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Freedom of Choice is Important

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Former Scientologist Jenna Miscavige Hill joined HuffPost Live Thursday to share her personal story of growing up in the church and to explain how she escaped from it.

Hill, the niece of church leader David Miscavige and author of Beyond Belief, told HuffPost Live host Ahmed Shihab-Eldin about the oppressive practices of the church, which include forced abortion and abuse.

"If you do become pregnant when you're there, you get kicked out," she said. "Or many of my friends were actually coerced into having abortions."

Hill also described tales of forced labor and abusive teachers, and said she knew she had to leave the church after being exposed to the outside world on a mission trip abroad.

"When we went back to LA after that mission, it was like, everything was in plain view," she said. "Back to fifteen minute meals, you can't go to bed before 1:00 AM, you have to stay up all night even though you did yesterday...It put a lot of things in plain sight. There was no denying it. They started taking away your phones, your internet access...that was a big turning point for me."

Just another reason women's freedom of choice is so important. There are evil people in this world, even here in the US, that force women to have abortions.

by on Feb. 19, 2013 at 10:57 PM
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by on Feb. 27, 2013 at 6:58 PM
Hmmmm. OK then.

Quoting Anonymous:

it's not the child's fault. In my travels, I've met a few women who bore rape babies who didn't go insane. They considered their children blessings. Also if a woman actually reports the rape, they will go through a rape kit at the hospital which will prevent the pregnancy. but that's the rub.... it has to be reported.

Quoting CountryLayne:

What about rape?

Quoting Anonymous:

She should have NEVER been forced to have an abortion. Never.

I'm pro-life. I'm not anti-choice. You should have the CHOICE to use any preventative you want. But you should pay for it, not tax-payers and certainly not a church or the government. Birth Control is NOT that expense. The most reliable is a CONDOM and you can get the mover the counter withouth a perscription and they are rather inexpensive. And if you should decide to have an abortion and murder your unborn child, taxpayers shouldn't have to pay for that either.

I've managed to take reliable birthcontrol for 30 years - and pay for it myself, without government interference and managed to only have ONE child. Even when I wasn't working and even when I was in college!!!! My choice.

We need to teach our girls to respect their bodies and mostly, to respect themselves. If HE doesn't love you enough to wrap it up, love yourself up enough to tell him no and keep your legs together or learn to swallow.  :-) believe me, you won't DIE from it (which could possibly happen having unprotected sex.)

Now, before the whiners start 'But it's my right..." Yeah. it's your right to purchase birth control. Prevent the pregancy. Please. EDUCATE YOURSELF!!!!

And before you start the rant "BUT IT"S MY BODY!!!!" uhm... no it isn't. The minute you dropped your pants and spread your legs to invite a foreign entity into your body, it stopped being JUST your body. You invited another one in. by the time most women realize they are pregnant, there is a heartbeat, beating that is NOT THEIRS. Doesn't sound like your body... and there are brainwaves emitting that isn't theirs... ooooh again, soooo not your body. fingers and toes are formed at 8 weeks. That's LIFE!  Consider it a roommate for at least 7 months. you don't WANT the baby? Can't afford the baby? Not ready to raise a baby? Let a couple that desperately wants a baby to adopt it. There are WAITING lists for parents who want babies for their own.

oh let the monkey feces flinging begin!!!

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