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Top Questions I get plus a special offer from me (see #1)

Posted by on Jan. 21, 2009 at 9:19 AM
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Hello As you all probably know by now I am an independant Pampered Chef consultant. I am always looking to have new people join my team and here are some of the top questions I get from interested people. I thought I would share with you.

If starting your own business right now doesn't appeal to you please consider hosting your own party (even a catalog/book party). You will get tons of FREE products and other great host benefits.

 1) What does it cost to get started? Our starter kit costs $155 and includes $400+ worth of products and $100+ in business materials. Our hosts can apply $20 or $40 of their free product value to the kit price!! Plus I am offering a $25 rebate if you qualify within your first 30 days.

2) How much money do you make? Our income is based on commission which is tiered each month, the more you sell the more you earn. It is fair to say, for each show you do, you will make $100 or more. For 4-5 hours that is $20-$25/hour to start. That will grow consistently over time... likely to $40-$50+/hour.

3) What training is offered? There is excellent training and support. DVD's in the kit, online training available 24/7, monthly training materials sent to your home, one monthly team training meeting, and help just a phone call away locally and nationally.

4)What is my commitment? Whatever you choose...what works best for your situation. The regular minimum is $200 every other month, which can be just catalog sales. From there you build your business to fit your personal needs.

5) How do I get my first bookings? I can help you make up a list of EVERYONE you know so you can share the exciting news of your new business with them! They will love helping you out and benefit by receiving FREE products. We'll also plan a show of your own to launch your business. After that, bookings will come very easily from your shows.

6) Do I have to buy more products and do I have a discount? No, you are never required to buy more. We have a 20% discount all the time, Once a year, twice in your first year, you have a 40% discount, and new products are offered at 50% off.

7) What makes The Pampered Chef different from other direct selling companies? We are a top company in our industry because we can offer our products to anyone who has a kitchen and our products are affordable to everyone. We have no fees for anything and no inventory to keep or deliveries to make ever!

8) How quickly can I advance to higher income levels? You can start with your very first show. We offer unlimited earning potential with earnings reaching well over $100,000/ year. You can work part time hours and have a full time income.

9) Are there any rewards for a new consultant? YES!! In the first 90 days of your business, you can earn unlimited Pampered Chef Dollars to use toward paperwork, supplies, or products, with extra bonuses in your first 30 days. Most earn $200+ in 30 days!

10) Is there a good time to start? RIGHT NOW!

Our Consultant Apron Comes in Many Sizes.

Career: Consistently holds 2 shows a week. Views the business as a valuable career and makes a full-time income. Earns trips and other perks. Pursues leadership.

Part-Time: Works to make a specific monthly income to pay for an ongoing expense (credit card, car payment) or extra fun money. Regularly holds 1-2 shows a week.

Hobby: Loves doing shows and earning extra money ...may work a few shows some months, more another and skip a month if needed

Short-Term: Sells for a short period of time with a goal in mind, Stops when goal is reached

Catalog: Sells to neighbors, friends, and relatives primarily through catalog orders. Likes the idea of earning a little extra money and buying at a discount

No Risk Business Opportunity

Okay, you sign up & do 4 shows in 30 days.

4 shows @ $400* = $1600 in Sales.

This entitles you to commission & product bonus.

$500.00 value of Starter Kit & Supplies

$368.00 your Commission Check (at least)

$200.00 Pampered Chef Dollars earned

$25.00 Extra rebate from me if you qualify in 30 days

$1093.00 Total Product Value & Cash

Remember, you invested $155+ tax

*Company average is $475 - I'm being conservative.



by on Jan. 21, 2009 at 9:19 AM
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