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Tulip Candles

Posted by on Mar. 28, 2007 at 7:22 PM
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I'm just writing to let you all know that this Saturday I will be at the Lindsay Mall selling the Tulip Candles. So far THIS is what I have learned about doing malls...

1. Some Malls requier you have insurance. I avoided having to get my OWN insurance by inviting my manager to come with me that way she (being a manager) HAS insurance and I can just use hers. She MUST have insurance through Avon because they hold meetings and gatherings for training and  for that type of thing they MUST be insurred.

2. Most malls have some kind of charge to have a table. I avoided this also by telling them I would ONLY be selling the Tulip Candle Holders. This way, I can still hand out my brochures and get my name out. I am having a draw basket for $50.00 worth of porduct. I printed up my own ballot focusing on joining/selling Avon. This will give me some leads (hopefully). Also, since we as reps do NOT make any profit on the candles, we are doing it NOT FOR PROFIT and a charity, therefor 98% of the Malls WILL wave the table charge. But you CAN NOT SELL AVON PRODUCT! Meaning you can not have bubble bath and cosmetics on the table for people to purchase. But advertising is ok, that would be your brochures you hand out.

3. I pre-ordered 100 candles ($500) for the table. With each candle I sell I also made up a small note which reads: Thank you for your support. If you wish to order more Crusade Tulip candle Holders please call:*My Name and number*
This way I'm getting my name out even further because some people will ONLY want a candle and not a brochure. Plus if friends see it and also want one, they have my information.

4. I printed up order forms including pictures of the Tulip Candle and gave them to friends to see if they can get orders from their work. Why not they always hitting ME up for Girl Guide Cookies and Chocolate Bars....So far so good, I'll be collecting the order the Friday before my next order goes in and I'll have them when my order is delivered!

5. I have also booked another table at the plaza where my bank is for the Friday before my C-13 goes in! This gives me the advantage of people comming into the bank to cash their pay cheques, and take money out for the weekend. I'm only doing it over the lunch hour (11-1pm)

6. Purchasing one of the longer fold up tables really pays off! Now I will ALWAYS have a table to do such promotions!

WOW! I learned all this BEFORE I even did the table at the mall, can hardly wait to see what info I come home with after it is over.

I'll post again after the event and let everyone know how it went, call areound to the malls in your area and ask about getting your own table happening, ya just never know what will happen at these things!

Good luck all!!
by on Mar. 28, 2007 at 7:22 PM
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