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Jon Parks Forecast

Posted by (Group Owner) on Feb. 9, 2011 at 10:17 AM
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Jon Parks is an excellent Chicago Astrologer who has allowed me to share this. ENJOY!

The Upcoming Cardinal T-Squares 2010 - 2017

J. R. Parks

Revised Tuesday, February 08, 2011 

I think the big thing that is coming at us at this time is the long term Cardinal T-Square: (Uranus moving thru Aries - Saturn thru Libra - Pluto thru Capricorn), with the additional influence of Neptune thru Pisces.  (By T-Square I mean the whole sign relationships -- not just by planetary orbs.) 

Who knows what this will bring - hopefully more good than bad -- but here are some thoughts -- mainly about the more negative possibilities we might have to face up to -- because we need to acknowledge them as crucial issues: 

Pluto going thru Capricorn (thru 2024) likely means big time power struggles in government & society; big time changes to what our government is going to be & how it operates & impacts us; probably in more controlling & repressive ways; big secrets exposed about the ways government serves big corporations & special interests to the detriment of the country & the people; government realigning/further aligning itself with conservative social values; but spending ever more on behalf of the corporations & military (definitely Not smaller government in this area); but plenty of self justifying coercive propaganda for public consumption.  So here and globally, power struggles with government & power struggles among governments: the West vs Islam over cultural values; the US vs China for economic power; US relationships with other nations likely to become much more conflicted: with Mexico over immigration; with Russia over national pride; with Europe over international finances.   US arrogance & saber rattling will come back to hurt us; the world may well turn against our values of democracy, freedom & fairness (just as we ourselves seem to be doing) as a repudiation of our stance as THE righteous world super power. 

In other words -- the whole spectrum of social, financial, political & national power structures is in for tremendous & probably violent upheaval -- leaving everything we value much changed.  We probably will have to decide where we stand on the question of whether or how we accommodate the demands of overwhelming power when it confronts us in person & threatens our survival.  Pluto the Wrecker is stalking us.  Perhaps Uranus the Magician can trick him, or Neptune the Illusionist can befuddle him. 

Uranus thru Aries (thru 2018) squaring this Pluto suggests that all this may be explosive, combative, destructive & unpredictable.  Uranus adds  radical, revolutionary, uncompromising & violent dimensions to the Pluto changes. In March - April - May 2011 we have a major stellium in Aries including Jupiter & Mars joining Uranus. Mars can only make this time more dangerous, while Jupiter inflates it. Jupiter exaggerates everything with big schemes, big risks & big promises.  Jupiter here adds a sense of True Believer righteousness that won't listen to any alternative viewpoint, except to bash it.   If (probably when) the big promises turn out to be false, the big schemes turn out to be frauds & the big risks become big losses, Uranus in Aries suggests high-tech cyber wars, commercial & otherwise -- ideological wars -- whether fought with guns, words, dirty tricks, technology, money & market manipulation, or all of the above; & coupled with Pluto & Saturn, the use of the internet as a weapon of mass misinformation, secrecy & propaganda.  Will the internet prove to be an instrument of freedom, or will government & the corporations take control of it for their own purposes?  (We see both things going on now.) 

So -- Knowing better than to make enemies for no good reason will be required of us to survive.  Who do we listen to?  Who do we trust?  Who is really telling the truth?  When everything is a battlefield knowing these things is essential.  Jupiter the Pretender & Uranus the Extremist want our souls.  Are they for sale?  What price will Saturn the Realist offer to us? 

Saturn opposing Uranus (& for a while Jupiter) & squaring Pluto -- well, Saturn in Libra (thru 9/12) is going to make it look like it's all about justice, fairness, the law, & the American Way.  Chances are it may look like justice but it could well be the restriction of justice & equality under the cover of legal pretext.  Justice could well become what power (Pluto) & ideology (Uranus) & false promise (Jupiter) say it is, & if you don't have those on your side you're in trouble.  Saturn & Pluto together mean power, control, coercion & corruption (on the negative side).  This is real wealth looking out for itself, but making it  look like it's all for our own good from the outside.  Lots of money & effort will be spent entertaining us while in reality (Saturn) things could get very hard (Saturn).   

In other words -- don't look for any utopian dreams coming true in this period.  Self discipline, restraint, caution & fair dealing in the face of provocation & temptation may help us to survive.  And maybe Saturn really will stand up for what is right.  But -- Power, Extremism, Hardship, & Justice are Giants in the Land, fighting it out to Rule -- we won't be able to ignore them. 

Speaking of dreams, what else can Neptune swimming thru Pisces (thru 2025) possibly portend?  Illusion, delusion & big time self-delusion?  Dreaming the impossible dream, fighting to the death for it (Uranus + Jupiter + Mars in Aries) & coercively imposing it thru government, corporate & social power (Pluto)? Religious belief & pseudo-religious institutions allied with big government as big time instruments to hold it all together or make it seem as if it holds together?  Everything built on polarized belief systems (Neptune in the context of the Cardinal T-Square), divisive mythologies of who we are & what is going on in the world?  Let's hope not, but Neptune in Pisces may become a Perfect Storm of belief: Our True Belief vs Their True Belief, ignorant belief vs complete delusion -- and all in the service of letting us evade the reality being wrought by Pluto, Uranus & Saturn.  Right now we're living on debt we can't repay & the illusion (Neptune) that the bill (Saturn) will never come due.   And let us not forget that Neptune in Pisces surely threatens to turn our bottomless need for oil into an ever more self destructive addiction for a substance whose price could ultimately consume us.  What happens to our civilization when the oil no longer flows?  Neptune the Impossible Dream wants to cast a Glamour upon us.  Can Pluto the Plumber expose it?  Can Uranus the Inventor give us true alternatives?  Can Saturn the Teacher warn us that actual reality cannot be evaded?   

So - we may not see what's happening - we could be way too engrossed in what we prefer to believe -- belief trumps truth most of the time.  We'll have to find some way of not getting caught up in these tidal waves of alluring fantasy, & yet remember what it is to dream true dreams -- whatever those might be.  

Saturn leaves Libra Oct. 2012, but Jupiter periodically forms T-Squares with Pluto & Uranus that continue to develop these issues (through 2017).  In July 2013 we have Jupiter conj. Mars in Cancer opp. Pluto both squared by Uranus (by sign).  Does this suggest that all the damage done by the prior T-Square will be brought out into the open (Jupiter) & erupt in open conflict (Mars), for the sake of healing the wounds (Cancer)?  On the other hand, Saturn is trining Neptune at this time, so illusion may still rule reality.  Then in Sept. 2016 Jupiter enters Libra to opp. Uranus in Aries (by sign) & sq. Pluto in Capricorn.  Does this mean that justice finally has an opportunity to right past wrongs, & bring balance back into the world?  Saturn conj. Mars in Sagittarius is now square Neptune.  Is reality ready to tell the truth about deeply hidden delusions?  Maybe -- maybe not -- truth tends to bend to fit belief -- and our need to believe in something other than our reality is very strong in these times.  

I do not know the outcomes; these are some possibilities -- and they are only intended as things we need to think about now.  I'm not predicting -- I'm only suggesting we ought not ignore these issues.  I also see many good possibilities in these configurations - but first we ought to take their warnings seriously.


by on Feb. 9, 2011 at 10:17 AM
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littlejulie Group Owner
by on Feb. 23, 2011 at 1:41 PM

Prayers to Jon as he was in a car accident last Friday--(I feel bad caz he was going to see my talk in Chicago!) He said he was ok but the car was damaged.


by on Feb. 24, 2011 at 4:55 PM

Wow, that sounds like pretty scary stuff!!

littlejulie Group Owner
by on Apr. 9, 2011 at 2:02 PM

good news is hes got a new car now!

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