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Banning honor roll so kids with bad grades don't get upset??

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"St. Basil Elementary and Junior High School in Calgary axed their honor roll program, including their year-end ceremonies for their 250 students in grades 7 through 9. And even though the school letter that went out read, 'Awards eventually lose their lustre to students who get them, while often hurting the self-esteem and pride of those who do not receive a certificate,' there were many parents and students who are disappointed in this decision and felt these awards were incentives for students to get better grades. Education speaker Alfie Kohn doesn't like rewards when it comes to our kids and education." [source]

Do you think doing away with rewards and incentives is helpful or hurtful to our kids?

Posted by Anonymous on Nov. 7, 2013 at 9:49 AM
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by Silver Member on Nov. 17, 2013 at 12:27 PM
And for those who think that "fairness" should play a role, you better wise up. Fairness is in play when everyone has to follow the same rules... No cheating, etc. The product of your efforts should never be forced to be equal. Fairness is in play when each kid is judged (yes, I said "judged") by the same standards. Life just is not fair. These are the same kids that will enter the world believing that whatever effort they exert, or whatever work product they produce.. Will be fine. It makes me want to scream. I feel so sorry for them. They are doomed before they ever get started. Capitalism is a system that rewards hard work and creativity. Communist/socialism is a system that takes from the ones who succeed and gives to those who have not. While that may sound "kind" the final results produce a people with little incentive to even try to succeed because they know they will have the fruits of their labor taken away. Eventually, the government will be the source of everyone's living. We now have more takers then earners in america, and it cannot be sustained. Our children are bending taught to accep this system through crap like this.
by on Nov. 17, 2013 at 8:38 PM

This is effing ridiculous! Kids who get shitty grades (barring special circumstances) dont usually give a shit about the honor roll anyways..The next generation is going to be a bunch of coddled, selfish, whiny little shits..I was honor roll all through junior high and got several academic awards..I would be the one actually trying to learn shit while the kids who didnt give a shit would pick on the kids who do..Thank god I live in Canada and don't think this will be happening here anytime soon. So far we have been immune to all the worst-first thinking, banning everything, not allowing kids to be kids and the whole "If it helps/saves one child" mentality..Yes I think it is fine for sports at the younger levels for everyone get a participation ribbon or medal, while the winners and mvp or whatever gets a trophy.. This is because some kids can try their absolute best and be horrible at sports and uncordinated while others are naturally athletic.. However, as far as school work goes anyone is capable of applying themselves and getting work done (My son is curently repeating grade one btw so I know all about how students can struggle and have factors that are beyond their full control), some just choose not too or would rather do the bare minimum..I think it is fine to award the top grades.. The other kids who actually tried are still going to be proud of their grades/report card regardless and the ones who dont care still wont....

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