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Uranus will retrograde Quick do a double take 4..3..2..1.. Blast off

Posted by (Group Owner) on Jul. 8, 2011 at 9:07 AM
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This one is a doozy and its not just for me but I know its a big one the thing is when you talk about the cardinal axis otherwise known as the Aries Point which is 0 of Aries you involve everyone as its the beginning of the entire zodiac. maybe I am feeling a bit sluggish now stiff in the joints but things are going to get ultra hyper by the time Uranus is Direct again in November. People call this the worlds axis as well, so its not a minor thing. We are now in need of reviewing  What happened in March 2011 not too long ago right-- well the thing is Uranus went into Aries, the world experienced a massive Earthquake which has forever changed our way of living. The thing is Uranus is at 4 degrees now and Sunday it will begin its retrograde and guess where it will retrograde back too The 0 degree world axis !!!

and so I say 4 ..3..2..1

The thing is Astrology did shows a big change. It did bring revolution as well as power struggles which are both Aries concepts. The outer planets are very life changing and when they aspect parts of our charts Parts of our lives can also be transformed. With Uranus it can feel like an explosion.

I see that Uranus will go back into 0 Aries by November--- so all this time I am hoping will be used wisely . What has the world learned ? what have we learned since March? A whole heck of a lot and some more. I see the Earthquake as a wake up call for the world as the destruction from Nuclear waste affects us all. I am happy for Germany that they are taking this seriously and not relying on Nuclear power anymore.

Aries being the first sign can get things going like no other and where Aries is in your chart is a personal strong point even if you do not have any planets in Aries. The strength can be seen in the world also in revolt. Some revolutions have succeeded yet some have failed so far. Some things have been put on the back burner and speaking of burner Fire has also been a hot topic as in Wild. 

This Retrograde time can be used wisely to use our ingenuity and pioneer new ways to make the world a better place. I am particularly concerned about our drinking water and if you have ever seen the documentary Gas land you may get the drift. I am also concerned about the fallout from all the radioactive materials in Japan. Its seams that that Anthony court case is getting the majority of peoples attention, but in the meantime we need to get rid of contaminants if we can. One small article of interest is how certain things like plants and even mushrooms can somehow help nuclear waste. Yet its hard to even find these stories amidst all the reality show hype. There are some positive stories out there and again we need to get our heads together and act. Aries is for Mars and Mars is for action. People are speaking up more than ever before and with Pluto in Capricorn we are also questioning authority and government asking that there is a transparency where we can see whats really going on.

4. Our world community and freedoms

3. Our ingenuity putting our Heads (Aries) TOGETHER (Saturn in Libra)

2. Using our Power (Pluto in Capricorn) Wisely (north Node in Sagittarius)

1.  ONE world

peace,  Julie

by on Jul. 8, 2011 at 9:07 AM
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