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This is the Last Warning. Read down to Bottom Please. ALL MEMBERS!

I understand that some of you have your views on BFing and FFing. Now i don't mind debates, and i don't mind cursing as long as you put it in your subject, saying you have profanity, but if it gets out of hand like a certain post on here, i will delete it, and you'll be warned. This group was started for mama's on WIC to come together and just talk about things on their mind, whether it be WIC related or not, whether it be a vent or just a disagreement, but if i see another woman being attacked because of her choice on feeding her child, or for any choice of her parenting, i will only give you one warning. As i have said in my signature and on this group homepage, it's for mom's who are tired of being bashed for being on WIC, so why are you going to bash each other? We all know, in our own way, what's best for our children, it is in no way right to fight about these kindof things. I hate to even post something like this, cause i didn't think the post would get out of hand. Im not going to delete this certain post, since it has alot of good information on BFing, and lactose intolerance, but in no way is it a free-pass card to keep on arguing. If i see it again, you will only get one warning.

*edit* I have deleted the post because some of you kept on and on about it, so since you can't let it go, it's gone. For those of you i saw who were being polite about it Thank You, to those who didn't, please don't do that in this group. Again, we come here NOT to be bashed.

2/18/08 12:45AM

THIS IS ANOTHER EDIT IN. Im not gonna be posting sticky posts all over this group just to get you ladies to quit arguing over something ignorant! It seems it's been around a certain member lately, but im not going to be mentioning any names, or pointing any fingers. I don't want this group to be down-right strict, so im asking again to cool it off! This isn't a debate group, i don't mind them, but if their gonna get out of hand and start getting personal, im just gonna start deleting the ones starting the drama. I want this group around for those who want to be here to support others, not bash them like they were getting in other groups. I also don't want to take away the fun of the group for other's just because a couple of you can't stop the drama. If your here for that, then why did you join? My guideline does not say, "bash whoever you want, anytime, any thread" It says, " FOR THOSE WHO DO NOT WANT TO BE BASHED ANYMORE". Im getting tired of hearing about people acting like their toddlers. We all know what our opinions are on Breastfeeding, Formula Feeding, What type of Formula they use, Diaper they use, Bottle they use, Clothes their children wear, How much money they have, Why their on WIC in the first place if you have that kinda money to spend, She can't spell right, How hard is it to click spell-check, ETC ETC ETC. These are personal attacks ladies. Who care's if she miss-spells the whole THREAD?! There just words on the internet, if you got the meaning of it, then what does it really matter? It does not mean her kid is gonna be stupid or that she even spells that way off the internet. You wouldn't want the same done to you, DO NOT do that to others! That isn't fair or right. I don't want you guys to be chipper happy excited people all the time, of course no one is, but i don't want to see personal attacks. I don't care if it's the internet, or the person lives in your state, there personal attacks either way, and it needs to stop. Last warning girls, so please, quit.


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by on Feb. 11, 2008 at 8:58 AM
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read and signed

by on Dec. 22, 2012 at 7:29 PM
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by New Member on Apr. 21, 2013 at 10:13 AM
Agree 100%
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Read signed and agreed
by on Feb. 25, 2014 at 7:45 PM


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