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New to the group! Having trouble getting baby to gain weight.

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My name is Marilyn, I'm 27, and the mom of 3 girls. Maya is 7, Aliya is 5, and our newest addition Zaariya is 3 weeks old today. She was born at home and was a vba2c.

At birth she was 8 lbs 7 oz, at 2 days she was 8 lbs 1 oz, at 4 days she was 8 lbs, at 2 weeks she was 8 lbs, at 2 weeks 5 days she was 8 lbs, and today she was 8 lbs.

She nurses on demand, I don't watch the clock. I let her nurse as long as she wants to, even comfort nurse. She doesn't come off the breast until she pops off herself. Because she's constantly nursing, I am having a really hard time figuring out why she's not gaining. I discussed it with my midwife on Tuesday and she suggested block feeding as well as some changes to my diet which I've done ever since. Today I spoke to the WIC LC and she wants me to pump after each nursing sessions and feed it to baby, to supplement with my own breastmilk.

Baby has grown in length and is doing great otherwise. One thing I've noticed is she NEVER spits up. It's strange to me because my older two were breastfed and they spit up all the time, not huge amounts but still did. Baby is peeing and pooping more than what is said to be an adequate amount each day, it's yellow and seedy.

I'm just worried and trying desperately to figure out what the problem could be. Why on earth isn't she gaining?
by on Apr. 26, 2013 at 8:10 PM
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by Amanda on Apr. 27, 2013 at 8:15 AM
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 Everyone has given you great advice.  I have nothing to add.  Just wanted to say Hello and Welcome! 

by on Apr. 27, 2013 at 11:07 AM

If baby is nursing effectively then yes, just nursing on demand is all you need to do. However, it appears as though your baby is not nursing effectively, so you need to pump to do the job for her until you can get her suck evaluated and fix the underlying problem.

Quoting maliya0608:

I have no problem pumping and supplementing with my own milk but my only concern is if baby is more effective at getting the milk than a pump is, wouldn't it be the same as nursing on demand?

Quoting maggiemom2000:

So, even considering the two different scales I see weights on the same scale show no gain from 2-3 weeks. This is a concern.

I absolutely would NOT suggest block feeding at this point. Block feeding reduces milk supply and that is the sat thing you want to do when you have a newborn who is not gaining.

I agree with the WIC LC that you need to start pumping and supplementing with your own milk. Two reasons to do this: first, to get more milk into baby and get her gaining. Second, to protect your milk supply. If baby is not removing enough milk, then yor bdy will stop making enough.

Next you need to figure out why baby is not gaining. My guess is that it is an ineffective latch/suck. A baby who is not nursing effectively is often nursing "constantly". A baby who s nursing well will spend less time at the breast. You really need to see a good IBCLC who is knowledgeable about suck dysfunction and tongue tie. You need someone who has experience in diagnosing "hidden" posterior tongue ties. 

Hang in there, and start pumping ASAP!

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