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Changed My Mind on NIP LONG

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I never thought there was anything wrong with NIPing. I did used to think that some women shouldn't hang their entire breast out while doing it and basically that ALL women should cover.

That was before I saw all the negativity that is out there about Nursing in Public. I have become so annoyed by the things that have happened to women. Some that I know and some that are perfect strangers. 

I was raised by a mother who started the trend in her family to nurse. Boobs have been on display in houses, and at family gatherings my whole life. I never even knew that women gave formula to babies just because they wanted to until I was 16 and a friend of mine got pregnant and she formula fed her baby because she didn't want to nurse. Even if there was a medical problem I figured the mother just didn't know anyone else who was nursing at the time and so had to resort to formula. Due to the fact that my mother nursed a friends baby because her mother had to have surgery.(funny story: the 16 year old friend who had a baby and formula fed was the girl my mom nursed) So nursing is all I have known my whole life there was no hesitation in my mind I would nurse. Also luckily I am a "can feed the neighborhood" producer and didn't struggle much except with latch. 

So with all that said I didn't understand why women were so adiment about nursing uncovered in public to "normalize" breastfeeding. I figured cover around strangers and don't around family because for me breastfeeding was normal and I had never experienced negative feedback about nursing. Then I joined cafemom and joined this group. HOLY CRAP people are stupid and mean. I may have had my hangups about too much boob showing but I never said anything to a mother or anyone except my husband about it. The things some of you women have gone through and now a friend/sister has gone through I don't care and probably will congratulate any woman I see nursing uncovered. Not sure if I have the guts to do it myself I am very self-conscience about people looking at me in public in general, so that's a whole nother issue. I have learned about the 2 shirt method which I didn't know about before so I may try that with baby #2 since DD has self-weaned. I know a cover is probably going to attract more attention sometimes but it may be the only way I can leave the house comfortably.

Anyway with that long explination I have changed my mind from previously thinking ALL women should cover while nursing in public to, Do whatever you are most comfortable with and people around you will have to get over it. If you want to use a cover great, if you want to do the 2 shirt method great, use a sling or carrier great, pull shirt down and nurse pull shirt up and nurse great. It's all great! :) 

Even my husband the other day said (we are military and there is a dresscode on Bases which is rarely to never enforced) about a guys with his pants below his butt walking onto base, "He doesn't get told to pull his pants up. But a mother nurses her baby in the commissary and suddenly dresscode matters. Something that has been done since the begining of mankind." That made me smile. 

Sorry this was so long but I had to share this with you ladies because My mind changed mostly from all of you. 

by on Oct. 25, 2013 at 9:05 AM
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by on Oct. 26, 2013 at 9:52 AM
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It is sad. It makes me sad also that I had no clue about this. I was all like "why the heck do you need to show off breastfeeding? Everyone knows that's how babies eat. Cover up." Now I realize I was living in my own little bubble. In my "world" it was normal but not everyone grew up with my mother. LOL. 

Quoting ilovemykids732:

I NIP with my sons... no way will I leave a place because I am BFing... or cover up more than I normally do... [[just with a blanket over my chest... covered up as best as I can]] People have been nursing since the beginning of time... Way long ago... there was no formula... people have made feeding their babies taboo... which is sad...

by on Oct. 26, 2013 at 9:55 AM

I am glad you loved my post. I love your story. I love little old ladies who support new moms. :) 

Quoting KittyTussand:

I love your post!!  I Nurse covered or uncovred depending on where i am..what im whering..and the mood of baby.   He is a 5m 20 pound baby who wiggles ALL the time!!  sometimes its easier to just pulldown my shirt and latch him on. im happy he is happy.  if i try to cover and he is wid awake and wiggles it draws way to much attention.  I went to a steet fair walked around uncovered and no one said a thing! but i when i went to the mall and sat in a nearly empty area i got scowls and acutally had someone come up to me because baby was fussing with cover.  

I have gone to several palces uncovred and have received great responces.  OMG ROFL i had gone to church couple weeks ago. great church.  I was sitting in back feeding him and a little old lady moved to sit beside me. she just talked and talk and was so proud of what i was doing.  the next weekend i was going to take my normal place but she and some ohter ladies called me up to sit with them. He got fussy and was going to move but they made me sit right there and told me not to feel imberessed. Turnsout they do a breastfeeding mommys group once a month.  but once he was done eating he had there hearts. he was talking and giggling and laughing!!  He got passed around so much! Such a cutie!

by on Oct. 26, 2013 at 10:02 AM

That's great. I think women need to do what makes them most comfortable. 

Quoting Allisonc7910:

 I would covered.  Im also way to self conscious to do that around strangers, god knows who.

by on Oct. 26, 2013 at 10:07 AM

I was so ignorant to the fact that people made a big deal out of nursing in public because I had never had a bad experience. 

Quoting parentalrights1:

The more people make a big deal out of it the more I want to do it

by on Oct. 26, 2013 at 10:09 AM

Thank you :)

Quoting melindabelcher:

I love this post! I hope you find a method that works with baby #2 :)

by Crystal on Oct. 26, 2013 at 10:11 AM
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I think it could be that either I was with a group of women who were all nursing around the same time as me, and a husband or two, or I'm with my husband and he *looks* intimidating.  Plus we've got five kids....and half the time people can't actually tell I'm nursing so there's all kinds of reasons people wouldn't.

But, the last post I was on seemed way more accepting.  We haven't been to any events here yet (just got here in June) so I don't know how well this post is with it.  Either way, it won't matter to me.  I have a legal right to be here, and my kid has a legal right to nurse. 

Quoting LHummel:

Glad to hear no one has said anything to you. In the case my husband referenced it was an employee who aproached the mom and it seemed to be more their personal problem with it not neccessarily the base. 

Quoting JadeTigr7:

I nurse in public all the time on post and no one has every said crap to me.  I'd dare them. :)

But, I'm glad you're more accepting of nursing in public now.  I've never used a cover.  My first two didn't like them and I got tired with fighting it. :) 


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by on Oct. 26, 2013 at 10:12 AM
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My grandparents were afraid to tell me to move to a other room to nurse in their home for a while. I let them know they can have house rules even if I don't like them. But then grandma asked if I just whip it out in public and I was all "yep :)"

Then she went on about self respect and all that meaningless garbage haha

Quoting LHummel:

I was so ignorant to the fact that people made a big deal out of nursing in public because I had never had a bad experience. 

Quoting parentalrights1:

The more people make a big deal out of it the more I want to do it

by on Oct. 26, 2013 at 10:13 AM

So awesome that you are breastfeeding. It makes sense that the screaming baby is more embarassing for sure. 

Quoting spitfire.mommy:

I have to agree with you 100%! I'm a new mommy. And a young one at that. I'm 17 and just had my son on October 3rd. I'm nursing. And I NIP for the first time yesterday. I was told by some lady that I should be ashamed for feeding my child basically. I was more embarrassed honestly by people staring at me because my son was screaming at the top of his lungs than the few people who looked while I was nursing. I use the two shirt method. Because I found out he gets WAY too hot covered up. If I hadn't joined cafemom and done research I probably wouldn't have nursed in public at all. But I'm feeding my child the way nature intended. To me that's more acceptable than walking around with your cleavage hanging out, or your ass and underware.

by on Oct. 26, 2013 at 10:38 AM
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I nip all the time. When my babys hungry she eats...
by on Oct. 26, 2013 at 10:39 AM
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Wonderful post ! I met a girl who was a real "nature mom" (thats what I first thought about her and her dh) because she gave birth underwater and NIP (with a vengence!!) She was at a barbeque my dh and kids and myself attended with her 13 month old son and dh. She was wearing a long tyr dyed dress that easily slipped off her shoulder so she could nurse her son. he just pulled her breast out and went to town! It was amazing. I wasn't horrified, but I was shocked. I talked with her at length and really liked a lot of what she had  to say. Some of her thinking was too extreme for me but most of it made sense. I did attachment parenting as a result of meeting her (well, modified to fit my life) and became a LaLeche leader to help other moms.

I support breastfeeding  anyway you are comfortable doing it. If that means uncovered in public, so be it. Breasts have been made sexual by society. Most animals nurse their young , nobody freaks when a cat plops down to nurse do they? And nobody finds kitty boobs sexy (well....I hope not) ! A bit of discretion was what was comfortable for me but I support that woman who chooses to "bare it all"  Breasts are for babies!

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