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The many other uses for breast milk...

Posted by on Oct. 31, 2009 at 2:39 AM
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I obtained all the info from this website


Pink Eye: Breast milk has the ability to treat and cure eye infections such as Pink Eye. All you need to do is to squirt the milk into the infected eyes. You should do this frequently as possible until the eye is completely healed. If you were treating your infant's eyes for Pink Eye, the best result would be to wait until the baby is asleep. Some babies can be treated while awake, however, it may be difficult. You should squirt the milk around the crease of the closed eye and then gently lift the eyelids and allow all of the breast milk to seep into the closed eye.

Sore Cracked Nipples: Many new mommies experience the pain and discomfort of sore cracked nipples from breastfeeding their newborn. Creams and oils can work wonders, however, the best medicine lies right inside of the breast. Breast milk can be rubbed around the sore areas of the nipples after feeding and then left out to briefly air dry.

Mosquito and Ant Bites: Breast milk is a sterile disinfecting concoction; so placing the substance on insect bites can actually work wonders. You should squirt a little milk on the bites and rub in thoroughly. This will help to stop the itching that may be caused by the insect bite.

Acne/Eczema/Diaper rash: Breast milk can help to clear up these nasty skin disorders. All you need to do is to wash the infected area of the skin with clean water, and then you can apply the breast milk all over the infected area. You should then let the milk air-dry.

Facial Cleanser: Breast milk holds the ability to clean the skin very well. You should apply the breast milk on the face and wipe it clean. Believe it or not, breast milk can remove eye makeup.

Sore Throat and Mouth Sores: You should breast feed your baby if their throat becomes sore. If you get a canker sore you can swish a little breast milk around in your mouth for several seconds. This will help to heal the infection.

Stuffy Nose: If your infant has a stuffy nose, all you have to do is squirt a few droplets of milk into the nose and then suction or squeeze out; follow the same procedures as you would for saline.

Immunity Boost: If your older children are getting sick or they just need a little pick me up, you can give them breast milk in order to boost their immune system.

Plugged Eye Ducts: If your infant's eyes are plugged you can squirt breast milk into the eye crease at the nose. You should do this four times the first day and only two the day after.

Scratches, Burns, Gouges, and Scrapes: These can all be treated with breast milk. You just have to squirt and rub breast milk on the infected area. Then you let the area air-dry and then bandage as normal.

Sexual Lubricant:Males can squirt the breast milk directly onto the penis in order to use as a lubricant during sexual intercourse. Females can hand express the milk into a sterile cup in order to do this. Breast milk can be used the same as a couple would use Vaseline, KY Jelly, or Astroglide.

Contact Lenses: For people who wear contacts, running out of solution during dyer moments can be one of the most frustrating and eye painful situations. Remember, breast milk is a sterile substance, so you can use the milk the same as you would solution for your dry contacts or to clean them.

Eye Puffiness and Redness: You can squirt breast milk into the eye to cure puffiness and redness.

Breast Cancer: Breast-feeding your infant is one of the best ways to prevent breast cancer from developing in you. Breast-feeding provides a means of protection for you from getting the disease.

Chicken Pox: You can use breast milk to help ease the pain of itching by using the same as you would Calamine Lotion or any other ointment.

Leg Ulcers: You can squirt breast milk on leg ulcers in order to clear them up.

Chapped lips/skin: All you have to do is express a small amount of breast milk onto the fingers and wipe over the lips/skin. Do not rub the milk in; you should leave the area a little wet.

On another website:

Ear infectionscause a lot of pain and sometimes there is a delay before you can get your infant into the pediatrician. A small amount of breast milk can be squirted inside your infant’s ear to begin the healing process and relieve some of the pain.

You can even cook with it, just use the same proportions as cows milk.


Breast Milk is a wonderful thing. It amazes me what all it is good for, that it doesn't just have to be used as an infant food. I created this list so that I could have access to a complete list for my own general knowledge, and I thought I would share with you lovely ladies...

by on Oct. 31, 2009 at 2:39 AM
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Replies (1-4):
by on Oct. 31, 2009 at 3:12 AM

the sexual lubricant freaks me out a little lol..just because I like to try and avoid my breasts being sexual objects when breastfeeding lol...but those are interesting to know..



by on Oct. 31, 2009 at 3:18 AM

Thankyou for this post.. I will put this in my favorites..

by on Oct. 31, 2009 at 3:47 AM

Thanks for posting this.  I have used my breast milk for several of the reasons listed, but some I had never ever thought of.  As a lubricant?  That's definitely a new one as well as the contact solution one.  This will go in my faves too. 

by on Oct. 31, 2009 at 5:47 AM

thank you for posting this! (= 

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