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Ugh!! So upset with my supposedly pro-bfing sil!

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I am so beyond upset!! Seb has a soy and cows milk protein sensitivity. I am always super careful about reading labels and avoiding both and he does well. I slipped up a couple weeks ago and had ramen noodles ( noodles and dried milk in the seasonings) and he was a mess for about a day. Well, yesterday I made lasagna for dh for fathers day and in a scramble to find substitutes for my lasagna I grabbed some tofu. Color me dumb but I didn't even think to check the ingredients in tofu. I had NO idea it was made out of freakin soy! Anyhow, I spent most of last night up with my poor, hurting baby and vented about my stupidity on Fb. I was practically attacked by my sister in law...she went on about how she doesn't understand why I haven't brought him to a GI doc and that if it was her kid she would do everything she could to "fix" him. Then she says i'm making him AND me suffer bc of "google research". I am not suffering! I do just fine with my (very) limited diet. If itll help ny meatball I'd eat nothing but grass! She went on to say that he is suffering BC I won't "just switch him to formula or get him on meds for his gerd." He doesn't HAVE gerd! As long as I am careful about what I'm eating, he's fine! And who is she to insinuate that I am not doing my best to help my baby?!? Guh!! And to top it off, she got 8 likes to her comment!! Is this really how my "friends" feel? Like I'm not trying my best to help him?? I just want to curl up and cry (and I did-with my baby for half the night). :'(

There really is no reason for my rant...just wanted to get that off my chest. :(
by on Jun. 17, 2013 at 8:22 PM
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by Marta on Jun. 18, 2013 at 9:41 AM
Oh forget her! I use Dr. Google all the time ;-) a lot of times we are much better off using Google & our own commen sence as mother's then dragging our babies around having test done on them or pumped full of antibiotics for no reason! So you slipped up, it happends. I've seen a lot worse parenting. :-)
by on Jun. 18, 2013 at 9:45 AM
That is sad. And those people that say fake cheese tastes the same as the real thing- THEY LIE! Granted my son only had a dairy sensitivity but for the most part I would make things that would be good with cheese but were oOK without it. Like tacos.... just add lettuce, sauteed onions, and hot sauce and it's good to go.

Quoting bebe_ju-rah:

That's usually where I run into a problem. My 6. year old and my hubby still consume soy and dairy. There is no way in h*ll I'd get them to eat like me. LOL So I'm usually trying to find things that I can make a little different for me and make yummy for them. In hindsight I should have just had my noodles and gravy and forgot trying to make a lasagna for was gross with Tofu and fake cheese anyway. :P

I really need to sit and meal plan but I think I have ADD when it comes to that. Every time I start, I get side tracked and end up going to the store and just grabbing misc crap to throw together. I had a salad last night while dd and dh had leftover lasagna. :( It made me sad! LOL

Quoting MommyO2-6631:

Time to unfriend her and everyone who liked her comment on Facebook and in real life. They are not your friends. But with these sensitivities you need to read the labels very, very carefully. Do not buy anything until you read the label. No soy or dairy products allowed in your cabinets. Then it will be easier to avoid these instances.

by on Jun. 18, 2013 at 10:39 AM

((hugs)) That really sucks.  It is already so frustrating and upsetting to goof up with milk/soy (I did the same thing on Sunday night. Ate a stupid hamburger bun... just not thinking). I can't believe she said all of that. My in-laws think I am a wack job for giving up dairy/soy too. Whatever. They don't get it.

by Silver Member on Jun. 18, 2013 at 2:30 PM
Yes, it will totally make it worse! My y is unable to nurse and is on elemental formula (supposedly nothing in it to be allergic to). I can't pump enough for her or find donor milk (especially not allergen free). She's still not growing on it and even lost weight. At least on breast milk she grows slowly...

Quoting gdiamante:

Facebook is not real life. Ignoree Facebook.

And in-law is a suffix meaning TO BE IGNORED.

Formula would make your child WORSE, you know. 

Now,stay off Facebook and away from the inlaws. If you need to vent, that's what we're here for. **grin**

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by Bronze Member on Jun. 18, 2013 at 7:05 PM
Dairy and soy issues?? I applaud that you've made it this far!! Ignore tour SIL, sorry about your "friends", and keep bfing! Good luck!
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