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grant money for active duty military wives

Posted by on Aug. 25, 2009 at 1:49 PM
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Ok ya'll... I had to post this out there for ya. I start school awhile ago and I wanted to make sure yall get a chance to do that same. There is a grant for active duty military wives out right know. heres the link to the school i am going to
if any of ya'll want to read about it.. it doesn't matter your rank or how many kids.. this is for active duty military members wives... I am working with a good friend in Naples italy right know to get her going on it... it doesn't matter where u are at... they help u get a job and work (( on line )) (( at home )) u can make between $14-18 an hr

another gal here in at the NPTU base down the road has alreayd done it went throw it and is in a job...

The gal that helped me get stuff going is Stacy throw careerstep...

she was a real sweet heart... and I love love love her...

here is her number. I told her i was going to try and post this up for other military wives to take avatage of this grant and do something like my self... i was looking at not being able to go back to work tell the kids where school age. Child care is way up and its just worth it.. anyways...

its careerstep the school...

1-800-246-7837 ex. 8412 or ask for stacy

she knows all about the military grant and can get in and walk u throw it... and answer any quetsions u might have...
make sure u let her know that i told ya about it  another military wife in the program (( laura ))  cus they are really doing this...and that u are a military wife... cus u can get your hole training and school paid for.

U will have to go to MYCAA grant site adn fill out your info to make sure u are in deers and your hubby is active duty and all that stuff... but she can help u with all of that... it did take a couple weeks to get approved... cus they do work with the military to make sure u are a military wife and so on.. so make sure u jump on this if it can honestly help u.  the grant is throw military one source... and its called MYCAA so ya'll need to get on this know and really take advantage of this...

everything is done on line... so u wont have to fax or go some where... I got a little lost at first cus i wasn't sure about hubbys info or his get out date... cus u need that as well... all that wonderful military info... so make sure u pm me or give me a call if u need help with it or if u want more info. I am doing coding and billing... so if u have any questions give me a call ya'll or pm me and i'lls end ya my phone number.... i don't mind helping another military wife...

but anyways... i better get going... I got the kids ready for lunch... LOL

(( ok gals... i already go a couple moms pm me... Make sure u talk to STACY when u call... she does the military grants and she is a pro at it. A couple of the other gals at the school got some moms a little mixed up... So if stacy is busy or on the other line... just leave her a message or just hang on the line for her... she wonderful and will help u throw everything )

I am not sure why theres not alot more flyers or info out about this. But i only found out throw my friend that lives down the road cus she got on it after going in to fleet and family support center... I wish they would do more and get this info out so it could help more people. But thats the only reason i found out about it...

by on Aug. 25, 2009 at 1:49 PM
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