guys as (booty call time) ARE NOT necessary. He left his ex for a reason and found a new love. The X needs to respect this new relationship as well and not chance waking the whole house up for stupid shit. She should find a best friend. Girl's r catty and only want what they had when they realize it was good enough for some1 else. Her daughter can't b the excuse everytime the phone rings at 12am! And because this  lil girl is sometimes at Chanci's house, it is her BUSINESS. She took upon the responsibility of looking out for this lil girl when she's with them when she met her bf. Who know's she just might someday b her step-mommy?

So now to give my advice... just let ur bf know the 12am phone calls r fine if it's important involving his daughter but if it's bull shit then he should ask her to stop and have some respect for u too. How would he like it in reverse if it was happening to him? Bet anything he'd b furious that an X was calling his girl at that time for nothing at all! If he cares for u and ur relationship he'll let her know to keep him on a need to know basis no more baby games.
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