Note with Plus-Sized BraIt's hard enough to shop for bras if you have a big chest. But nothing ruins an shopping experience quite like a creepy, handwritten request for a peepshow tucked inside your lingerie order.

Emily McNulty, a 23-year-old woman from London, ordered a 32JJ bra from Bravissimo, a company that specializes in lingerie for busty women. If only they specialized in spelling and grammar, because Emily's bra came with a note that read "Hey Georgeous, Nice stuff!" then went on to request she give the author a call if she wanted to give him a "private show." Emily assumed the note was a prank; when she called the number to complain, somebody answered then promptly hung up.

The note was signed Matthew J, but Bravissimo states that there is not a Matthew J working there. So it's either a prank or a spooooky ghost story about a breast-loving British ghost.