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My in laws. They are the rudest people I have ever had the un-pleasure of meeting. So back story. My sil ruined my bridal shower by talking so much crap about one of my brides maids to the point my brides maid didnt come to my wedding at all.

Our wedding. Sil and her husband thew a fit because we weren't having pork at our reception her husband tried fighting my dh the night before.

She told our 8 son that he didnt need to take his allegery medicine because it is "bad" for him.

She told our 7 and 8 year old sons that they dont need to know anything about the military that it will ruin their lives and get them no where. They just need to know about baseball............ WTF.............

Then there was the other day. My dh is so fed up with his sister and her attitude and behavior that he doesnt want anything to do with her. Well today we went to his mothers house to pick up the boys christmas presents since we are not doing christmas with them. My sil's husband decided to tell my dh that he  needs to get a job and provide for our family. Um number 1. My husband is in the army thank you. Sil and her dh are on welfare yet she drives a new charger and has coach purses ect. Their daughter is autistic. I was told by my mil that it would be a inconvenient time for us to have another baby because sil's daughter needs all the attention from everyone and it wouldnt be fair to her.

Well as my dh was loading the bikes and other presents up in the car sil's husband called my dh every name in the book I swear he was trying to get my dh to hit him.

So after we got home he texted his mom and asked her to call us tonight when she gets off of work. She told him no. He responded back saying that he is done with that whole side of the family and he is washing his hands of them and doesnt want anything to do with them anymore. That they are to have nothing to do with us and our kids. His mothers response was well whatever then.

Then Sil's dh started texting, emailing calling saying that he is going to take us to court for visitation for our kids that we are bad parents on and on. I hung up. Im calling our cell phone provider wednesday and our home phone provider and having all of their numbers blocked.

At our reception we lost our deposit and were told to leave due to sil and her dh smoking pot on the property. They leave their 4 year old autistic daughter in the house by herself and go out side and smoke pot  ALLLL THE TIME. It will be a cold day in hell before my children ever spend alone time with them.

Im so hurt and angry for my husband I can not believe that they act this way to him. Family is not supost to act this way to each other.

by on Dec. 23, 2012 at 4:44 AM
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by on Feb. 26, 2013 at 3:41 PM

Wow... where to begin.  RUN AWAY!  And please thank your husband for serving to keep America the land of the free and the home of the brave!  It's one of the most thankless jobs on the planet, and it IS a job as opposed to smoking dope and complaining about others' careers.


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