stop signIn-laws. Let's talk about them for a minute here. Even if you're like me, and have been blessed with the most wonderful, kind, understanding in-laws (who live many, many states away), there's bound to be a few eensy things that get on your nerves from time to time. Especially when a baby comes into the picture.

It seems like there are a lot of people out there who can get annoying once you have a kid -- your own parents, sanctimommies, your next door neighbor with the barking dog -- but there's something about a comment from your mother- or father-in-law that can be just a little more annoying.

Here are 10 annoying things in-laws say and do once you have a baby.

1. "He/she looks just like [your husband]." It's funny. Some people think my daughter looks more like me, others think she looks like a combination of my husband and me, but my in-laws? According to them, there isn't a single gene of mine in my daughter's body.

2. "He/she is 100 percent [their last name]." Okay, if there are two parents involved in the creating of a new life, said new life can't be 100 percent anybody. There may be things baby does that are similar to one family, but 100 percent? Come on now.

3. "He'll/she'll be fine. Don't worry." This is often said before leaving baby unsupervised with in-laws for a period of time, and while it's often done to comfort, it also can be done in a bit of a condescending way. Like, silly parent, we know what we're doing. "Well, I know the baby will be fine. But let me just give you these directions first, because then she'll really be fine. Thanks!"

4. "I never did that when my kids were babies, and they turned out fine." My mom smoked while she was pregnant with me, and I'm okay. Doesn't mean I want to replicate that.

5. Communicating through the baby. There isn't necessarily a specific comment for this one, but I've seen this done many times by various in-laws. Instead of telling you something directly, the comment is said -- often in a baby voice -- to the baby. "Tell your mama you need to come visit us next time." "Daddy likes to coddle you, but we're going to teach you some manners one day." Passive aggressive much?

6. Taking pictures like they're Mario Testino. We get it, grandparents heart photos of their grandkids. But just saying, we could do without the paparazzi first thing in the morning when we're barely awake and have no bra or makeup on.

7. Thinking they know best. Yes, we know that our in-laws and parents have much more experience than we do raising kids, but fact is: Every baby is different. What worked for their kids -- 30 years ago -- doesn't necessarily work for ours. Please, respect that.

8. Telling us he/she is fine when the baby is crying. Actually, the baby isn't fine. Which is why they're crying.

9. Telling us baby is "having fun" when it's well past their bedtime. Sure, they probably are having fun. But you know who's not going to have fun when it's time to put the little one down? Us or the baby!

10. Asking when they're going to get another grandchild. Cool your jets, guys! You just got this one!

(And, remember, your partner probably feels like this about your parents, so try not to take it out on them!)

What annoying things do your in-laws do?


Image via thecrazyfilmgirl/Flickr