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Similac "Strong Moms": I have a huge problem with this.

Posted by on Jan. 3, 2010 at 10:02 AM
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I joined and went on the message board to try to help moms who were actually trying to breastfeed (I ended up sending one a message saying that was the worst possible board to get help, after my REPLY TO HER POST WAS DELETED!)

I got an email from Abbott/Similac saying this:

Subject: re breastfeeding

Unfortunately this message could not be posted because it contains medical information/advice that is not supported by Abbott Nutrition.

We have a high commitment to safety and to providing and promoting the discussion of accurate medical information, and we encourage you to discuss specific medical questions you may have with your health care provider.


Okay, but that isn't all.  Posts that WERE allowed on this thread included "There should be a nursing expert at the hospital, try googling le leche "society".."... (really???)

and another one that said "After going home with your baby you are pretty much over all the things you are thinking about now"

So I just added another response, that I know will be deleted, and I sent a friend request to the OP so I could include a personal note, since there is PMing on this site, it appears.


OP, I will PM you.  Apparently Abbott/Similac has problems with people who are pro-breastfeeding to the detriment of their business, regardless of the fact that they continue to go against the World Health Assembly's Breastmilk Substitute/ Artificial Baby Milk Advertising Guidelines.  Sadly enough, they don't edit out responses like the one of the person saying "you'll be over all the things you're thinking now" (which basically seems to be saying, breastfeeding is too much hassle to give your baby the best in whole nutrition).


This PISSES me off.  I am angry that people trust this so much and they blatantly go against the advertising regulations set forth by the WHO and WHA.

I'm a breastfeeding (and child-led weaning), babywearing, bed-sharing, anti-CIO, anti-Babywise/ anti-baby training, cloth and disposable diaper using, gentle grace-based disciplining, Southern born and raised, Native American (Potawatomi), Christian, Libertarian, lactivist, attached parent and loving wife to Clay and mommy to Eleanor Yvonne (born 3-30-09) who is going to be ERF in her MyRide 65 until she's 40 pounds.
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by on Jan. 3, 2010 at 10:02 AM
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