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DIY bed canopy + paint issue + curtain help

Posted by on Mar. 28, 2011 at 1:21 PM
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Want to make a bed canopy ( a wall mounted one) for my daughters twin bed. Any suggestions how to?

Also I painted this awesome armior for her room a shade or two to yellow. It took me forever to get it done. But it's too bright. Any ideas on how to lessen it? I thought about white washing as I wanted a shabby chic look.

Lastly, I need curtain help. I want a creative curtain in her room. Just looking for some suggestions
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by on Mar. 28, 2011 at 1:21 PM
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by on Mar. 28, 2011 at 1:35 PM

 Wall mounted canopy is pretty simple. Depends on the details you'd like to put into it is what's hard. But the basic is - build a box w/ 3 sides l_l. I attached L brackets to mine just so it's easier to mount. or you can built it with a back and screw it into the wall (like I said details).... Now's also when you paint or stain it whatever color you'd like.

Anyhow- you have to buy the mesh fabric to your desired length. then (once its dry), you can staple the fabric into the wood (On the INside or your box) Bunching gives it the fuller effect but again that's details.

When you're done you just attach it to your wall and pull the fabric over the bed so it's flowy.

Now if you're wanting it to hang from the ceiling - just make a 4sided box and use chain to hang from a C hook in the ceiling ... just make sure your c hook is big enough to hold the weight.

For curtains - it would depend on your room but what I like to do (and not everyone will agree) is I take the flat sheet since we don't use them in our house and then I line the back of them with another fabric (most the time darker to block out sunlight, etc) but you could even just do another color in her room and when you want to change all you have to do is flip the rod!...

and sorry I'm not sure how to make the yellow not so bright. I have that same effect happening on my living room walls - which if I dont find a solution soon is going to be repainted!!

by Silver Member on Mar. 29, 2011 at 9:25 AM

To tame the too bright yellow, paint over it with a brown stain, then immediately wipe off with a rag. It will subdue the color and add an aged, shabby chic look. Try it on a hidden portion to be sure it's going to be an acceptable look for you.

They sell girl's canopys at Bed Bath and Beyond for under $50.00. Or for a homemade version, in addition to making a box type as Hissweetheard describes, you can also simply mount a short, decorative drapery rod to the wall at the ceiling and hang long sheers from it, draping them artfully around the headboard of the bed.

Drapes are the easiest. They come pre-made for little girl's rooms in a huge variety of designs and colors. Just go to Walmart and look in the children's bedding section. They'll have character drapes, solid color drapes, and fun designs such as stripes, polka dots, etc. Just be sure the window drapes coordinate well with the canopy drapes, ie-pull a solid color from the window drapes for the sheers of the canopy.

by Member on Mar. 29, 2011 at 9:37 AM

To tone the yellow, a glaze topical coat should work.  If you want a shabby chic look, mix an off-white paint with glaze.  Experiment with the amount of paint to glaze until you obtain the desired "coverage" of the yellow.   Initially try a 1 to 1 ratio, paint to glaze.  Glaze causes opaque paint to become translucent and you can control the amount of "base color" that "shows through" with the ratio of paint to glaze used.  Glaze mixed with paint also makes paint easy to apply because glaze "thins" paint.  This process is quick to do.  Also suggest you wet any brush or roller before you use it and then remove excess water with paper towel.  Use a very small, short nap roller on large areas of the furniture.   Once dry, experiment with a brush - using paint with a little glaze - and brush the off-white randomly in some areas - corners, edges, etc.  When using a roller or brush, have a somewhat damp cloth handy - as you apply the glazed paint, you can also dab with cloth or "pull" the mixture to get an aged appearance.  You can't do anything wrong with this process.  When all is dry and you still want some areas less yellow, do another coat in those areas.  Once you try this, you'll want to do more furniture pieces.  Enjoy your home......     

by on Mar. 29, 2011 at 10:07 AM

I wanted a canopy when I was younger, but because of my allergies I wasn't able to have a fancy one.  My mom found the fabric that matched my room and made drapes.  She found a regular window curtain rod that had a really deep side piece, the rod that looks like half a rectangle.  She used some pretty trim as tiebacks and that was it.  It was easy to take down and wash so the dust wouldn't bother my allergies.

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