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Jupiter now Direct and getting lucky

Posted by (Group Owner) on Jan. 31, 2013 at 4:27 AM
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Well I can say I am not wealthy I work my butt off for the money I have yet a very fortunate thing happened. My husband and I got the house in 2006 at that time our rate was fine then, this was of course prior to the economy going down. So then when the economy did go down and we still had really high payments and the % was not great anymore, we knew we had to try to refi yet in 08 not enough equity (we had gotten the house no money down in 06). Nonetheless I have been busting my butt working and I continued to grit my teeth as the years pass. So then beginning of this month our mortgage company calls us. They see we have a good record etc and they offer us a refi, I find this almost hard to believe because in a way I have become cynical thinking they are greedy & there must be a catch. Well they said something about a new law helping people paying for houses that owe more than what its worth. I looked it up it had to do with Fannie May and Freddy Mac, which as the years past I forgot that had anything to do with us. So yeah I was really just not believing anything could come of this as I was used to getting screwed over.

Well we got a new Refi, we are now down to a much lower % like half was cut off , as we got a new Fixed rate as of Jan 7 and we signed the final papers just after Jupiter went direct yesterday. I feel like I got lucky! Although I know Saturn played a part with this because yes I work my butt off and yes we have been good at making payments on time.

With Jupiter now direct it can be great for hopes and dreams for making money & abundance. Jupiter is about the BIG picture the universal truth its in Gemini now, which is BIG for communication Transportation industries. Big for small conversations think twitter, and that makes sense because even news people are speaking about peoples tweets nowadays. Jupiter being in Gemini is in its Detriment which means it can be uncomfortable and so small talk and gossip can cause BIG problems, at this time its important to watch our words as Jupiter is also an ego inflator.

Note as well, that where you see Jupiter is an easy way to do financial astrology, I personally don't gamble, yet by using the placement of Jupiter one can see where one can get lucky. I honestly believe some people are just born luckier than others and its best to know yourself well, as for my chart I have Saturn as a ruler and hard aspects from Jupiter as well as Saturn in 5th all NOT a good placement for gambling, yet everyone is different. I used to work with this lady who was constantly going to the boats to gamble yet she would also win ALOT! Jupiter is known as the Greater Benefic. I wanted to see her birthchart as I was curious where Jupiter was and what aspects it made.

Jupiter will continue to be in Gemini until late June this year 2013 when it will go into Cancer where it will be stronger in its exaultation. I am thinking mothers as Cancer rules the moon I am thinking also new projects to save or waterways and buildings of dams and new homes, perhaps the economy will improve or housing will, I hope so. Jupiter is hopes and wishes after all.

As for now as I am writing this I am hoping that all your Hopes and Wishes come to pass.

Take care all, Julie

by on Jan. 31, 2013 at 4:27 AM
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