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Over supply, overactive let down... need to vent.

Little cuddle bug is three weeks now and my let down issues are not getting better.. and I know, they probably wont start to even out till around 12 weeks.. but still it is stressful.  She latches great, but then has a hard time staying latched because of the let down, so she gulps, gags, coughs and take in so much air, then I have to de latch her and burp her every few min, and even then, she gets so gassy that we end up having a fussy gassy baby most of the day.  I'm block feeding and have worked so that I'm doing 4 hour blocks.. I've never had to go that far with my other babies..  I'm nursing her in almost a sitting up foot ball hold position, it helps but not much... it is sooo tempting to just pump off a few ounces before I nurse her, but I know not to do that.. but man, in one nursing session I will let down aprox 3 times.  Luckily, she is gaining weight just fine and pooping great so she is getting a good amount of both hind and foremilk.  

It feels like  90% of my day is spent trying to nurse and burp her... I have tried nursing her in the moby so I can keep up with the other kids, but she just gulps up too much air when we do that.  

I know it will get better, but damn, this is frustrating.  We even broke down and try gas drops... to be honest.. I don't see any difference with those drops... do they even work?

by on Apr. 4, 2013 at 12:42 AM
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by on Apr. 4, 2013 at 11:19 AM

My first is almost six, but with him, my supply didn't match his demand till he was about a year old.  Before that I had a huge oversupply and it caused some serious issues.  First my milk wouldn't come in, but when it did, it wouldn't stop!  Nothing helped me, but after he was about four or five months old, he stopped gulping and gasping for air.

by on Apr. 4, 2013 at 12:10 PM

Quoting daughteroftruth:

Quoting SewingMamaLele:

What about letting a bit let down into a towel?

I'm using super absorbent nursing pads, so once I let down, I wait about 5 min.. they are usually soaked by then.  One time I forgot to put a pad on, and I let down, and I was wearing a bra, two tanks and a thin sweater... I sprayed through all of it.  Like it was going about 2 inches out... dh thought it was pretty funny though.  

I am almost 14weeks PP and you sound like me about 4 weeks ago. Things are better now. I still have a forceful let down but i'm not soaking through my breast pads and shirts on an bi-hourly basis anymore. Now i might soak through a breastpad or a single shirt maybe every other day or so.

by on Apr. 4, 2013 at 12:18 PM
I had 8&12 hours blocks when I first started block feeding.

When she pops off hand express just a little into a towel.
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by on Apr. 4, 2013 at 12:24 PM
I have the same problem. I have this problem everytime I nurse and it doesn't ever really get better. My other three adjusted to the floe pretty quickly, my 3 month old however still has a hard time with it.
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by on Apr. 4, 2013 at 12:35 PM
I have overactive letdown as well, as in spreading like a I will try and give you some tips on what worked for me and I hope it helps.

Firstly, back when the milk was too much for her I would feed her in a recliner. Just keeping her head above my breast and feeding her at that angle would help. I would have to burp her several times during a feeding and after. Then if I could feel gas buildup in her belly I would put both of my thumbs below her bellybutton and apply pressure as I rubbed them in circles. Sometimes she would cry at first if her gas was painful but then I would soothe her till she calmed down and start again. I would do this while she leaned on my chest. My thumbs would roll and pop the bubbles for her and eventually she would feel so much better she would just pass out.

Before my milk adjusted itself she got used to eating with the quick flow and was able to deal with it no problem. She actually got so accustomed to it that she was a little upset when it slowed down and she had to work for it...ha! :)

My letdown also adjusted before the 12 week mark, yours might too c:

Time flies by. It will all get easier before you know it. Good luck!
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by on Apr. 5, 2013 at 1:57 AM

DS is nearly 3 months old, and my OAL isn't letting up--but we're both adjusting to it, I suppose.  Just today I looked down to see DS under my nipple with his mouth open, catching the streams of milk as they shot out during let down.  He's learning, I'm learning (AGAIN!), and we're both putting in a lot of effort!  :)

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