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I hate to say that this post is not about POT HEAD MOMS!

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Sorry,,,,you wont polls, questions or etc.. about POT, However I want to talk about "special needs" children...It is "world autism awarness day"....Have you done anything? I want to tell you moms that Autism is not contagious and your kids will NEVER catch this from my kids,,,So do me and the rest of us a favor and educate before you speculate,,,,,,

by on Apr. 2, 2008 at 11:38 PM
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by Member on Apr. 3, 2008 at 11:44 AM
Autism and/or mercury poisoning are a terrible challenge for parents and children to face. My heart goes out to all those who are dealing with it. I wish you strength!

~Happy to help raise awareness about this and other great causes.~
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by on Apr. 3, 2008 at 11:46 AM
my cousin sydney has autism, ashbergers syndrome, she is the only one i know that has it but i love her just the same, she is a smart beautiful 18 yr old girl, no differnt than any of the rest of us as far as im concerned!! i never assume.......... and i love all people regardless of race religion , or handi capp. god bless hun!!
by on Apr. 3, 2008 at 11:50 AM

   This right here descibes my daughter! She is 18 and has a duel diagnosis of Downs Syndrome and Autism! And it is sooo true!!
Quoting emily351982:

I thought I'd post this here.  It was posted by my friend, the mom of an autistic student that I worked with.


I. Blessed are those who stop and listen to my chatter. You may not understand me; but I love when people talk to me, for I long for companionship, too.

II. Blessed are those who take my hand and walk with me when the path is rough, for I easily stumble and grow weary. But thank you, too, for letting me walk alone when the path is smooth, for I must learn independence.

III. Blessed are those who take the time to tell me about special happenings, for unless you make special effort to inform me, I remain ignorant.

IV. Blessed are those who wait for me. I may be slow, but I appreciate your patience.

V. Blessed are those who are not ashamed to be seen in public with me, for I did not choose to be born thus. It could have been you as well.

VI. Blessed are those who do not pity me, for I don't want pity. All I want is understanding and respect for what I have learned as well.

VII. Blessed are those who notice my accomplishments, small as they may seem to you. I must work long and hard to learn many of the things you take for granted.

VIII. Blessed are those who include me in their games, even though I may not understand the rules, I still like to be included in your activities.

IX. Blessed are those who think of me as a person who loves, and hurts, and feels joy and pain just like you do, for in that respect I am normal.

Author Unknown


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by on Apr. 3, 2008 at 11:54 AM
Hi, thanks for advocating for the worlds children first off. I have always felt a very special bond, fondness and desire to know and be around autistic and Mentally retarded people, children.

People always say there are angels here on earth amongst us, I say yes there are. I believe they muct be. Their love and gentleness and nieve approach to life is not a down fall, but a blessing.

How wonderful would it be to be so care free? To smile at everyone you see? To automatically feel the need to give a total stranger a great big hug?

Are these bad things? NO! They are God's helpers, sent here to save us from our mentally retarded state of existence.
by on Apr. 3, 2008 at 1:00 PM
I was reading on the news yesterday that the ingredients that they are linking to autism (it started with a T I can't remember how it was spelled though) isn't used in vaccines anymore, but it can be found in some forms of the flu shot.. I have gotten my son vaccinated and he is now 4 and fine.. The study showed that  a lot of the kids who showed autism after being vaccinated had underlining symptoms that hadn't come out yet but would have, but would have..
Quoting AnjeloAntonio:

i have been doing alot of reading on the subject i have a 7week old and i am terrified to get him vaccinated and terrified not to the more i learn the more confused i get

by on Apr. 3, 2008 at 1:15 PM
 Hey Emily351982

I have a 23 year old brother who is mentally handicapped and I completely agree about people treating him differently he is not different he is just differently able.

What is up with the "POT HEAD MOMS"  STATEMENT?

Quoting emily351982:

I agree, there are many other special needs conditions besides autism.  I think all of the hype about autism lately is because it's finally becoming more known b/c the amount of cases are increasing so much.  My dad is a special education teacher.  My brother has many problems with learning, socially, and mentally...he actually might have aspergers (along with lots of other things such as Tourette's syndrome, OCD, Manic Depression, etc).  I also had an Uncle with Down's who recently passed.  I'm just glad people are educating themselves on this b/c maybe they will have more consideration for people who are different and have special needs.  My brother has always been treated horribly.  He's 23 yrs old and I just feel so bad for him b/c people just really don't understand so they treat him differently and he can see that.
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