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Nursing past 2.5 years Q

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So, I know this is going to be different for each child, but I am just wondering when other tots have been able to "wait" for the next nursing session.?

My daughter will be 3 in May (33 mo now) and when the desire hits, it still needs to be met NOW. Even like, "let me go pee first" is met with major dysfunction. LOL.

So when have other children learned or been able to wait? And are there any tips or tricks to distract them from nursing for a minute or two while you finish what you are doing? Thanks all!

by on Feb. 18, 2013 at 5:49 PM
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by on Feb. 20, 2013 at 12:10 AM


Quoting JTE11:

DD just turned two and we have established three nursing sessions per day that we do as a matter of routine. Any other nursing sessions that she initiates, she gets in MY time, unless she is sick or hurt or scared or something immediate. She likes to ask me for it when I'm in the middle of doing something else like cooking because she naturally wants attention if I'm giving something else attention. But I'm not about to just stop cooking and nurse so I'll say "Yes! You can have milk, right after I finish (whatever)."  Sometimes there is drama  and screaming but she is two and will not die from not nursing, or from having a fit, or from waiting, for that matter. I try to be understanding adn let her know I know she wants to nurse right now(!) and that I WILL nurse her but I just need to finish doing what I'm doing. I ask her if she would like to have a drink in a cup and a snack while she waits. Sometimes she says yes, sometimes she just has a fit. I just let her have her fits and over time they have decreased because she knows that if I am busy  I am not just going to drop everything adn tend to her. She now knows that she can stand there and scream at me and she won't get nursed any sooner, she'll just get put into her room, and still not nursed.  I don't let her fits (and they can be spectacular) change what I was going to do.  So that's my first tip, don't be afraid of tantrums, and to remove her from you if she persists in having a fit. The second tip I have is that she might be hungry or thirsty so maybe offer a drink and a snack. She may not want it but sometimes my DD asks to nurse because she is thirsty or hungry so I will give her a drink and/or a snack and then if she still wants to nurse after that I'll give it to her. The third thing is just be consistent. Don't drop everything to avoid a fit one day and then insist she wait the next. That will only increase the wailing. Kids need to learn patience. It's hard and they hate it but  an almost three year old can wait to be nursed, and is old enough to do so most times without causing a scene. The fourth thing is to try to let her know that you know she wants it, and that it's hard to wait but that you promise you will nurse her as soon as you are done. I always try to be understanding of my DD's feelings, even if I can't give her what she wants at the time and it has helped stop some tantrums, and has over time made her able to actually hear a "not now" answer and get annoyed but not flip out.

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