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Posted by on Mar. 23, 2007 at 6:51 PM
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My husband is extremely cautious about vaccines and their safety.
For instance the hepatitis B vaccine that they push on you to get at the hospital, it contains Mercury, and Merck produces it , the same company that made Vioxx, and we know how that ended.
My dilemma is that all the preschools, etc, require up to date immunization, but supposedly there is a waiver form that you accept full responsibility, in case something happens because of lack of immunizations, but they do not tell you about the waiver up front.
Any thoughts?
Anyways my 4 month old did not have a Hepatitis B shot yet.
by on Mar. 23, 2007 at 6:51 PM
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by New Member on Apr. 24, 2007 at 11:12 AM
Hello, I new to this cafe mom thing, but I was browsing for groups, saw you all here, and saw this post.... so I figured I'd put my two cents in....

I would NOT recommend vaccinating! I vaccinated my first three children and had all sorts of complications. After having to hospitalize my infant son b/c of vaccine induced seizures, I did some research and was APPALLED. Here's just one good site to check out, it's a good place to start;

I have NOT vaccinated my last four (and discountinued with my first three) children and they have by FAR been the most healthiest!

Personal issues; my daughter developed juvenile rheumatoid arthritis at the age of two... no definate link to vaccines, but no family history or other trauma to link the arthritis to. My son had extremely high fevers after a vaccine and eventually started having seizures after his vaccines. No epilepsy and no seizures since discontinuing the vaccines. My other son has verbal apraxia, a severe speech problem, when no other speech issues exist in the family. These three children were all vaccinated as babies and in early childhood, but I have discountinued their shots. My last four children received NO vaccinations whatsoever and I haven't had a single health issue, and very few illnesses and colds PERIOD. Coincidence? Perhaps some of it is, pehaps all of it is, but I'm not taking any more chances. ALSO, I have a friend who brought her healthy 15 month old son in for his well visit. He got a clean bill of health and his vaccinations. That same week he died of "SIDS". Things that make you go hmmmm....

Ultimately it is a personal decision, but I do try to share all that I have come to find out so that fellow moms can at least make INFORMED decisions instead of relying solely on the pharmeceutically influenced dr's alone.
by New Member on May. 3, 2007 at 10:00 AM
yayyyy :)

i thought i was the only person around that wasn't  'into' this vaccine push the government is on.

i had stopped vaccinating my daughter when she was 12 months old. in australia there are a few more they do before school, but nothing like the schedule here in the US.  i was happy to fight, and fight as much as possible, and sign what we call the "conscienscious objection form" so as she could still get into the schools we wanted without the stabs. i mean, injections.

but now we moved here, to the US, i was told by EVERYONE that there was no possible way to get around them. i just, last week, took my baby girl off to the doctor. she is having to have SIX injections, plus testing for lead. i was so mad. i spoke with the doctor.. who i would assume would tell me its the best thing for her. she actually sided with me, and said it wasnt necessary. but that she wasn't allowed to give me other options.


so i blindly went along, and had my daughter jabbed. i think i can get out of the hep b.. but it still means i have to have her do the triple antigen.

as it happens, to get into this country, i myself had to have two injections of the varicella.. chicken pox virus... id gone 31 years of avoiding it, and for my efforts, was GIVEN it.. i was sick both times... and there was nothing, literally nothing i could have done... i needed to go through the visa process, and that meant having this vaccination.

im appauled that people can still so blindly assume that it is "fine". that it is safe, and that they'd rather an injection than a mostly-mild communicable disease.

lets face it. the more the virus is immunised against, the greater the resistance it creates, and the worse the strain will be.

much like the flu shots thrown around lately.

(sorry for my first post being a big whiney vent !!!! )

by New Member on May. 8, 2007 at 4:53 PM
Wow.  I actually have vaccinated both of my kids and will continue to do so.  I understand a lot of people do not want to and that is their right, but for my family they get the shots and so do we if need be.  Flu shots come around and we all get them with good reason, I got the flu the one year I did not get the shot and wound up at the hospital on IV fluid due to dehydration and then the medicines for the flu as well.  My daughter had half her school out with illness one time that could have been prevented with proper care.  I think that each parent must choose what is right for their own kids, and its up to you as a mom or dad on what to do.  I live where so many kids are not immunized and its resulted in so many mass sicknesses that the health department has issued warnings about it, so I wish everyone would immunize, but that will never happen.
by New Member on May. 20, 2007 at 12:15 AM
we don't do vaccines, and won't until he is at least 2, if ever! there are so many cases of vaccinations gone wrong that don't get reported, and people don't know! lots of people don't know they can even say no to them...
by on May. 26, 2007 at 10:31 PM
I stopped having my baby vaccinated at age 6 months.  I was totally uninformed, which was my own fault.  I thought each baby got their "vaccine" after they were born and then all was well.  But no, each shot has multiple serums to fight different things.  And there are SO MANY!  And everything that's been linked with vaccines.  Plus the fact that some are made with cells from 2 aborted children........a moral issue for me.  My doctor tried to tell me that no public school would allow my child to attend if I didn't vaccinate but then I find out, because of my own researching, that that wasn't true either!  And the flu shot deal.  So what if we do get the flu.  Our bodies are strong enough to build their own antibodies to it.  And what about the long term effects of having a mutated virus put into our body so our body can temporarily keep away the virus in it's original form?  So I agree, vaccines are not as safe as the media proclaims. 
by New Member on May. 30, 2007 at 12:15 AM
The benefits of a vaccine outweigh the risks of the disease.  Many kids die from disease that a simple vaccine would have prevented.  I would rather have my child get a vaccine than risk them possibly dieing from getting sick.  The flu is no joking matter,and your body may build up some immunity over time,but try getting it and not being able to care for your kids because you are in the hospital and too sick to get up when you come home. 
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