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lip tie: trying to get my 2yo clipped

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My 2yo will finally have her lip tie looked at by an oral surgeon in March. I've been avoiding it because I  know I'm such a hot-head. I called DD's PCP (actually, she sees the nurse practitioner) for a referral, and her response was that I should schedule an appointment with her regarding DD's speech and to call a pediatric dentist who is not DD's pediatric dentist. We went there once for a second opinion. I called them anyway. They don't correct lip ties. DD's regular pediatric dentist doesn't correct lip ties either. And neither office seems to know diddly squat about it.

I'd heard that lip-ties can be corrected by oral surgeons and ENTs. I looked up LANAP providers in our area and neither one is covered by insurance. So I looked up oral surgeons in the area covered by insurance and decided to call them and see if any of them corrected lip ties. The first on the list is the oral surgeon my hubby's dentist referred him to for his implant so he can eventually get a crown for a missing tooth. Yes, they correct lip ties. 

Called back the PCP to ask for a referral to the oral surgeon's office. Nurse practioner is all confused why I'd want a referral to an oral surgeon from the PCP, shouldn't that be from a dentist? Actually, the oral surgeon's patients usually get referred to by dentists. But DD's dental insurance doesn't cover lip tie. Her health insurance will, if it's an in-network specialist and she gets a referral from her PCP. Plus nurse practitioner and both pediatric dentist offices know jack diddly about lip ties.

I convinced nurse practitioner that both dental offices said they didn't know enough about lip ties, but the oral surgeon did and could assess if it needed clipping or not. So she reluctantly gave the referral. We've got an appointment in March, first thing in the morning, so that if they determine that they're willing to clip it, they'll do it under nitrous oxide right then. Not as good as laser surgery, but it's what insurance will cover. Here's hoping.

And why do I want her lip tie corrected? She has decay in her top four front teeth and a small gap between the teeth where the lip tie extends. Both pediatric dentists blame bfing, especially night nursing. Yet all her other teeth and her gums are all perfectly healthy. 

EDITED UPDATE: DD's lip-tie consult was moved up to Feb 27. Every nurse that looked at her lip-tie said, "Oh yeah, that's lip-tie." The doctor checked out her lip tie and posterior tongue tie. He agreed that if not corrected now, the lip tie might need correcting later, and agreed to it. The PTT he said didn't look like it was causing problems, and I have to say I agree. It's small and not that tight, and she's never displayed any problems with it. If it needs correcting later, then fine. So her lip tie has been corrected. Nitrous oxide is not covered by insurance, but it's safer than iv sedation which is covered, so we went with the nitrous oxide.

We'll start moving her lip around Saturday, per doctor's orders, to make sure it doesn't reattach. She's drinking out of bottles for a couple days, since all sippy cups hurt and she spills open cups and gets overly frustrated. Her latch has already improved. She only comfort nurses, but with her top front teeth crumbling, it's hurt when she nurses. Now it only hurts when she falls alseep while nursing.

by on Feb. 7, 2013 at 8:27 PM
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by Silver Member on Feb. 8, 2013 at 8:20 PM

If you can't do the sweep check, I'm guessing you're tied :(  Luckily, there seem to be a lot more dentists that can do adult ptts if you're not close to anyone on the list.  We're getting mine clipped when we have money, I need a lot more dental work done soon.  Hoping not a root canal!!!  Here's a different angle of my tie that show how it attaches to my gums and up the tongue, causing tenting of the bottom of my mouth.  The little bobble is a salivary gland and it will need clipping at the two bases as well as the top.  Referred to as an eiffel tower tie

Quoting aehanrahan:

I can't get my finger in to try the sweep check. I have a weird thing that prevents it. I just looked at both of my boys and they might have ptts too. Neither has a lip tie. Maybe I should find someone here to look at all three of us.

Quoting PoodleMum:

You can still do the sweep check, but I find it easiest to push back on both sides of the middle of your tongue and it will pop out.  There's also a way to see it when you go to click your tongue, but I don't have a pick of that

Like this, but with two hands since you're not holding a camera :P

Quoting aehanrahan:

by Group Admin - Amy on Feb. 8, 2013 at 8:30 PM
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I PMed you.

Quoting PoodleMum:

by Bronze Member on Feb. 28, 2013 at 10:03 PM

Updated now that she's had her lip tie corrected.

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