Ok, my church sets up an angel tree each year. Hanging from the tree are angel cutouts with the description of a needy child and what he or she needs. An example would be "13 yr old girl, winter clothes, size 5" or "10 yr old boy, size 7 winter boots" or "Dora the Explorer toys for 4 yr old girl." Well, I always take one and get a Christmas gift for a child.

This year, I was dismayed to see one "needy" child asking for an iPod Nano. What? Another kid asked for xbox games. Well, he must have an xbox and the tv on which to play them! Several weeks later, I checked back and those requests are still hanging on the tree. I assume my fellow parishoners are as put off by these greedy requests as I am. I would never buy such a thing when I cannot even afford it for myself. I'll buy a kid some clothes or give a small child some toys. However, I think that asking for high-end gadgets is the height of nerve. And, it really makes me question just how "needy" this child is.

Your thoughts?