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'Power Posing Gave Me the Control I Needed'

Posted by on Mar. 22, 2016 at 12:38 PM
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Power Posing Gave Me the Control I Needed

Fake it till you make it!

Cindy Díaz Vivala Squad

Cindy Díaz

Power poses
photo: iStock, Marissa Pina, Vivala

When it comes to having a career in media, a major key is being quick on your feet. You never know when something will come up last minute, like interviewing a celebrity. That was the case when one of my editors asked me to interview Angie Martinez a.k.a. “The Voice of New York,” a famous radio personality who is currently hosting The Angie Martinez Show at Power 105.1. I was excited and super nervous at the same time. After all, not only did I bump her Up Close and Personal CD like crazy back in the day, as a hip-hop fan I had been listening to her interview my favorite artists for years. Fast-forward to today and now the woman who can get an interview with Jay Z at the drop of a hat was going to be at the other end of an interview I would be conducting!

To say that I needed every force to be with me would be an understatement. Because I was a fan it was easy to come up with questions, but being confident in my delivery posed more of a struggle. As an introvert, putting myself out there totally freaks me out. I really have to fake it and trust in myself and the universe that things will work out. This attitude and prepping like a madwoman for everything has been my saving grace. But like this day, I don't always get the time to prepare. Luckily, I had something else in my back pocket that would give me the boost I need to keep my cool: power posing. 

Power posing was the subject of a TED talk by psychologist Amy Cuddy, who was one of the people behind a 2012 Harvard study that found that power poses (like standing in a Superman pose) cancreate a neurological change that boosts your self-confidence. These poses create the “high testosterone and low cortisol hormone profile that is characteristic of high-status and effective leaders.” In the TED talk, Cuddy said, “When you pretend to be powerful you are more likely to actually feel powerful.” Just doing one of these poses for two minutes before a major interview or presentation can make a difference. You can actually fake it till you make it, or “fake it till you become it” as Cuddy said. 

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I didn't have two minutes to spare in the bathroom because the coordinator could have gone looking for me at any moment and I didn't want to risk missing her. I had to get creative. I was brought into the screening room, which was a cozy, mini theater space, and was asked to wait there until Martinez was ready. This was my only opportunity to power pose. I tried to be as low-key about it as I could since there was a group of people in the projector room of the theater who had a clear view of anything I was doing. I looked liked one of those awkward guys on a first date at the movies who is failing at being smooth at putting their arm around a girl. Instead of stretching my arms up to the sky like I was stretching, I settled for fists pressed firmly against my hips with my chest standing tall and proud. A few deep breaths later and it was showtime.

Martinez arrived, and after settling on where she would be standing, shooting began. The power posing worked! I was totally calm during the process and had control over the situation. After we wrapped up the video, Martinez even complimented me on my questions. I left feeling like I was on cloud nine. There's nothing like receiving a compliment from someone you respect. I absolutely had what it took to conduct the interview, but power posing helped me nail it.

Have you or would you ever try a trick like this to build confidence?

by on Mar. 22, 2016 at 12:38 PM
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