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Posted by on Mar. 24, 2008 at 5:42 PM
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Basic H2 

Shortening Test: Equipment needed: 1 SQB-bottle, 1 4oz. Window spray bottle, small jar of shortening or a l oz. bottle filled with cooking oil, paper towels. Place a small amount of shortening (size of a pea) in the palm of each person's hand, or use a blob of oil. Rub over both hands. Place one drop of Basic H2 on each person's hand. Ask them to rub their hands again. Spray each person's hand with water that was in the window spray bottle. Hold a small bucket under their hands as you try this. Ask each person to rub again. Note how the Basic H2 emulsifies the oil or grease. Wipe hands with the paper towels. Ask how their hands feel. Most replies are, "they are so soft". Basic H2 doesn't become a cleaner until the water is added to the Basic H2. 

Wetter Water: Put two drops of water on cardboard a little distance apart from each other; add another droplet to each drop to show the increase in volume with retaining the surface tension of the water; add one drop Basic H2 to one droplet of water - watch it break the surface tension of the water; let the cardboard stand to show how long the untreated droplet of water takes to be absorbed by the cardboard. 

Strong Odors: Rub onion on hands; add two drops Basic H2 to hands and wash with water; check for smell. 

Non-flammability: Using a lighted candle put a drop of Basic H2 on the flame; it will be extinguished and is most difficult to rekindle. 

Invisible Glove: Put some Basic H2 on the back of one hand and let it dry; draw lipstick smear on the back of both hands; wash hands with Basic H2 and water; compare the two hands; or use shoe polish-bottle that has an applicator. 

Safety: Equipment needed: 5 – l oz. bottles; one filled with water, one with Basic H2 and three with common cleaners such as Fantastic, 409, Mr. Clean, etc.; one bar of Ivory soap; litmus paper.  Tear off a strip of litmus paper; put one drop of water on one end, one drop of Basic H2 a bit farther up (both test neutral); add one drop of each of the other cleaners one at a time; note the deep blue color. Most cleaner concentrates will test out at 10-12 on the pH.scale - highly alkaline. Tear off another piece of litmus paper; put one end in water and lay it on the bar of Ivory - note the blue color. Ivory is quite alkaline - around 9 on the pH scale. 

Grease Removal: Rub dirty grease onto a white handkerchief; using a small amount of concentrated Basic H2 demonstrates how it will remove grease; or use ball point pen ink on handkerchief. 


Iodine and Nature Bright: You will need two small squares of white cloth and TINCTURE OF IODINE (not iodine); put iodine on each cloth; put one in a glass that has 1 tsp. Nature Bright; put the other one in a glass that has 4 tsp. of another detergent; notice how clean the cloth in the Nature Bright becomes; remove stained cloth from the other solution and put in the Nature Bright solution. PRESTO-CLEAN! 


Laundry Product Filler: In 8oz.clear plastic jars dissolve laundry products (Tide, Cheer, Amway, Ivory Snow, etc.) using proportionate amounts; if directions call for one cup laundry powder, use four times as much laundry X as Basic L; example 4 tsp. Brand X and 1 tsp. Fresh Laundry Concentrate Powder; compare dissolving quality, fillers remaining; keep and label as demonstration aids. 

Laundry Product and Bleach: Nearly fill two large jars with almost boiling water; add to one 3 tsp. Ivory Snow; watch it dissolve; stir briskly; add 2 tsp. Chlorox-Two bleach; gases are present in the steam given off; in other jar, add 1 tsp. Fresh Laundry Concentrate Powder; dissolves quickly-stir; add 1/3 tsp. Nature Bright to Fresh Laundry as a bleach; stir; watch and save these. 


Formulated to give your dishwasher the cleaning ability of a real time and work saver! It is a pure, white granular powder that is concentrated and biodegradable. Its organic qualities produce the unparalled "wetting action" of Dish Wash Automatic Concentrate. Concentration means savings for you. As a plus, biodegradable Dish Wash Automatic Concentrate has low sudsing action. No messy and irritating overflows. Add one teaspoon of Dish Wash Automatic Concentrate to the dispensing cup of your dishwasher. In machines with two cups, add one teaspoonful to each cup. Dish Wash Automatic Concentrate will save your money and get dishes sparkling clean. Dish Wash Automatic Concentrate is good for cleaning tile, brightening sinks, and can act as a whitener for the laundry in place of bleach. 

Demonstration: Tissue Paper: Equipment needed: Tissue, pint jar, water, Dish Wash Automatic Concentrate; prepare in advance; take a pint jar; place tissue in it; fill with water; add about one teaspoon of Dish Wash Automatic Concentrate. The tissue will break down, which demonstrates how Dish Wash Automatic Concentrate will unclog sink, commode, etc. 


Extra Bubbles: Fill a jar half full of water; dip a straight pin in Dish Wash Liquid Concentrate; drop it in the jar; shake vigorously and notice the bubbles for so little concentrate. 



To really have a life of ease, we have Scour Off, a wonderful, versatile product that also eliminates many other products. (Let then smell Scour Off.) It will clean pots, pans, rings around burners, ovens and broiler racks, ceramic tile, grout, and most hard surfaces. It contains no ammonia or alkalis; therefore it is a very safe product. Simply apply Scour Off with a damp cloth or Super Sponge. Allow it a minute to work. Then, scrub and polish. Scour Off is a product that you will not want to be without once you have used it. 

Tile Stain Test: Equipment needed; Piece of kitchen counter tile with stain or pen mark; Miracle Pad, Scour Off, and water. Mix plenty of water with Scour Off; use Miracle Pad to apply; rub; stain will vanish. .

Ask for a dirty penny; touch finger on Scour Off and a bit of water; rub penny between your thumb and third finger while you talk; see how bright the penny is in a few minutes. 

Removes rust: Get rusty hub cap from the junk yard or dump; clean half with Scour Off; leave the other half rusty; or clean a copper penny with Scour Off. 


Non-flammability: Spray on aluminum pan with Lysol Spray; drop lighted match on it; quickly extinguish with Basic-G sprayer (1/2 tsp. G in 1 pt. sprayer of water).


All I have, all I am, all I ever will be, is because of you, Lord!

Amy West Independed Shaklee Distributor code: rgt7742zv



You may know the difference, but your child won't.

by on Mar. 24, 2008 at 5:42 PM
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by Group Owner on Mar. 24, 2008 at 6:02 PM
Thank you for sharing these demonstrations.  I know it will be helpful to a lot of us!  I have also been showing clips from the Get Clean DVD as well.
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