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TLC tonight.. (MAYBE....?)

Posted by on Jan. 27, 2009 at 4:36 PM
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Here's the promo:

The pageant that the girls and I were in, in November, will be aired on TLC (The Learning Channel) Jan. 27 @ 9 pm and Jan. 28 @ 12 am CST (basically, 3 hours later than the 9pm airing)'s called Toddlers & Tiaras and is actually featuring other moms & daughters but we may get a brief shot in there.  MAYBE.
You never know what they're gonna' show (or how silly you may look, so posting this is a RISK .. LOL)
I also heard E! is doing some little article thingy tonight @ 6pm.
SO, if you're TOTALLLLLLY bored......................................... LOL

The more I think about it, the more I realize that since me and the girls were not the actual FOCUS, we may not be shown and even if so, probably not that much.
And, again - there is NO telling what they'll show and/or HOW they'll EDIT whatever == kinda' like when the media will interview you for 10 minutes and pick out 30 seconds' worth for airing & you're thinking "THAT's not what I meant!" or whatever.  Or, "Why did they pick THAT??"
I also know that "children" beauty pageants gets a bad wrap (and rightfully so in most cases, considering the obesessed pageant moms).  
The agency we're with (AMT) had a bunch of talent who all decided to attend the competition, so it really ended up being more of a family reunion than anything.  We were losing track of the events and stuff!  And with TLC being there...well....publicity can be good :)
One other Miss/Mrs competitor is also in law enforcement so we had fun jabbering!
The girls do them every so often & they're USUALLY pretty small pageants. 
This one was pretty big (I guess with all the tv coverage...word spread). 
We certainly don't spray tan the girls or buy those fake teeth (puhleeeeze). 
But, in spite of all that we DID get asked a few times where we got our little one's hairpiece.....I was like, "UH.....that's HER hair, but thank you for asking."  LOL
In the end, our oldest didn't place - 21 contestants (but she has @ the other ones she's been in & was VERY unaffected - lol).   Her competition was TOUGH!!  A majority of those girls  ARE "pageant girls" - so their winnings are well-deserved :)
Our little one got 3rd Runner Up.  She forgot "pretty hands, pretty feet", but was so cute.  Her competitors were adorable!  "Shirley Temple"  cute & prancy! 
And, in Miss/Mrs (19 contestants!) I won 1st Runner Up and Swimsuit.  I almost passed out bec. that was my first pageant EVER in my life.  LOL.  Again, the winner told me she does pageants all the time, so her winning was well-deserved.  She was gorgeous up there :)
Hey, just bec. we're tomboys doesn't mean we don't like to priss around every once in a while...(grin).  :D
by on Jan. 27, 2009 at 4:36 PM
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