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Switched to Formula and Have Some Questions!

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My daughter is almost four weeks old, and after the doctor visit and a hospital visit, we ended up having to switch to formula. I tried breastfeeding up until now, but her little body was rejecting my milk and she was losing weight. The pediatrician first wanted to try rice cereal, but I can't pump enough to exclusively bottlefeed my milk. So, formula.

Luckily, Similac sent me formula in the mail during my pregnancy and we kept it. Thanks to a friend's recommendation, we started her on the Sensitive formula last night and immediately, no spit-up. Previously, on my milk, the spit up was CONSTANT, in excessive amounts, and full of acid. She would scream for hours because of it. Once we gave her the formula last night, she immediately calmed down and even slept through the entire night. She's taken three bottles since, and has continued to do well. So, I have two questions for you ladies:

1) Is it normal that she's a little constipated? I know her body is adjusting to new stuff, but I want to make sure it's normal and if so, if I can fix/help it. It's only been a day, so I don't expect immediate peaceful transition.

2) How do I let my breastmilk go dry without massive pain or mastitis? I was producing enough to feed her by breast, but not nearly enough by pump (believe me, I tried), so I don't have a small enough of a supply for it to have less risk of infection. I'm currently engorged, since I haven't given her milk in 24 hours. Ouch.

Please note that making the switch to formula was extremely hard for me to cope with, and involved a lot of tears and guilt, but we do believe this is the best for our little one. I tried talking about it in another forum and was told I'm not trying hard enough or really doing everything I can for my daughter, and that really stung and only made me cry even more. Formula was not in the plans, and I would genuinely appreciate real feedback instead of guilt. Thanks, all. :)

by on Feb. 7, 2013 at 8:03 AM
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by mel on Feb. 8, 2013 at 11:19 AM
((hugs)) sorry mama :(
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by on Feb. 8, 2013 at 7:43 PM
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She tried very hard to see ways we could work with my milk. I have been pump-weaning, so I'm freezing everything I have pumped that way I can try incorporating it some, but she has been like a new baby on the formula. No vomiting, no excessive spit-up. She had two huge poops yesterday, but none yet today. So constipation is the only concern right now.

Quoting Jademom07:

 I have to ask as well.  There is nothing wrong with changing to formula when there is a need so I'm not all gung-ho on breastfeeding no matter what.

My question is, did the doctor even ask you to do an elimination diet to see if there was something you were eating that was causing the problem?  Chances are, if it was something you were eating, it can still bother babe when they start solids.  Dairy,tomatoes, onions, chocolate and soy are the biggest culprits for babies.  I had to cut all dairy for the exact same reason you are changing to formula. I had a very pro-breastfeeding doctor that was willing to exhaust all options before recommending formula though.

Quoting crazy4u49033:

I have to ask....why do you think she is rejecting your milk? What have you tried?


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