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I worked today and it was so boring.  By the time I got home from work, I had such a migraine.  All I could do was take some excedrin migraine, lay down in a dark room and try not to throw up.  Head still feels heavy, but not as bad as I was.  Do any of you ladies get migraines? And what do you do for them?
by on Jan. 17, 2008 at 11:01 PM
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by on Jan. 20, 2008 at 2:26 PM
Have one right now actually, quickly going from bad to worse....took me yrs. to figure out (after trying countless drugs, herbs, remedies) that all that's needed is an alkaline system.....I'll eat grapes with seeds when they are is season, but now am stuck with carrot juice...carrot/celery juice is the best alkalanizer, sounds yucky and yes, sometimes it's all I can do to get it down, but which would you rather deal with...a migraine or some yucky juice that takes the pain away?  I found a juicer at a thrift store for $4.00!!! It's a simple equation, acid system = inflammation and inflammation=migraine...for me anyway...for other people inflammation can mean many different maladies, it can mean arthritic pain, heart pain, they are discovering that inflammation is the root cause for so many things....aspirin, or other drugs just increases the acid in your system...sometimes I am too sick to get the carrot juice down and will just throw it up...I just met a nurse who told me about the wonderful world of suppositories!!!  She said you can use them to stop vommiting...I got a prescription and after psyching myself up (ie: yes you CAN stick this up your hiny!)  I did it, drank lots of carrot juice and felt better in no time...a miracle to me when I have been known to spend 3 days in a dark room just trying to think of a good reason to live....and oh yes, avoid stress...isn't that a good one!!! Oh, and avoid citrus at ALL is terribly acidic and used in many prepared foods as a flavor enhancer...vinegar also it horrible...cooked tomatoes are the most acidic thing you can put in your body...avoid spaghgetti sauces...any kind of marinara sauce....also red wine.....aged cheeses, nitrites (found in bacon and lunch meats) ...all of these things are poison to me, hard at first to give up but you'll be so happy to not have that migraine pain you won't care...I all your labels, you will be surprised how many things have citrus and vinegar in them...mayo for instance....dairy...(not butter) also has an acidic affect on the system...I can get away with a little as long as I have my juice every other day or so., but do much better when I avoid it entirely..I shoot for everyday but don't always make that goal. (drinking the juice).. this will sound gross but keep your colon cleansed...beets or beet juice will rid your colon of hardened fecal matter...(told you it was gross) very crucial to stay cleansed and you don't need some expensive colon cleansing supplement or laxative, trust me beets are miraculous and the carrots have almost as strong of an effect in that department (don't buy canned beets, they have vinegar in them!!, I steam mine) ....sounds like a big undertaking but if you want to escape the pain of migraines, give it a shot...hope Ive helped some...   
by on Jan. 21, 2008 at 10:55 AM
Dye, Ive had migraines in the past.They make some great medicine, for them, but its not over the counter.I never knew till recently that some foods we eat can and will trigger  the headaches.Chocolate is one that may do this.I find stress triggers mine.To a dark room, with total silence, when I come down with a migraine.Good Luck with those headaches!Saralyn suzette L.
Saralyn suzetteL
by on Jan. 21, 2008 at 11:01 AM
My two sisters and I all suffer from migraines..Mine have gotten worse since I'm older, my two sisters have them really severe..we all use migraine medicine, imitrex, maxalt, and we are also on preventative medicine elavil...They are awful and scary, and it has controlled our lives...I'm sorry you get them!!

by on Jan. 21, 2008 at 11:05 AM

I too suffer from migraines. Right now I'm going through a bunch of tests and seeing several specialist to find out the exact cause till then I'm taking topomax. So far so good. Just a lil head ache hear and there. Has anybody had a hard time adjusting to topomax?

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