Elena AronsonOh, so you think your morning commute is bad? Well, did a man follow you off the bus and steal your teeth this morning? Because that is pretty much the worst.

As if you needed another reason to hate taking the bus, that's exactly what happened to Elena Aronson (pictured), a San Francisco native, whose pearly whites apparently resembled "the moon and stars" to the Muni's demented version of the Tooth Fairy.

The man looked Elena right in the face and told her he wanted her teeth, and he followed her off the bus, attacked her, and pried her two front teeth from her mouth to prove it.

After seven months of trying, police finally agreed to take a statement from Elena, allowing her to apply for money from the District Attorney's victim assistance program to help pay for the $11,500 of hospital bills she accrued after the attack that her insurance won't cover. And here we thought taking the bus was supposed to save you money.

Aronson provided enough detail to produce a sketch of the alleged culprit, but tells the San Francisco Chronicle that she doubts an arrest ever will be made.