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Rated R Post (some content may be inapropriate for some readers. reader discretion is advised lol)

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 Hello Ladies,

I've been googling havent found anyhting yet.........but I was wondering do anyone know if oral sex classes exsist or would I have to go to a sex therapist or what. My husband loves oral seex so I willingly give it to him no problem, he says he loves it but I get tired of doing the same ole mouth tricks lol so I was just wondering if there are classes out here that teach you how to do oral sex better. Lol I know it random but I ws just wondering. Aslo for those that performing oral as well how did you all get the hang of deep throating. I do it but I hate that gagging feeling so I dont do it a lot. How did you all master that? SSSSSOOOOOOOO pretty much Im looking for dick sucking suggestions, tricks, the nasties, the suggestions that when you read them make you feel like a little kid that wants to run in the corner and say oh my God should I be reading this........

Also I absolutely hate the taste of cum so I absolutely do not let him bust in my mouth....for those that do how did you get to that point suggestions on how to psychologically remove myself from the dislike of the taste so I can allow that as well. really want to increase my freaky getting tired of the same ole same ole

by on May. 14, 2012 at 6:56 PM
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by Gold Member on May. 17, 2012 at 9:29 PM

You need to learn to relax your throat.  And while you're doing all the things we know men love, you can't really teach yourself that.  So, tell him you're trying to learn to deep throat better (cuz he'll love that) and then, let him steer.  Put him in front of you, leaning on the bed (you'll want him to have some leverage so it doesn't start feeling too good and he thrust too hard and hurt your ass).  So have him lean on the bed, facing you.  Get down in front of him, you don't do ANYTHING but open your mouth as wide as you can and let him come to you...practice opening as wide as you can and opening your throat...imagine the way that it feels when you swallow, the very first step of swallowing you feel kind of a bubble in your throat?  Practice keeping it that way.  He should do long, slooooow strokes, letting you get used to it, and because all you're focusing on is your mouth/throat, you'll start realizing what it "should" feel like to allow him to get past your gag reflex.  If you gag, a little as you're learning, it's fine, because when you gag your throat convulses around his penis a little and that's the way it feels to him when a woman cums when he's inside us anyway.  When you first start, I would suggest putting your hands on his thighs, so you guys can get a rhythm together and you can figure out your breathing (through your nose), but eventually you won't need to do that.  If he goes too far and you feel yourself gag, just pull your head away, take a deep breath and start over.  He'll love giving you lessons and you WILL get better.

Also, as far as swallowing cum, if you deep throat when he cums, you don't taste it. Promise.

Personally, I don't know why they call her SUPAHEAD, cuz when I watched her I didn't see anything special, but maybe some of the "supa" part was tongue tricks that you can't see.  *shrug*

As for searching for the prostate, I would focus more on massaging his perineum, when you're rubbling (lightly) pulling his balls, etc, make sure you have a lot of wetness and just as you rub his balls go a little further and apply a little pressure at that point (between his balls and anus, it's about an inch long space).  Don't go too far, some men freak out thinking you're heading for his butthole, but that tight stretch of skin between, if you're "pressing" or rubbing on that, while alternating his balls and kissing his thighs and licking up the "Y" line where his thighs meet his manly bits, he'll probably cum harder than normal.

And while during a normal blow job when your mouth gets tired, wet both hands REALLY well, place both on his shaft one on top of the other, move one clockwise, the other counterclockwise and then put your mouth on the head and just lick in circles.

Yeah...I think that about covers it.  LMAO.

by Gold Member on May. 17, 2012 at 9:31 PM

Damn, I hit reply and saw that was a damn novel.  Shame on me.  Good advice though.

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